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10 Best Wave Grease and Pomade for 360 Reviews and Buying Guide 2021

You look good when your hairstyle sets well. You feel confident when with your attractive dressing, you also have a stunning hairstyle. Are you disturbed because your hairstyle does not set well? Has someone ever told you that the hair products you have been using are not that perfect? If yes, then switch to wave grease or pomade for hairstyles. Someone might have told you that wave grease is an oily and quite shiny product.

It seems as if you have applied oil over your head. But wait, it’s not like that. Your hair without hair products cannot stay in place. You do not feel comfortable with a messy hairstyle. Pomade or wave grease helps your hair to attain the perfect shine and the waves you want. It keeps your hair hydrated.

You get attracted to the beautiful actors or actresses who have styled their hairs well. You might have thought that why only the faces on TV have stunning hairs? What is the best wave grease for hairstyles they use? The products they use are the best pomade for waves.

What is Wave Grease?

Grease or hair pomade is a wax-like cream that helps your hair to maintain a style. It may keep your hair in a specific type for a definite time. Some grease stays for a long time unless you wash it off.

Now, what is wave grease? You want different hairstyles for different occasions. There are various hairstyles like curly, frizzy straight, 360 wave, and wavy hairs, etc. You need some gel-like hair products to maintain the particular hairstyles you love. Wave grease helps you to give your hair different styles that stay for long.

10 Best Wave Grease- Review:

Say Goodbye to gels and welcome hair pomades. As we have thoroughly understood what wave pomades are, now, moving forward in this article, we will discuss the best wave greases with their pros and cons. 

Several companies sell wave grease. Each contains different materials with different pros and cons. Some products are made of natural products, and some are not. It usually depends on your hair condition to decide which best wave grease will suit your hair.

Barber 60 Proof Wax:Barber 60 Proof wax

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If you are suffering from dandruff, this product is the best wave cream to pick. It helps in increasing your hair volume. It looks like your hair is heavy when you use Barber 60 Proof Wax. How does it happen? This product strengthens your hair strands and provides healthy hair.  Your looks improve, and you look stylish.

Its smell is enchanting. It is one of the best hairstyle waxes in the market. As it is water-soluble, so it is easy to wash. It is reliable because there are no issues of detrimental effects on your hair.

It gives the best wave because there are no chemicals like dyes used in its manufacturing. Dyes hurt your hair and scalp. Thus, your hair will remain safe.

The critical point to note is that blind Barber 60 proof is available at an affordable price. It has a vanilla smell, and it is pretty sweet. You can use it with waves butter for the best results.

  • Its price is affordable.
  • It provides strong protection against dandruff.
  • It offers a stylish and natural look.
  • The waves you set will be weightless.
  • Your hair volume seems to be increased.
  • It can make your hairs dry if you use it continuously.

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Cold Label Wolfin Pomade:

Cold Label Wolfin Pomade

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This product is one of the best brands in the market as it has some conditioning and raw materials in it. It is best for thick hair. It has a buttery and soft texture. It keeps the moisture and strengthens your hair. This product’s holding feature keeps the waves for a long time.

The natural products that are used in cold label wolf in pomade are honey and hops. Love helps your hair to attain moisture.

The anti-bacterial property of hops keeps dandruff away. Moreover, Castor Oil is beneficial for the growth of your hair. Castor oil helps your hair to stay healthy and reduces hair fall. 

Cold label wolf in pomade is considered to be the best wave grease because of its natural properties. The most significant benefit is that you do not need to apply it again once you have used it. You can change your hair waves as many times as you want.

  • It is made up of natural ingredients.
  • It provides a natural shine to your hair.
  • It is easy to use in all seasons.
  • It keeps dandruff away.
  • It has a hard texture.

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Suavecito Pomade Firme Hold:

Suavecito Pomade firme hold

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The brand is famous for its non-greasy texture. It is considered to be best for curly hairs and to give enchanting waves to straight hair.

 It is easy to apply because of its creamy texture. You can wash it away quickly as it is a water-soluble pomade. You do not need shampoo and conditioner to get it off. It does not leave any stain on your scalp once you have rinsed it.

The natural components of suavecito pomade include glycerin, beeswax, and castor oil. The cream-like hair wax maintains the sleekness of your hairs. The beeswax used in it helps your hair to stay shiny. You can control the shine of your hairs with this product. How can you do that? Apply it to your wet hair and see the magic.

It has a gentle and pleasant scent of floral wood that keeps you fresh. It is available at an affordable price.

  • It is made up of natural products.
  • It is suitable for all kinds of hairs.
  • It has a creamy texture.
  • It is sweat proof.
  • It has a refreshing unisex scent.
  • When it dries, it hardens your hair.
  • Some customer does not like its fragrance.

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Pacino Wave Pomade

Pacino Wave Pomade

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It is one of the high-quality products of European entrepreneurs. The shine it gives to hairs is medium, and your hair waves look natural. It looks like your hair is silky.

You have the flexibility to change your hairstyle whenever you like. You can easily make different hairstyles you love, like 360 waves or curls. Your hair retains the perfect waves you have made because the Pacino Pomade provides a stronghold. 

It contains wax and softer oil which gives a natural look to your hair. Moreover, it is also water-soluble; therefore, it is easy to wash. So you do not need to use shampoos that are chemically enriched. Just one wash is enough to get it off.

  • It is water-soluble and easy to wash.
  • It provides maximum and robust hold.
  • It is perfect for dull hair.
  • If you use it continuously, there is a chance for your hair to get thin.

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Blind Barber 90 Proof Pomade:

Blind Barber 90 Proof Pomade

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Blind Barber 90 Proof pomade is famous and the best wave grease. It keeps your hair in place. It gives a matte finish to your hair and retains a natural look.

It has tonka bean, one of the natural ingredients that give it a vanilla smell. It has a creamy texture, and thus it is easy to apply. Whatever waves you opt with blind Barber 90 proof, it seems as if you have naturally thicker hairs. You can comb your hair quickly. It is because it has conditioning effects.

It also contains hops that are used in beers which gives conditioning effects. The anti-bacterial property of balls fights against dandruff. Therefore your hair stays healthy.

Blind Barber is non-greasy because it gives your hair a matte look. You feel confident with this matte pomade as it provides a healthy and natural look to your hair.

  • It provides a stronghold to hair waves.
  • It is suitable for dull hairs.
  • It does not contain harmful chemicals.
  • It gives a matte finish.
  • It has natural products that help nourishing hair.
  • It provides a vanilla scent.
  • People do not like their smell.
  • It is moderately expensive.

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As I am Double Butter Cream Rich Daily Moisturizer:

As I am Double Butter Cream Rich Daily Moisturizer

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As I am double butter is famous for its best waves and the high moisture. This buttercream contains organic ingredients like shea butter, sugar beetroot, castor oil, wheat germ oil, wheat protein, and vegetable glycerin.

For an extra protection shield, it contains Pro-Vitamin b5 or Panthenol. Panthenol repairs the split ends. Almond oil is also used to provide moisture. It also contains fruit extracts for a beautiful fragrance.

 If you have dull hair Double Butter is best for you. It contains cocoa shea butter. The shea butter and cocoa butter provides softness to your strands. It further moisturizes hair through shea butter. After using it, you will see the attractive shine in your hair waves. It is preferable for curly hair. Its natural oils fix the split ends.

  • It keeps your hair light and silky.
  • It contains natural products like cocoa shea used in it to keep your hair healthy.
  • It has an attractive fragrance.
  • The double coating does not make your hairs feel heavy.
  • It is expensive as compared to other wave pomades.
  • It takes time to wash off.

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Jovinno Natural Premium Hair Styling Wax:

Jovinno Natural Premium Hair Styling Wax

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It is manufactured in France using premium quality materials and is considered perfect for providing the best 360 waves. This brand is 100% committed to hair health and quality. It is free of chemical products. It gives your hair a stronghold, and you can quickly reshape your hairs.

The natural components used in it are marshmallow roots, hair protein, and hemp seed oil. Thus it helps in repairing your hair. The hemp seeds contain Omega 3, 6 and, nine which are essential for hair growth. 

It also contains rosemary extracts and calendula. The rosemary extract prevents your hair from greying at an early age, while calendula keeps dandruff away. 

  • It contains natural components.
  • It does not contain chemicals.
  • It offers a stronghold.
  • It prevents your hair from breakage.
  • It gives a matte shine.
  • It is pretty expensive.
  • Some people do not like their smell.

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Roller Coaster Waves Original Hair Pomade:

Roller Coaster Waves Original Hair Pomade

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 It has a creamy texture. The creamy texture helps you to make natural and attractive waves easily.

 This brand is famous for its grease ingredients. Almost all of the ingredients are natural. The brand is also committed to keeping your hair safe from damage. 

The manufacturing ingredients include olive oil, avocado oil, Vitamin E, Alovera, shea butter, Argan oil, and other essential oils. These products keep your hairs moisturized and hydrated. The shea butter provides moisture. It also prevents hair loss. It can be used by women, too, as it has a unisex scent.

  • It nourishes your scalp.
  • It is easy to apply.
  • It gives a matte finish.
  • It provides a firm hold.
  • It has a unisex smell.
  • Your hair may give a greasy look after applying it.
  • It is expensive.

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Soft Sheen Carson Sportin Waves Pomade:

Soft Sheen Carson Sportin Waves Pomade

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If you want proper 360 waves, it is one of the best wave greases. It gives your hair shine. It makes your hairstyle attractive. It is easy to apply, as well as easy to remove. Moreover, sporting waves pomade removes tangles and helps you to comb easily. Your shine and style last all day long.

Many people do not like the smell of hair pomades. If you want hairstyle wax without a scent, then you should pick a soft sheen pomade. It provides a stronghold to your hair. 

Sporting wave pomade is reliable as the company has been serving the customers for 110 years.

  • It gives a stronghold to the hair.
  • It has no scent.
  • It is suitable for dull hair.
  • It is not expensive.
  • Excessive use may give a greasy look to your hair.

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Baxter of California Clay Pomade:

Baxter of California Clay Pomade

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It is one of the best and favourite hairstyle waxes among men. Baxter has won awards for its natural products used in it. Moreover, this trusted brand provides the perfect waves and side-part separation. The clay pomade has firm properties that give a hair stronghold. It lasts all day long.

The natural ingredients Baxter uses are Beeswax and Kaolin clay. Beeswax is helpful to give natural shine and softness to hairs. It keeps hair healthy and moisturized. Beeswax keeps your hair smooth while Kaolin Clay enhances the blood circulation in the scalp. Thus you can use it without any worries.

The applying method of Baxter wax is different from other pomades. You simply take the cream on your palm and apply it to your hairs. But for Baxter pomade, you have to turn your head down and start using it from the downside of your head. Be careful to warm it well before applying. 

  • It provides a firm hold to hair.
  • Your hair waves last all day long.
  • It is made up of natural products.
  • If you do not warm it enough before applying, some clay specs will stay visible.
  • It is expensive.

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What are the benefits of Pomades over Gel? 

Let’s discuss the benefits of using hairstyle waxes before moving towards its types:

Wave Grease Does Not Let Your Hair Harden:

You may have used gel, and your experience would not have been great with it. But hair cannot stay in place without it. Furthermore, you may have felt your hair harden. The natural look diminishes when you use gel. Unlike hair gels, hair grease keeps your natural hair smooth. Your hair retains the natural texture and softness after using it.

Wave Grease Advantage of Free Hairstyling:

One of the most significant benefits of wave grease over gel is that you are free to restyle your hairs anytime and anywhere you want. At the same time, gels don’t let you do that. If you have a get-together in the evening and you cannot go with the same hairstyle you made while going for the job. You can change your hairstyle without taking a shower. It is only possible if you have used hair greases.

What are the Types of Wave Grease?

Before moving towards the best pomade, let’s first discuss its types. You must first know its types to decide which wave grease would be the best. By understanding the kinds of hair grease thoroughly, you will better understand which product fits your hair?

Oil-Based Wave Grease:

The oil-based wave grease is considered to be original. The main ingredient that is used in oil-based pomade is petroleum or mineral oils. Let’s have a look at its properties:

  • It can hold less as well as massive hair.
  • It is not too shiny and makes your hairstyle looks original.
  • It provides maximum hold over water-based pomade.
  • It stays for long.

What can be the cons of Oil-based wave pomade:

  • Its shine disappears if you touch your hair continuously.
  • It stays longer than another pomade.
  • You have to take more than one shampoo to wash to get it off of your hair.

Water-Based Wave Grease:

These pomades are considered to be the modern version of oil-based hairstyle waxes. The other name for water-based pomades is water-soluble pomade. There are two types of water-based wave grease:

  1. Orthodox wave grease
  2. Un-orthodox wave grease

Properties of Orthodox Water-based Pomades:

  • It has a gel-like texture.
  • It provides your hair flexibility.
  • It gives a high shine to your hair.
  • It is efficient under the sun.
  • It works well in a warm environment.

Drawbacks for unorthodox Water-based Pomade:

  • You always need a comb to reset your hairs.
  • It is not easy to remove from your hair.
  • When hair gets dry, it becomes challenging to restyle them.

Un Orthodox water-based pomade:

Following are the properties of unorthodox water-soluble pomade

  • It does not harden your hair.
  • You can restyle your hair quickly.
  • Rinse off easily.
  • It is pretty similar to the oil-based pomade.

What are the other types of pomade?

The followings are some other kinds of pomade and have their features:

Gel Pomade:

It looks like gel, but the point to be noted is that it does not contain Alcohol. It provides a flake-free texture to your hair.

  • It provides a higher shine.
  • It gives the best hold to hairs.
  • It is Alcohol-free.
  • It is like hair gel but better in performance than that.

Matte Pomade:

The matte pomade is best for a casual look and provides medium hold.

  • It has not a shiny texture.
  • It provides your hairs with a natural look.
  • It does not stick on your strands.

Clay Pomade:

The primary quality ingredients in it are natural clay and beeswax. Clay pomade gives your hair a pliable hold.

  • It is usually dry.
  • It is easy to apply.
  • It does not get stuck on your hairs.
  • It is effortless to remove.
  • It works for various types of inches.

Fire pomade:

It is famous for its scent of burning fire. Men usually use it.

  • It is handy for thin hairs.
  • It sets hair well with its pleasing texture.
  • It provides the maximum hold.

Buying Guide for pomade:

In this contemporary era of marketing, all the products seem to be pretty identical. Most of the time, you are confused about what would be best for you? Companies make high-quality products to win their customers. But variety is not a promise for best quality. Let’s have a look at the buying guide. 

You can use this buying guide to find the best wave grease for your hair. Following are the points you must consider before buying pomade:

Type of your hair:

It is crucial to know what type of your hair is. However, some products are suitable for all hair types. However, learning about your hair is the first step to buy the best wave grease. All Pomades for waves are different from each other. Why is it so? All people on earth do not have the same hair type, length, and especially volume.

Therefore, you must understand what your hair type is? What is the length of your hair, and what is its volume? If your hair has split ends or if your hair is dull? See if you have dandruff or not. After gathering this information, it will help you to select the right product.

Feature of the Pomade:

As we have discussed, pomades are of two types, water-soluble pomade and oil-based pomade. Both of the classes have their properties and drawbacks, which will help you make the best decision.

The water-based pomades have the advantage that the grease is easily removable. You do not need to shampoo twice to get rid of it. At the same time, the oil-based wave creams demand two or three shampoo washes.

The other features to note are checking if the hair grease you want to buy will make your hair shine. For example, some water-based hairstyle waxes are available in matte, giving a natural look to your hairstyle and provides hydration to scalps. Pick the one that has hydration features too. The oil-based pomades are glossier than water-based. But the shine in it shows how silky and shiny your hair is.

Similarly, the fragrance of pomades and the rule to apply it also matters. In the market, there are those greases that are suitable for all hair types.

Ingredients of Pomade:

No one wants to get their hair ruined after using pomade made of harmful materials. Though chemicals are used, it does not mean that you should avoid hair styling. Some materials are friendly to your scalp as well as hair.

First of all, check if there are natural ingredients in the pomade to get the waves you want. Natural ingredients are necessary to keep your hair healthy and fresh to get perfect waves. These ingredients avoid damaging your hair. Natural components keep your scalp fresh. Look for a product that contains proteins, beeswax, castor oil, etc.

The product price and your budget:

The common mistake people make is that they always pick high-end products. High-end products are not always worth buying as these products make your hair dull. 

Your budget plays an essential role when you go out shopping. It decides what product you allow yourself to buy. Some companies and brands provide high-quality products at affordable prices. However, people tend to save money and buy cheap and worst quality products. You do not need to rush to save money. Money is not as important as your hair health.

Guide to Apply Wave Greases:

Wave grease helps your hair to maintain the style you want. Whether these are 360 waves or curls, you love. Wave grease holds your hair all day long in the same position. Moreover, you can change the locks anytime you like. The applying method for waves is not the same as that of gel.

If you are one of those beginners who are using it for the first time, then follow these steps:

  1. First of all, comb your hair and free it from tangles.
  2. Thoroughly read the instructions on the box of wave grease. Some pomade has special instructions that may include preheating the hair wax. 
  3. Follow the instructions to see how much heat is required to make the grease soft.
  4. If there are no such instructions, take out the grease in your palm through your fingers.
  5. Rub it between your palms to convert it into a smooth mixture such that there are no lumps in it.
  6. Keep the style in your mind and gradually apply the grease on your head and scalp. Make sure that all hair strands evenly get it.
  7. You can use a comb to set different patterns.
  8. When you have set your hair, cover your head with a shower cap for 30 to 40 Minutes.

These steps are for dry hair, and the exact steps apply to wet hair.

It is better to use wave grease on wet hair. It is using the pomade right after the shower gives a shiny and smooth finish. It does not have a firm grip on wet hairs. But it is suitable for short hair.

But if you are using the creamy wave grease on wet hair, it will give a matte look. Your hairstyling looks natural with matte. The cream wave grease on wet coats provides a good hold to your hair. Furthermore, it is better for straight and wavy hair. 

Frequently Asked Question:

Can I use Wave Grease Products Daily?

You can use hair styling products daily but in a small amount. There are chances of getting acne on your head if you use a hair styling product daily with a large amount. The hair styling product can block your hair pores on the scalp. It may result in acne. It also depends on the side effects of the product. It is always better to use pomades that have natural products in them. Avoid using pomades twice a day because you can restyle your hair throughout the day after applying it once.

Are Pomades Harmful to Hair Growth?

People face issues regarding these products. Do they often think which brand in the market will be best for them? There are different types of styling pomades people use for good looks and effective reputation. I will recommend you to use water-soluble pomades for hair safety. Because these pomades mostly contain a natural product that prevents hair loss and acts as a moisturizer. These greases keep your hair as well as scalp healthy. Oils that have only chemical products are harmful.

Moreover, it also depends on the brands. The quality of products also matters. If you want protection against split ends, you should always pick a water-soluble hair product. Petroleum greases are harmful as they contain chemicals only.

Is it Harmful to Use Pomades on Wet Hair?

Pomades can be used on wet hair. Using pomades on damp hair is not harmful. Sometimes it is easy to style damp hair as compared to dry hair. If you are using cream pomade on wet hair, you will get better results. Using it on wet hair gives a perfect matte look. Your hair seems to have natural waves. If you have short coats, use cream pomades. The cream pomade sets well and gives your hair the best waves. 

What is the Best Thing a Hair Styling Grease Can Give?

There are various things that the best wave grease can provide you. Pomades give you the advantage to restyle your hair any time of the day. You cannot assume the same hairdo the entire day that you used while going for a job. You can change your appearance without using the product again. Pomades, keep your hair in place. They give a stronghold as compared to gel. You can give your hair curly waves or keep them straight. The natural appearance of your shiny curls seems attractive and makes you feel confident. Your curly hair looks smooth and shiny. By using a small portion of grease, you can give your hair any dream style you love.

What are the benefits of the best wave grease/Pomades for hairstyling?

You might have used different products to give your hair the style you love. But Pomades can be the best choice. Why? Let’s see what benefits you can get:

  • Pomade provides a firm hold to your hair. No matter if you have light hair, the pomade will set it well.
  • It gives you a better shine.
  • It is made up of natural products. It includes natural oils, e.g. castor oil, mineral oil and hemp seed oil, to provide sleekness. Some contain pro-vitamin b5 and amino acids, etc. Therefore, it protects your hair against hair damage.
  • If you are using cream wave grease, it will be easy to wash.
  • It locks in moisture.
  • You can restyle your hair whenever you want without using it twice.

What can be the side effects of best wave grease?

Pomades are quality hair styling products. If you use pomades according to the instruction given in the box, you will find no harm to your hair. One of the big mistake people make is that they do not bother to consider the instructions. You can make different styles look great, or you can damage them if you use pomades carelessly. You should always be conscious of your hair’s health, just like you are concerned about your hairstyles.

The best way to prevent side effects is to use the pomade that contains conditioning effects and natural products. The best pomades in the world mentioned in this article have protein and vitamin-enriched formula such as Pro-Vitamin b5. 

If you are using a pomade that contains petroleum, make sure you remove it properly while getting a shower. Otherwise, it will cause itching that will lead you to acne.

Moreover, I will recommend you try using pomades after one daybreak. Why? It is because experts recommend not to do shampoo daily. For some pomades, you need a conditioner as well. So, it is way better to avoid the daily usage of pomades.

How to remove the best wave pomades?

The generic term grease expresses that it would be tough to remove it once you have applied it. Therefore, people avoid buying these pomades. It is not the grease that is used in machines. So, it is not a gigantic task to remove it. Although you may be afraid of what if it gets stuck in your head? But you want to look good and have perfect waves. 

The water-soluble pomades are easily removable. You just need to wash your hair with water.

However, if you are using oil pomade for waves, you need a little effort. For better cleaning and rinsing it off, you need to shampoo thoroughly. It is recommended to use liquid dish soap too. The liquid dish soap breaks the pomade and makes it easy to remove. However, do not use a large amount of it. Before going to take a shower, you should use olive oil. It will prevent your hair from losing nourishment of your hair caused by liquid dish soap. 


For a good reputation, your appearance is also essential. Your hair without wave grease does not set well. It makes you feel uncomfortable. You can get various kinds of hairstyles with styling pomade. Whether you want shiny curls or 360 waves, pomades will make it easy for you. You can also change the wave pattern several times while using styling pomade just once. And these creams keep the hairstyle for a long time. As compared to gel, hair greases provide a firm grip.

Some grease has a unisex smell that both men and women can use.

There are various varieties of these items, and each item is different from the other. Best wave greases provide moisture that your hair needs. Hair also needs multiple natural products to grow. Mainly, hair grease contains natural cocoa, honey, fruit extract, tonka beans and some natural oils. The components of pomades such as tonka beans and natural oils lock in moisture for a long time. 

Each product comes with its properties. It is essential to go through the product review before deciding what product to pick. Make sure that you buy the hairstyling item according to your needs. See More About Men Emporium

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