Electric Razor For Less Than $100

Best Electric Razor For Less Than $100 Detailed Review

Here we are talking about the product of electric razors. Suppose you have made your budget for saving money. Further, if you have only 100 dollars left behind, then no worry as we have a list of best electric razor for less than $100 here. You might want to improve your grooming habits. But your money comes as a constraint between you and your grooming.

Then don’t worry, because we’re here to assist you. So, when talking about the best electric razor, most of the latest electric razors cost over $300 or even more.Further, due to the ongoing pandemic of COVID-19, many of the features of electric razors are useless.

Such as nobody needs a portable charging station as they don’t have to go out. Further, the majority of employees now work from home.Meanwhile, covid-19 has affected our lives in every possible way. Our routine for decades has changed.However, many features are no longer of use.

On the other side, grooming tools are ultimately a requirement for everyone. Because due to pandemics, it is impossible to leave our houses like before. So the majority of people have diverted to grooming themselves. Meanwhile, in this list, most of the products are on the surface of our latest articles.Not only will we list them, but we will also mention their features for your optimal shaving experience.

So you could focus and decide which product among affordable shavers is worth your time.Initially, we will mention some of the main features of modern electric razors. These features must be kept in mind as they will help you make a precise decision.

Essential Features of Affordable Shavers

Shaving Efficiency

Shaving performance is one of the main features of an electric razor. Therefore, you need to consider it before buying, especially if you have sensitive skin. Because it matters, as most people want the smoothest shave with their electric razor, unlike old-school razors, so keep this feature as a top priority with sensitive skin.


When talking about electronic products, a warranty often acts as an attraction for its clients. So you should also consider it because it will save you money if something goes wrong with the same razor device. Furthermore, every product has a different warranty. You can read it in the description.

Battery Life

It matters for most people around the world. Because many individuals are impatient, they can’t wait for the battery to charge after a smaller period. By “battery life,” we mean how long we can use the electric razor before having to plug it back in to charge. However, if you are at home 24 hours a day, you might not have that issue with the setting.

NiMH vs. Lithium-Ion

Weak battery life shouldn’t be an option, no matter how little money you have for shaving. Six months after you acquire your shaver, a lousy battery won’t show up with the motor. By then, you’re out of possibilities. Our list of rotary shavers includes both NiMH and lithium-ion batteries to support their motors. It won’t lose its charge memory after years of charging from mid-range lithium-ion batteries.

Shaver Maintenance Costs

The cost that is used to maintain an electric razor is known as its maintenance cost. So, before purchasing any razor, look at its price as you have to pay for it in the future to ensure its proper operation,

For example, replacing the foils or other options such as blades. Furthermore, it’s a handy, if not bulky, shaver under $100. So let’s just get started with our electric razor products.

Best Electric Razor For Less Than $100

S1211/81 Philips Norelco Shaver 2300


As an example, The Philips Norelco shaver is one of the best electric shavers for under $30. It is only $29.95. Further, moving towards our next point i.e. specs and quality of shavers, we have 40 min of battery charging.

Meanwhile, 40 minutes of cordless use might be lower than many electric razors and their electric shaves. But Philips Norelco technology normally fulfils the needs of a normal person.

The ComfortCut blades of the Philips Norelco series provide a clean, smooth, and comfortable line of shave for your skin and appear to be in line with the shaving preferences of many individuals. 

Philips Norelco 27 self-sharpening, round bladed cutting elements are designed to softly cut hair just above the face’s contours and Philips Norelco glides easily over your skin.

Shave easily and conveniently with a flexible pivot shaving head from Philips Norelco that floats in 4 directions. It’s time for 4D pivot and Flex heads.

Philips models follow the contours of your face for a cleaner shave like the higher-end models’ shaved face. Furthermore, men who are looking for a quality and light rotary shaver should consider this model. Then they can opt for this.

Philips Norelco has a moustache and sideburns trimmer with a pop-up trimmer mechanism, which is a plus.It helps and works as a long hair trimmer to trim and shave your stubble hair with the built-in trimmer blades to complete your style.

Further, it is used for both wet and dry shaves but is not recommended for use in the shower. Meanwhile, it is also used for dry shaves as a dry shaver.

Meanwhile, you can do a wash and rinse of the shaving heads for your convenience and better performance.

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Braun 3rd Series

The basic Braun pro skin 3040 is one of the best Series 3 shaver models. Because even at $100, we shouldn’t settle and switch for a bare minimum tip. Further, here we are looking at the Braun Proskin. The Braun Series 3 has 3 pressure-sensitive blades on its head. Similar to the more expensive options.

It is a versatile shaver to spend money on. Meanwhile, it comes with a NiMH battery, LED indicator, and revised body. It works differently than certain foil shavers or rotary shavers of Braun. A quick explanation of how it all works.

The Braun trimmer-blade in the center focuses and cuts longer or stray hair. The last foil razors complete the work. Furthermore, it is available at the price of 49.9. Meanwhile, the 5-minute rapid plugged-in charge feature provides an effortless shave and a remarkable shaving experience.

It does a good job and has a good run time. Foils respond swiftly to changes in the contour. Furthermore, it provides a shaving experience with 3 rotary pressure sensitive shaving components for skin comfort and efficiency. Meanwhile, some rotary shavers are harder to wipe off the debris.

Specialized Features

A specialized microcomb collects more hair with every stroke. Use it with water, foam, or gel. A cordless electric razor that’s waterproof to 5 meters.

The shaver is completely waterproof. Meanwhile, you can search and buy it from your Amazon or eBay account as this rotary electric razor is affiliated with it. Furthermore, we will share some example links for advertising technology.

Make sure to hurry and indulge yourself in some testing of the technology. As manual razors lack quality and break or snap before time, As a result, electric razors are a much better and less expensive option. Because they are available at a cheaper price as well as last a long time, unlike a manual razor.

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Wahl’s 5-Star Series


The gold-plated foils are hypoallergenic and won’t cause irritation or razor bumps. Furthermore, the charging of the lithium-ion battery lasts 90 minutes, which is more than an hour. This shaver can be used while it’s charging.

In the Finale, there’s no LCD. Further, there is no option for wet shaving, so you cannot use even light shaving cream or pre-shave. In addition, its head is not able to tilt.

The head of the Wahl shaver does not tilt or rotate. A steady, delicate touch is required to reach those hard-to-reach places on the small spots.5 minutes of use after a 1-minute rapid charge.

The shaver’s rubber grips and small shape make it easy to grasp and operate. Meanwhile, on a rough note, one of the major drawbacks to performance we have.

Unlike various trimmers, we can’t use these electric shavers for wet operations or with shaving cream. In addition, if your hair grows more than a certain length. Then you have to trim them first.

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Foil Shaver Remington F5-5800


Remington foil electric shavers are available for $49. A double-sided blade of a Remington foil shaver in the center reduces beard length and prevents lengthy strands of beard and whiskers from being pulled.

As this is a dry razor, you can continue to use it as a dry shaver if it’s plugged in until it’s not full charge. As you would not use it in the shower in order to save its motor.

For the price paid, the battery percentage indicator is quite accurate, and this contributes to the fact that this shaver has a very long battery life for a budget-friendly device. There is a 60-minute cordless runtime available.

For cleaning, you can also use a damp cloth to clean the external surfaces of the foil shavers. Meanwhile, there’s no need to worry about your battery dying quickly.

Further, these foil electric shavers are also less expensive to replace the foils compared to other shavers in the same price range. Meanwhile, you could save extra money when you clean manually.

In addition, you could easily rinse the shaving head and foil of these electric shavers with water to clean them. Further, it has a flexible pivoting head, which allows for the best skin contact. It’s also waterproof and affordable from a price point of view.


You can trim your details with this tool. Furthermore, it is the perfect finishing touch for your sideburns and facial hair. Under-the-faucet washable.

Charging time is 2 hours. One of the major cons of these electric shavers is that, in certain situations, the pop-up trimmer attachment keeps popping back up when you use upward strokes to trim the hair in your beard or whiskers with the help of a pop-up trimmer.

Meanwhile, a pop-up trimmer helps you define your mustache. The next shaver we are going to mention is from the Braun series.

Meanwhile, the Braun series provides the closest shave. In addition, these close shaves are for both dry and wet hairs. Further, we will discuss its performance in detail.

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Braun Series Mobile Shaver: M-90


The best electric shavers are not required by everyone, and some customers have a very limited price range for a great shave or for removing stray hairs with a shaver. Those who fall into this category will love this compact but stylish travel shaver with circular heads. 

The circular heads still pivot, but instead of the pivots being dynamic, they still pivot. While talking about Braun shavers, we have one of the Braun series of affordable and durable shavers on the list.

Meanwhile, Braun not only is a high-quality brand, but they also have a line of men’s shavers for everyone. Further, Braun is a trusted company when it comes to electric shavers.

Even though this is a mobile shaver for beards from the Braun series, It comes with a foil design that feels soft on the skin and shaves hair efficiently from the Braun series. You can use it for 60 minutes (about an hour) or less, depending on the type of batteries you use.

For Thick Beards

If you have a thick beard, a travel shaver like this one will not be of much assistance. This shaver can offer you a clean shave and closest shave each day before you step out.

Each time you shave with this model, the blades can be readily washed and re-used. There is no need for regular battery replacements with this device.

Further, it provides a close, comfortable and clean shave with its blades while remaining soft on the skin when compared to other models.

With a twist cap that also functions as a handle extender, this is designed in the Braun series to save on design space. It locks the foil in place, preventing it from being damaged.

Travelers who require a portable electric shaver with a kit will find this to be one of the cheapest solutions from the Braun series. If you just want the basics, buy Braun.

Its major con is that it does not include any brushes for basic cleaning. Furthermore, it also lacks basic accessories like a trimmer.

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Andis Pro Foil Lithium Shaver 1715


When you handle this shaver model. The first thing you will notice is the lightweight design of the blades of the trimmer at such a low price. Next, you’ll note the small and easy-to-grab profile. 

You can achieve precise strokes even in tight locations because of the foil shaver positioning. Form and function combine in a compact package that is easy to use.

Since it has a large power button, it is easy to use it single-hand. It is beneficial for men with sensitive skin to use hypoallergenic coils. For stubble removal and hair fading.

Consistently smooth operation.

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Electric Shaver Hatteker


The 4D rotary shaver head follows every feature of your face for a close shave that’s also gentle on your skin. A rotary shaver helps to handle all air types. Furthermore, your facial haircut routine is complete with this separate attachment of a pop-up trimmer.

This new shaver can be used for both wet and dry shaving. It is also a fully washable design that allows you to shave wet or dry. Charging your shaver is quick and easy with the USB port.

After just 90 minutes of charging, you can enjoy 60 minutes of cordless use and shave your hair either wet or dry. Further, many reviews claim that most shavers leave nicks, itchy, or irritate skin afterward.

Meanwhile, they also leave a cut and irritation on the skin after removing the hair.

However, this was not the case for the Hatter electric shaver. In addition, it was very lightweight for them and easy to use. Moreover, it gives the closest possible shave. Meanwhile, it is one of the best razors in such an affordable range.

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Panasonic ES-SL41-S Arc3 Electric Razor (ES-SL41-S)


This model of Panasonic razors is available at low prices. This is available for the low price of $54.This 3-bladed wet-dry shaver review of Panasonic is equipped with three 30° honed Nanotech blades. 

It provides optimal durability and close, comfortable shaving and shaving results that are worth the effort. Meanwhile, it provides an obvious difference in reasonable price.

These models of Panasonic razors operate with their advanced angle Arc3 shaving head and stainless-steel foil shaver glide. Further, it adheres to the particular curve of your face, chin, neck, jaw, and jawline with the ease of one hand. 

Meanwhile, the Panasonic shaver review includes that it tilts and pivots as you shave.


Plug it in to charge its battery. As long as the lithium-ion battery of the Panasonic razor is in full charge. A lithium-ion battery provides maximum power. The high speed motor retains maximum shaver power for a continuously close and smooth shave.

Further, the shaver head of Panasonic adjusts and provides more comfort and an easy technique to glide over facial hair and facial contours. Meanwhile, it will also provide you with a close shave of the facial hair that is desired by most individuals.

Further, it not only provides a cleaner but also a fast shave that everyone wants. Above all, the grip of the Panasonic is quite comfortable. It also has an advanced slim size to glide over the face, but it also has the waterproof feature of Panasonic.

You can shave in the shower with foam or gel, or dry shave on the go. The pop-up trimmer offers the perfect finishing touch to mustaches, sideburns, coarse hair, and more hair. It includes an AC charging station. Meanwhile, you can rinse clean under running water.

One of its cons is that some men want its battery to last longer and increase its run time. It is, unfortunately, a major con that slightly affects its customers.

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PANASONIC Electric Razor Men’s Dual Blade


Additionally, this brand trimmer costs $69.95., it is designed and trained with a dual-blade cutting system for a close shave. Wider coverage and amazing comfort thanks to micro-thin foils. Furthermore, the head tends to glide effortlessly across the face, chin, jaw, and neck.

With wet/dry convenience, you can use it to shave dry or in the shower. Meanwhile, you can clean in seconds with running water. trimmer with a pop-up mechanism. A rechargeable AC adapter

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To Keep Your Best Electric Shaver In Good Condition, Do The Following

The following steps should be kept in mind to have a premium service from your $100 electric razor. Furthermore, this will help the razor deliver its best. A razor delivers its premium service if taken properly care of.

Using Lubrication For The Blades Of A Shaver

One of the many reasons we opted to buy an electric razor was that we were able to shave without shaving cream, lotion, or other lubricants. But this doesn’t mean that no oiling may be required to lubricate the trimmer.

Install A Protective Casing Or Shaving box

This is a good idea to maintain and prepare if you drop it or it falls out of the sink. The cover will also shield the razor’s head from dust and other particles that might pick up the blade and make its pieces dull more quickly.

Avoid Excessive Razor Tapping

Do not tap, shake, or press hard on the sink’s edge to get your hair caught in the head. Meanwhile, this will result in the majority of the hairs in the trimmer heads being cleaned.

Foil/Cutter Head Replacement

This is another evident yet vital piece of advice for maintaining your electric shaver. Make sure to change the replacement foils or cutter heads on your razor periodically.

These will begin to break down after a while and lose their durability and maneuverability. A dull blade is the greatest reason for a cut. Remember, germs might create an illness if you do not routinely cleanse the blades.

Why Is Regular Maintenance Essential?

Prolonged Sustainability:

It provides safe shaving for every application and a longer life span. Further cleaning is a great choice to keep and stick to your electric shaver for a long time, in most cases. This will make it a durable model for a longer period.


Razor cleaning and maintenance, such as replacing blades, lubricating them, and properly loading them, all imply that you spend money to make your razor last a long time. This saves you the trouble of getting a new razor and retains the money you would otherwise lose. That’s a great win.

Every Time

You invest money in an electric shaver but still aren’t getting your desired look. Meanwhile, the majority of people want a closer shave for a neat, clean, and tidy look. However, after a few shaves with an inexpensive trimmer, their electric shaver of various manufacturers stops providing the great shave you desire.

This just happens because of the dirt, debris, dry dead skin cells, and hairs stuck in between the blades. On the other hand, a cleaned electric shaver will automatically provide a closer shave.

One of the most common points that comes to mind is That is how often you should wait to clean your electric razor. Let’s just get straight a bit.

We recommend or advise washing it every single time you use it. We promise this generally lasts extra time and gives a hassle-free performance.

One of the main reasons is that manual razors get rusted and wear out faster. Because they are cheap, nobody follows any instructions to keep them clean. However, even if you are using it 2 to 3 times.

Then you should also thoroughly clean them and dab dry them to avoid bacteria.

Note: You shouldn’t extend cleaning for the next use.

How To Minimize Your Budget For An Electric Razor?

Because they often come with a cleaning and charging station, electric shavers might be more expensive due to automatic cleaning than other shavers. If you don’t have a big budget, you may not need to invest in a self-cleaning razor.

Comparing the overall budget of the shaver includes the cost of new blades and foils. While certain shavers may be inexpensive, frequent blade replacement parts can add to the overall cost of operation for some models of shavers.

In addition to being cheaply priced, the shavers on this list have readily available and reasonable replacement blades.

When comparing inexpensive shavers, don’t compromise on motor quality. A shaver with powerful motors and skin-friendly foil shavers would be one that your skin would appreciate regularly.

When you decide to cut back on your shaver budget, it’s okay to skip on the accessories. If the battery life is poor or the charging time is long, do not buy the shaver.

Furthermore, we have also kept an eye on reviews in the middle. Because people nowadays are concerned about online reviews. These reviews help them to have an idea of the product they are buying.

In the middle, they can compare and figure one thing out of it. Moreover, when they compare, they are also aware of the cons before buying any product. Further, they can test it after they have completed their shopping or either purchased from the market.


Finally, we have discussed the various best electric razor devices of various brands in this article on our site. Furthermore, these best electric razors are well within your price range. Further, you can have a look at the above product’s device and find out which one works for you from the table of contents.

All of their salient features have been highlighted in the course of this article on our website. I hope you have decided on one of the above technologies best suited to you.

Make sure to tap the sign-in option and give a bit of interest in reviews, finally, and doubt that matters most. If you still have any questions in the comments, such as what kind of noise they deliver or anything,

We will give ears to your tiny problems and will provide further tips if you are from Europe, the UK, Germany, or any other country.

Meanwhile, we have mentioned all products that are under a budget of 100 dollars. Furthermore, you must keep in mind that the most expensive electric shaver with a hefty price tag is because of the pricey accessories such as the clean and charge station device or the cleaning mode feature.

If you are a low budget user, then you could still purchase an efficient and suitable electric shaver.

Leave Out The Extras

Further, that provides closeness and great performance with a single unit trimmer at a low price. Some men prefer and find it handy to buy accessories later but want to purchase a shaver with great features.

Simply put, you can reduce the cost of expensive or new models of technology and then spend extra money, as most European users do.

Meanwhile, we have made a comparison for our readers and made their pros and cons comparable. Some razors might produce light whistles that are irritating.

Meanwhile, the line of razors, i.e., the Panasonic and Braun series, clearly shed light on this fact. that they don’t produce any unnecessary bells while they are powered on.

Furthermore, scissors or cutters won’t get the job done and will provide great closeness while shaving. Moreover, due to pandemics, we now have the need to do everything ourselves.

Instead of going to the barbers and spreading the virus to the world. It is handy to stay at home and use your own ability to groom yourself in the best way.

Meanwhile, some users prefer to shave every morning to keep their facial hair and keep their skin clean in the morning. Consider this a long-term investment in a suitable and affordable shaver and for daily shaving.

As manual razors lose their closeness of shave. In addition, the sharpness of blades is missing within one shave. Furthermore, a manual razor can not provide a closer shave anymore.

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