10 Best Mens Electric Shaver for Womens Legs

You might be confused about the best mens electric shaver for womens legs. But did you try that idea miss? never? then you are really missing something important. No doubt there are personal manual razor and electric shavers for women in the market.

But they are so fragile that they don’t last long so a real goodbye. Whilst, they don’t get the job done. In such a scenario, we have an amazing yet weird option of men’s electric razors for you in your budget. Right!

You have heard it right men’s electric razors are way more productive for fashion than the best women’s electric shavers. Moreover, these men’s electric razor device will give a means of neat clean smooth look along your contours without ingrown hairs that you always wished for fashion.

Shaving legs for a woman won’t be this much easy and smooth for your before. Also, if you have used the best women’s electric razor for hair removal of women’s legs and didn’t get desired results either with wet or dry.

Then you should surely replace and give a try to these best men’s electric shavers. Further, for the bikini line, first use a bikini trimmer attachment to trim hair.

Understanding Your Hair Type

Firstly, whenever you are going to buy something you should know the purpose you are getting it for. You need to understand the type of hair you have and the skin cells you have to but most electric shavers. If you have tough and stubborn hair, an ordinary electric shaver would not do the best or precise shave for you.

Similarly, if you have sensitive and you get an electric shaver with self-sharpening blades with an ergonomic design. So, that you won’t be left with nicks only in the end.

So, for a perfect shaver first, you have to understand your skin and hair type and then go on your browser for the selection of products to get the best shaver in your budget cover.

Meanwhile, waxing is also an option but it is painful and may cause irritation to women legs. Women’s legs reviews reveal that they get a smooth finish and without skin irritation with the men’s best electric shaver. Meanwhile, this cost them less than an hour.

Types of Shaver

After understanding your hair type. The second thing you have to know is about the types of shaver efficiency and priced value in the market. There are two types of shaver available in the market.

  1. Foil Shavers
  2. Rotary Shavers

1. Foil Shavers

You need to choose the right shaver for removing hair to get better results for hair removal. If you have sensitive skin and thin hair on your legs. Then your best electric shaver will be a foil shaver.

2. Rotary Shavers

Meanwhile, rotary shavers are shaver with rotary heads. They are good for rough and tough skin. If you have thick hair and tough skin then you should opt for a rotary shaver because of their rotary heads.

Recommended Features of Best Electric Shaver:

There is a list of some features which shows how efficiently shaver works. Meanwhile, you should keep in mind a few things. To make an excellent choice for removing hair by buying the best men’s electric shaver for women’s legs you should know about the features of the best electric shaver.



Shaving performance is one of the main features of an electric razor. You need to consider it before buying especially if you have sensitive skin. Because it really matters as most people want the smoothest shave with their electric razor, unlike old school razors. So keep this feature as a top priority with sensitive skin.


When talking about electronic products of brands, a warranty often acts as an attraction and bonus for its clients. So you should also consider it because it will save you money. Assume, if something goes wrong with the same razor device you can stay calm. Further, every product has a different warranty you can read it in the description. So, that you are not exposed to any damage for many brands.

Water Proof/ Wet Use

If you are using men’s electric shavers for your legs in this case waterproof features are non-negotiable features. Women have sensitive skin type than men. Shaving gel, foams, and shaving cream may help a lot to prep in this condition and create a plain surface for shaving in the bath.

Further, wet usasge enhances your shaving experience. But you cannot use them if the shaver is not waterproof. So, this makes it more susceptible to cuts and nicks. Furthermore, the waterproof makes cleaning convenient. So, you don’t have to spend half an hour after shaving to clean the shaver up.

Flexible Head

Flexibility in the shaving head is another most important thing you must look for in the best electric shaver. This flexibility makes sure that the shaver follows the curves of your legs even in a dry shave.

Further, it provides a constant connection. This constant connection also prevents cuts and provides a gentle shave and a close shave with less irritation. See What We Think About Best Beard Butter

Battery Life

No one wants a shaver to drain out when you are in the mid of shaving your legs. That would be another level of headache, stuck in the washroom for hours waiting for it to charge. Even if you are shaving dry. You must be careful about the battery life of a shaver before buying it.

It matters for most people how much battery a shaver has around the world. Because they can’t wait for the battery to charge after a smaller time period.

By battery life, we mean how long we can use the electric razor without plugging in back to charging. So, a lithium-ion battery or NiMH battery-operated is suitable for the powerful motor of the best electric shaver.

A fully charged shaver must allow at least an hour of cordless use either dry or wet in the shower if its waterproof. However, if you are at home 24 /7 then you might not have that issue with charging. So you can skip battery operated in such a case to select a less pricey shaver.

Weak Battery Life Of Electric Shaver:

Weak battery life shouldn’t be an option no matter how little money you may have for shaving. 

Six months after you acquire your shaver, a bad battery won’t show up with the

motor. By then, you’re out of possibilities. Our list of rotary shaver includes both NiMH and lithium-ion batteries to support its motor. After years of charging from mid-range, lithium-ion batteries it won’t lose its charge memory and will provide smooth cordless wet or dry use.

Normally it takes 15-20 minutes to shave your legs relying on different factors to adjust. However, to be on the safe side, always prefer an electric shaver that has a battery time of about 40 minutes or above.

If the shaver has battery life indicators it would be the icing on the cake. It would remind you of the battery’s health and how often you need to charge it, to save you from trouble.

Why an Electric Razor Over Epilator?

The purpose of the type keyword is unwanted hair removal from different parts of the body. But the mechanism of the epilator is an entirely different deal. The epilators machine work by micro grip tweezer technology i.e.it pull the hairs from their roots to give a smooth look.

While the electric shaver merely cuts the part that is extended over the skin. Epilators pluck the hairs from their roots. Therefore hairs after removal take some time to adjust and grow back. Also, the hairs become significantly thinner in light of facts and give a smooth for a longer time to grow back for women.

On the other hand, the shaver cut only extended part of the hair above the skin. Therefore, no matter how super close shave it cuts. The hairs tend to grow faster because the roots are still there even after a very close shave.

Painless Process:

The plus point of an electric shaver is that it is painless, with no discomfort or any sort of irritation. Also, the process is very fast vs to the epilators for women because of the heavy motors featured in men’s electric shavers. The Epilator process is very slow and takes two hours.

Whereas a shaver would do the work of two hours in one hour only. It all depends on the type of shave you want. If you are into quick and pain-free shave near the sink, an electric shaver is the best option.

However, if you are inclined towards closeness and smoother skin of advertising in long run then the epilators technique is the way to go. For more information keep reading similar content.

Here we will provide a navigation search of the best electric shavers for women’s legs.

1. Philips Norelco BodyGroom Series 7100


Philips Norelco electric shaver models are one of the most versatile shavers in the market. It checks all the right boxes when it comes to design and features as well as price. The shape of the shaver is provided for a comfortable grip. The best way to shave your legs is to first trim the coarse hair which needs an additional trimmer. This electric shaver features two heads.

So, you can easily trim your hair and then shave them without switching to other products. Moreover, the head of the shaver is pivoting in three different directions. The flexibility of the head makes sure the blade remains in contact with the skin even in the case of curves.

The maximum contact between skin and blades extracts more hair. Consequently provides you a close shave. If you move on to the other end of the shaver you would get a decent trimmer that can adjust and cut through the thickest of hair.

The versatility of the shaver is mainly because of this built-in which allows you to groom every part of the body. For instance, the ladies who like to keep their bikini area stylish by making designs can take advantage of it.

Meanwhile, a single-hour charge allows using this cordless shaver for 5o minutes. However, its battery performs good work but you have to replace it after six to seven months.

  • It is easy to grip and hefty design that feels good on the hands. It is a Waterproof product so that blades clean easily. Trimmer and shaver both are available in the same product. It Comes at an affordable price with a compact design. The most important thing the product is versatile and user-friendly
  • The Battery life is not good so you have to do its charging often.

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2. Braun 9 Series 9385cc Model


Braun is one of the most efficient electric shaver brand in the world. For a beautiful shave, this Braun razor machine is efficient, close, and soft. More hair can be removed in one stroke with 4 shaving elements and turbo mode of the razor compared to other shavers.

Further, the sonic vibrations are the most soothing on the skin, allowing for optimal skin comfort without redness. Meanwhile, it is also compatible with precise wet use in the shower.

Or dry shave with speed. Along with a charging station in this deal. Further, hairs are not pulled because the blades lubricates with an alcohol solution. Meanwhile, you shouldn’t charge it in the shower. Always use it cordless even for wet shaving.

Further, when we talk about this imported electric shaver of Germany in detail. It is able to achieve a smooth look, even if the hairs have long lengths. As you can trim them with the pop-up trimmer. This is fully charged, clean, and lubricated within the charge and cleaning station.

  • It provides a highly closer shave performance with four shaving elements and precision blades that everyone search for to shop. It is easy to use with a cleaning and charging station. So, the charge station is easy. It is Waterproof, so you can use it in shower with a wet shave or gel. Gentle on skin with Active Skin Guard. It also has a pop-up trimmer for trimming that is quiet.
  • It is not easily affordable. As it is a highly-priced brand. So, such a price becomes difficult for everyone to afford.

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3. Babyliss Pro Foil Shaver

This electric shaver model is for men with sensitive skin. But dealing with sensitive skin is more of a king of shavers. As it takes care of sensitive skin with hypoallergenic foil for closest shave and adjusts according to the requirement to protect such skin types.

It offers 40 minutes of use with a charging time of one hour.

Further, it is impossible to get a cut from this electric shaver. Lastly, its instructions of use from its manufacturer state that begin with trimming the lengths. Then shave for a perfect neat look. Read More Best Hair Clippers For Fades

  • The Compact size does not occupy more space. It has hypoallergenic foils for its consumers. It gives a close and perfect shaving experience for woman’s legs. The battery life of these models is outstanding. Its Metallic body is for durability and a fine compact design.
  • It makes a bit of skin irritations for the first few weeks. Further, this will get normal It has no built-in trimmer for trimming in such a price.

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4. Panasonic Arc5 ES-LV95-S

Panasonic’s brand five-blade foil shaver lifts hairs with outer foils and ultra-sharp inner blades for a close shave. A linear motor of this brand provides with high-performance powers 70,000 cross-cutting movements per minute, allowing men’s shaver blades to cut through thick, dense hair with ease. Further, this device provides silky skin for ladies and get rid of all the fine2 unwanted hair even in difficult areas.

Wet And Dry Use:

Also, it offers wet and dry operations. This means you can use it in the shower. Meanwhile, the shaver head unit is equipped with shave sensor technology.

That measures hair density and adjusts the motor speed for a closer shave. Further, an automatic own cleaning system and a built-in trimmer in the menu provide perfect freedom from other material accessories.

Further, making it one of the best electric razors purchases for women’s legs.

  • It is effective for the removal of types of hair. This unit can read the hair density of body hair Gentle on the skin and bikini line and underarms. Comes at a reasonable price and easy charging. The compact and sleek design of the device.
  • Produces a bit of noise. However, users provide a vote to a quiet machine.

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5. Philips Series 9000 Prestige Razor

NanoTech precision blades of the razor are present to cut hair with the maximum degree of precision. Further, giving you an ultra-close shave at skin level. Meanwhile, it also has a premium bag cover that protects this cordless shaver from dust and dirt.

There are Skin Comfort rings around the shaving heads of razor, which feature a unique coating that helps the shaver glide as well as protect. It’s easy to shave even thick hair of legs with this razor. 

The shaver automatically adjusts to your hair density 15 times per second. Also, this razor moves in 8 directions to move along contours and provide a major difference on different lengths of hair on legs immediately.

  • This razor comes with effectively powered blades for body hair. The unit glides with limited pressure technique smoothly over the legs without irritation. Does not produce too much sound which is appealing for purchase. A solid yet good-looking design. Ultra-sharp blades to get every strand. Waterproof
  • A bit expensive

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6. Braun Series 7 790cc

The Braun Series 7 electric razor comes with an ActiveLift trimmer that catches flat-lying hairs in troubled areas such as knees. In addition, a bag to cover and store the shaver in normal days.

In order to achieve ideal shaved baby skin, OptiFoil blades of Braun are suitable to shave hair as short as 0.05mm.

Braun Series 7 razors contain foil heads and blades that work together to offer you a close shave. Braun shavers are waterproof shavers that are easy to clean under running water than manual razors.

  • Meanwhile, it can cut all sorts of hairs without irritating. Comes at a reasonable price Durable product for larger areas. Wet-shave enabled for sensitive skins of woman. Turbo modes to control the motor
  • Replacement blades are hard to get

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7. Panasonic Arc5 LV97-k

To make shaving faster, smoother, and more efficiently, a strong engine and a five-blade shaving system deliver up to 70,000 cuts per minute. Flexible 16-D shaving In 16 different directions, the head and foils can be moved to follow the natural shape of the skin. The shaving power is 14 times per second.

  • It has a highly attractive and catchy design in light. Shaves rapidly and cleanly either wet or dry shave. Wet shave enabled shaving heads. Gentle on skin Removes all sorts of hairs
  •  Replacement parts are expensive

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8. Philips Norelco Electric Shaver 8900

Speedy, powerful shaving thanks to the high-performance motor: An ultrafast motor and 5-blade technology of the Panasonic ARC 5 electric razor allows for up to 70,000 cross-cuts per minute, making shaving faster and smoother.

Know about : 12 Best Beard Trimmers For Stubble Look In Minutes

Wet And Dry Use:

In addition, wet or dry shaving is whatever you are interested in. Further, it has flexible 16 direction shaving Head.

  • This best electric shaver is gentle on the skin when compared to a manual razor. Shave closely to the skin Provides a firm and steady grip This electric shaver allows wet shaving as well as dry. Gets the job done in no time
  • Not best for parts like groin and armpits

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9. Remington F5-5800 Foil Shaver

Foil Technology with Pivot and Flex Pivot Stays in close contact with the skin for a clean finish with this Remington men’s electric shaver. Further, it has a battery that can be re-charged with a charger. In addition, it offers 60 minutes of cordless operation.

A moist cloth can be used to clean the shaver’s exterior surface. With the Pop-Up Detail Trimmer, You can finalize your facial hair as well as hair on any other part. Clean-up is quick and easy with Remington. Further, you need 2 hours of charging time .

  • Meanwhile, this electric shaver comes at a highly affordable price Shaves cleanly and closely can be used while plugged in with the charger. Built-in trimmer for stubble removal of hair with speed. This electric razor offers decent battery time for shaving legs.
  • The large size of the electric razor makes it harder to grip

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10. Panasonic ES-LA63-Arc 4

It is a dual-motor shaving system with four blades and precision nanotech blades at a 30° angle for maximum longevity and sharpness. Meanwhile, the dual-motor system vary with 14,000 cuts per minute – 56,000 crosscuts across 4 blades – plus a second motor that helps lift and retain hairs for an efficient, clean shave vs other razors.

The brand Panasonic provides a built-in trimmer in the menu. Along with this, an LCD display is present in this arc4. Further, this display power status, charge indicator, cleaning, and replacement reminders for fault in blades.

  • Four blades that provide efficient and close shave with its lubricated blades that women prefer. Whilst, there is no chance of razor bumps, that happen with manual razors. Its multi-flex pivoting head. This pivoting head oscillating blades move in a circular motion along the contours of the leg hair. It has an LCD display. Meanwhile, it offers easy cleaning of the razor with speed. Further, it offers both wet and dry shaving experience for facial hair or others.
  • It lacks a stand of electric razors.

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In short, in this tech article of our website. We have discussed a variety of best men’s electric razor that can be used as a substitute for women’s electric razors. Along with that we have mentioned their table of pros and cons. In addition, we have also mentioned their attachments for a detailed buyer’s guide. An electric shaver is much better than a manual razor.

Meanwhile, you can also search and use a USB charger to fully charge your shaver. Right the USB charger that you use to charge your phone. So, that you can choose one that suits you. Literally, there are a lot of pricey electric shavers.

Whilst, we have pick products for your convenience and on a budget-friendly account. Don’t worry as all of the above editorially chosen products are not merely for advertising purposes. Instead, they stand in the course of use as a good choice in real means.

Dry use:

Meanwhile, dry use of an electric shaver is not recommended. Because dry use may lead to irritation later on. So, instead of dry use make sure to lubricate your legs for smooth shaving. Also, moisturize your legs after shaving to prevent them from getting dry.

Affiliated Sites:

As affiliates and linking with amazon. We may earn fees or paid commissions from the links. Further, at the time of purchase of the above products links of any brand. For more:Best beard trimmers for black men


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