Beard Oil Vs. Beard Butter

Beard Oil Or Beard Butter Which is Best in 2021

Beard Oil Or Beard Butter Which is Best in 2021. Having an excellent thick beard is a blessing. But this blessing can only last longer if you maintain it properly. Choosing between beard oil or beard butter is more confusing for you. Here we are going to analyze beard oil and beard butter. The main difference between them is their texture. 

Beard butter is a solid, more waxy substance and soft. It would be best if you rubbed it in your hand before applying. Beard oils have a completely different texture. They are in liquid form, have good formulas, and have a good scent/fragrance. They don’t need to rub in any place and heat in your hand/palm before applying. You can use these punch three times a day after the shower. Do not do other irrelevant activities that some guys do.

Beard Oil Vs Beard Butter

Beard Oil Vs. Beard Butter

The difference in texture is because of having different ingredients and categories in them. Butter has beeswax, cocoa butter, or shea butter as a base. These are used more as a conditioner for hair and skin than to give shine and increase beard growth. Its purpose is to help in covering pores and removes irritation and dirt. They coat the hair area, and the moisturizing property lock the moisturize to prevent it from more damage. It is suitable for beard care and a more nourished look.

One side of beard oil uses oil with high viscosity, which gives a silky and shiny look. Apricot kernel oil, grapeseed oil, and almond oil hydrate and moisturize your whiskers to the core. These oils help it to adjust in any volume and are alcohol-free. When the point comes to scents, both are good, whether you choose beard oil or beard butter. 

Can I Use Them Together?

In case you are using beard oils and beard butter together. It would be best if you read this. Nobody uses and mixes them if your beard is not thick and long. We have seen some grooming experts who recommend using both beard butter and oil. But beard oil is for people having a thick and high-quality beard type. Using both makes you over-apply, which will lead to greasy whiskers as both have a different texture and different conditioning ingredients or something else which works differently.

Should I Use Oils Or Butter?

Choosing beard oil or beard butter might seem confusing. But it’s pretty simple once we get a couple of things clear. You should use it or something else according to your needs and wants. In this article, we will analyze them, so you can easily choose what you want.

What Does Butter Do For Your Beard?

Beard butter products condition your beard and allow you to hold the style and shape. It also conditions your skin. 

When should you use beard butter?

Suppose you have a long thick beard. And you want to maintain it. Then it would help if you used butter. This product is best for the long thick beard. Different beard products have different effects on beards. You have to choose the product according to its qualities/properties.




These are of two types which are used 

1. Carrier Oils: Carrier oils hydrate and moisturize your hairs. It reduces beard itch, beard dandruff and creating an overall healthier, better beard. These contain vitamin E, which can help the hairs and head and results in potential hair growth. 

2. Essential Oils: This is added in a carrier oil to give fragrances like pine, cedar, sandalwood, citrus, and vanilla.


Beard oil is a perfect way to moisturize and the health of hair and the head. In comparison, it is adding better growth in the future. When your beard grows, it absorbs the natural sebum oils, causing dryness, redness, beard itch, and even beard dandruff. 




Beard butter is a mixture of oil and kinds of butter. The shea butter will give a creamy texture provides deep conditioning. Butter is a perfect combination of shea butter, coconut oil, jojoba oil, avocado, and grapeseed oil. These are the secret sauce for a perfect beard!


It deep condition your beard. Keep your hairs soft and healthy while taming flyaways. It also allows a perfect amount of style to your beard to hold perfection. And mainly, butter instantly absorbs into your beard hairs, giving you a much silky, healthier appearance.


It should be applied daily for a bit of styling and moisturizing purposes. The best way to apply it is by heating it in the palms/hands and apply it to your beard directly. 

Shea butter

It is a seed fat that comes from the shea tree. Mainly it is used to apply to the beard for removal of dandruff and many others.


The one and main difference among them is texture. Balms are solid, waxy substances. It would be best if you smoothed them before using them. Butter is similar but has the consistency of butter in them. Consistency will surety of full coverage to your hair follicles and facial hair, which helps to hydrate. Oils are different from them as they are in a fluid shape to touch. They have a different texture, are runny, and control various issues. Do not require rubbing before use.

This difference is due to the ingredients used in them. The beard balm and beard butter use beeswax, cocoa butter, or shea butter as a base. These cocoa butter are, of course, like solid products with moisturizing properties. They coat hair nourish them. Oils are viscous fluid used for the shiny look and result in making the hair silky and smooth. 


Choosing between them can be seen from the following things.


Beard length is essential while choosing oil or butter. Suppose you have a short beard choose oil for them. You will look primarily for the moisture. Because in short beard, there is no scope of styling with butter. While on the other hand, if you have a long beard. You need some styling, love, and care. Only the beard butter can give you this. Each gave you the shaping and structure according to your choice.


Beard kinds of butter products work best on thick beards. As they are thick, they need some solid growth to spread on. If you have a thin beard, do not buy beard butter and use it. It will be enough for thin growing beards in men.


Some people have oily skin, and some have dry skin. So the men having oily faces do not need much in the sense of moisture. It will give pimples to your skin. If beard oil is looking too much, then butter beard will be an excess. Moreover, you can try using minuscule amounts of wax-made balm to check how it works. 

Both win when it’s the matter of your beard hair. Both help every man maintain his skin, beard, and overall face look. Suppose you’re a beard lover. Beard grooming is essential, and maintaining them is difficult. You need to buy some essential oils, and I bet you will love your beard more than before. 

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