Andis Master VS Wahl Senior

Andis Master VS Wahl Senior – Battle Of The Clippers

Meanwhile, you must have heard the names of andis master vs wahl senior from your barber or your friends. They are always regarded as the best hair clipper.In addition, any professional barber will have this professional quality hair clipper.

No doubt they are the best barber clippers for a long time. But what if you want to choose one for yourself.Meanwhile, we all are becoming independent in this pandemic crisis in every aspect.

Similarly, the grooming of the beard plays an essential role for or personality. So, being at home 24/7 requires you to do everything yourself, even grooming your beard.

Renowned Brands Andis Master VS Wahl Senior

Renowned Brands Andis Master VS Wahl Senior


Moreover, you must be looking for a clipper just like the powerful barber hair clippers. Further, you will be stuck in the above-mentioned well-renowned brands of hair clippers.

Don’t worry, as here we are with such an exciting topic on our site.We will help you to select the top choice for yourself.

As a matter of fact, we will also outline andis Master and Wahl senior features such as motor power, heat, grip, practical looks, and much more.

Also, this comparison would be made as casual users of this average machine.Also, we will mention the accessories included in these professional clippers.

Andis Master Cord Hair Clipper Full Review

The Andis Master is the most high-quality electric with its convenient adjustable lever in the market. Further, its carbon steel blades perform flawlessly.

Meanwhile, you can properly aligned them and tight the lever with two hands using a screwdriver if it’s fixed way too loose or improperly aligned.

Also, it’s famous for its high-quality tight and razor fading.Further, it has an aluminum metal housing which is long-lasting as well as luxurious and precise for long haircuts.

Meanwhile, talking about its ergonomic design that ensures maximum comfort when using andis masters for a mid haircut or all-purpose cutting.

Heavy-duty Clipper 

Further, talking about the size of this adjustable clipper which is about 6 inches long and 1.25 lbs heavy. This is a heavy-duty and stylish professional hair cutter that works with speed and is hardly damaged due to its sturdy metal casing, unlike ordinary trimmers.

Meanwhile, the 14,000-cuts-per-minute electromagnetic motor of the Andis Master makes the work faster and provides much better competition to andis rival. 

In addition, this presentable clipper, Andis Master, is constructed of carbon-coated steel blades which are sharp. Moreover, they are capable of high performance even with the thickest hair along with this clipper series initials. However, the design master clippers are constructed entirely of metal and can get fairly hot.

Further, thanks to a convenient side lever. Moreover, the Andis Master with cord makes achieving a zero-gap a bit difficult, especially for non-professionals. The Zero gap is used for considerably shorter haircuts and sideburns.

No Accessories

The Andis Master clipper guards are available separately and do not come in the box.Above all, one-handed use makes the Master clipper ideal for all hair cutting activities, including trimming, blending, fading freehand, clipping over comb. It’s high in price, but it’s also the most appealing with its iconic looks such as andis t outliner.

Further, it’s wonderful for a fading haircut as well as freehand clipper-over comb cutting. Also, their clippers are so strong which provide long-lasting operation, so purchasing one for your business or personal use will be a sound investment.

Salient Features

  • Meanwhile, it is ideal for all-around cutting and for a fading haircut with a powerful motor.
  • Cutting strokes per minute are generated by andis powerful motors, i.e., a magnetic motor.
  • Also, their adaptable purpose blades change motor power from thin to coarse.
  • Side switch model with control for one-handed on/off operation of the motor.
  • Aluminum metal housing in construction ensures years of trouble-free use along with a slightly better grip.
  • Before each usage, make sure to use oil on the blades to increase their durability.

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Wahl Senior Professional Clipper Full Review


Meanwhile, the Wahl Senior and the 5 Star Seniors cord clippers have a more industry’s absolute style than the Andis Master. Moreover, it is less in price, which is a strong edge.Also, making them a less aesthetically pleasing clipping unit in Wahl senior vs. andis comparison

Wahl senior and the 5-star senior unit is half-inch longer in length when compared with the andis master.Further, the Wahl Senior weight is 1.3 lbs, while the Wahl 5 star Senior is light and weighs just 1.2 pounds.

These clippers have a thick plastic body, while some have chrome bottom/lower half and grey plastic housing in the market.Then later, clippers have all-black housing and durable housing of plastic.

They don’t get heat up when you cut and also cuts finely. As their body is made of plastic so it does not get hot during the cutting process. 

Chrome Housing

Meanwhile, the Wahl Senior model, which is constructed of full-on chrome housing and has some additional features to cut easily. Also, a great choice for skin to shop for if you want the ultimate in elegant professional-quality hair clippers for coarse and ethnic hairs.

The stainless-steel material blades of Wahl Senior hair cutters cutting ability is perfect to cut for all types of tough cuts, and this blade may be used on both men and women. These clippers lean and make zero gapping a lot easier than the Master clipper does.In addition, you won’t have to worry about unpleasant pulling when using this clipping tool.

Further, thanks to the sharp Wahl blade, which is of long-lasting quality and makes a lot of differences and excellent cutting capabilities like barber clippers. It also contains a brush for cleaning.

Salient Features

  • Meanwhile, it has a powerful rotary motor.
  • It also provides above-average bulk cuts.
  • The taper and texture can adjust with the side lever.
  • You will have the most customization options for more mundane looks.
  • This set comes with more accessories, i.e., with three stylish guides or comb.
  • It includes a red blade guard, oil, a cleaning brush for the blade, and instructions for use.

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Professional Quality Hair Clipper Comparison


The Wahl blade is easier to adjust one-handed. Because the grip brings your thumb directly next to the rigid lever. You can push and pull the lever settings with just your thumb, saving you the trouble of stopping and using two hands for the blade. The disadvantage is the absence of marks.

Once you get used to it, you’ll know just where to set the lever, but it has a learning curve.As soon as you open the box of the Master, you’ll see how tightly it’s packed in senior comparison.

To adjust the lever, you’ll need two hands. Alternatively, you can manually loosen it.

Powerful Motor

The Andis with a top-of-the-line electromagnetic motor right out of the box. The Master’s blades are of carbon-coated steel, so they cut through any type of hair with ease. 

They work particularly well on hair types that tend to be coarse and ethnic hair in origin.Wahl’s absolute best electromagnetic motor powers the Senior’s professional clipper more.

Because of its little bit more power, it’s suitable for longer bits; hence makes more sense for longer haircuts like sides and backs. Wahl senior stainless steel blade is well-known for its sharpness and precision.

Body And Designing

Meanwhile, the two titans are durable in terms of their body and design thus;, the match ends in a tie. Andis master body is of the sturdy metal body of extra tough aluminium. On the contrary, Wahl 5-star senior, has a hard plastic body.

The Wahl Senior professional clipper has a Wahl body more ordinary appearance than its Andis competitor.With a length of 6.5′′ and a weight of 1.2 lb, the trimmer head is slightly larger and a bit bulkier than the Andis Master. The Seniors’ lower part is of tough chromium.

Thereby feel bulky for the same reason.The trimmer top cover is of high-quality, durable thick plastic in a grey color. It’s black for 5 stars.

Long-Lasting Body

Despite other hair cutters, masters feature a body that is of extra tough aluminum, making them a professional clipper or trimmer that is famous in a quality salon.

Because of its shell, the whole thing is exceptionally durable and long-lasting to grab. Barbers, professionals, and casual users alike all over the world admire the design of this equipment.

Meanwhile, the two clippers are secure corded designs if you want to grab them.Further, these cords or the wire are easy to manage even with one hand. In addition, don’t forget that they don’t wear out fast.

The two-party tapering switch on both of these clippers allows you to fine-tune and regulate the haircutting process. Both clippers have essentially the same bar design.Also, both are sharper, but their solid weight is significant like every other barber shaver with a cord has.


This game ends in a tie due to the general overheating problems of the two products. When used for extended periods, both barber hair clippers produce excessive heat. 

This should pull as no surprise, as every heavy-duty professional hair cutter generates a significant amount of heat while you cut hair.

However, the Master has a full metal body. On the contrary, the Wahl Senior’s mixed chrome is durable chrome and has high-quality hard plastic construction.

As a result, Wahl has a slightly better heating scale with its grey plastic top. Further, andis stays hotter longer.Thus making it a better choice in terms of heating issues. Further, Wahl’s model stays cooler for a longer period of time. 

Good Conductor

Also, aluminum is a good conductor.In addition, using Kool Lube to cool down the Master is much easier. Because it’s a metal clip, you may spray it down to chill it quickly. But be careful as there is a risk because the unit material may be hotter than many other models.

On the contrary, using spray to cool down Wahl is a waste of spray. Wahl’s body is of a thick black plastic top, unlike andis master.Now you can decide which material of unit suits your needs.

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Noisier Side

When it comes to noise and quieter version, then andis clipper is undoubtedly quieter from both the trimmers. Especially when the blades are correctly aligned, then it is quiet.The Wahl Senior V9000 is not quiet at all; instead, it runs noisier and produces a lot of noise. Both clippers, however, make a lot of noise while you trim, which is a hallmark in the wall of strong barber hair clippers.

Better Fade Clippers

Here, the Master clipper outperforms the Senior and shows a major difference as its razor fades territory with its precision fade blade in such an amazing way. This carbon steel blade is famous for its excellent tightness and sharp fades, which are extremely long-lasting.

However, if you line carbon steel blades too tight, then you can even cut yourself with this high-quality one razor.When combined with the features of a handy and extremely flexible side lever, i.e., step by step lever.

Further, the Master becomes the ideal hair clipper for fades when compare with the Wahl lever. As the Wahl lever is a bit more difficult. The Wahl fade blade included with the 5-star Senior clippers, making them a far superior competitor due to the Wahl blade for the clippers.


Three connection nano combs feature attachment comes with the Wahl senior along with the Wahl clipper guards included. If you wish to acquire such accessories as combs or head guards with andis master clippers guard tools for facial hair.

You’ll have to buy clipper guards accessories or combs separately because the Master models lack them. However, andis guards of the clip deliver a bit higher and suitable precision and smooth cuts than standard seniors. But this attachment is not in clipper accessories with andis masters.Further, these nano guards included have ultra-strong magnets hold for the device.

So, you don’t have to take tension about the comb popping in between the haircuts. Also, deliver a proper session to clients or yourself.


Even a premium model of wahl is significantly cheaper than a standard model of andis master. So, In terms of pricing, wahl is obviously a budget version. Further, senior scores a decisive victory in wahl senior vs. andis master models. Meanwhile, my friend’s colleague Alex suggests that a standard master is a good option than a premium Wahl trimmer.However, a cordless version is not available.

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Meanwhile, we have made an in-depth comparison and features of andis master vs. Wahl senior. Further, we have compared every aspect in detail.Meanwhile, master clippers and Wahl 5-star senior machine both are exemplary clippers for thick hair and cutting kids’ hair as well.

Quick Comparison

Also, blade control and blade quality provide an ultimate barber experience in both cases. Yet a lot of differences between the two lies. If you prefer bulkier models then, this was a quick comparison table of power of both models, i.e., andis Master vs. Wahl senior.

Also, being similar big difference lies between them. Also, none of them goes wrong for you. Now, as you are well aware of how these models perform. So, you can decide on wahl senior vs. andis. As this won’t be a tough choice for you anymore. Also, you can sign in and submit a review. Check Our Latest Articles

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