Braun Series 3 vs 5

Braun Series 3 vs 5: Which to Buy?

If you are looking for a Braun shaver, but aren’t sure which one to buy, this post is the perfect place to start. Braun Series 3 vs 5: Which to Buy?

We break down all of the differences between these two models and tell you which one we think is best! Meanwhile, in electric razors, Braun has been a famous brand for ages. Moreover, with time their electric shavers have improved over time.

Also, you can feel a lot of difference when you compare their features and more details. In addition, people have different preferences according to their choice and needs.

One thing that with improvement in shavers, many extra features are added in new 5 series. However, this only makes the electric shaver expensive.

So, instead of looking for an updated design like series 9, you can also opt for older series with the desired characteristics.

This costs less than you expect. Meanwhile, purchasing the right product according to your budget and requirements is one of the most hectic cases.

Because, on the other hand, the market today offers at the same time offers various models.

Decent Shave

Decent Shave

In addition, all the models of the electric razor provide a decent shave and maximum shaving performance, and more shaving time.

But every individual has different priorities while selecting electric shavers like some have sensitive skin. So, they want an electric shaver that will take care of their skin and won’t lead to any skin irritation.

On contrary, some want a closer shave with the shaving head in order to capture flat-lying hairs. Don’t worry, as we will assist you with how to have a close and comfortable shave in your budget.

Right! you heard it right. Here we are gonna talk about both the series of foil shavers from Braun. Moreover, they are in the market and have won the hearts of many people with their maximum performance.

Here we are talking about series 3 vs 5 two models trimmer. Although Braun released various Braun models in both the series. But we will mention only selected trimmer products as well as talk about the trimmer series as a whole.

Traditional Shaving

Meanwhile, traditional shaving was a popular method for grooming in the past. But nowadays the use of an electric razer has brought ease to everyone’s life. As shaving with a razer is fast as well as accurate with little effort.

So, an electric shaver gives a clean shave at a glance and gives a neat clean appearance to our unruly hairs. Thus, shaving with a razer is fast according to research as well. Also, it’s capable to deliver a shave without nicks and cuts.

Meanwhile, most people prefer fast shaving and tend to look for ways to increase the speed of the process but also be able to protect their skin. Also, they look for durable product deals to gain maximum advantage.

In addition, for the most part, you can never go wrong with these shaver products. As with time, the efficiency of their strokes is increasing. Unlike traditional razers, these electric shavers are easy to clean as well.

How to Clean A Shaver Head Of A Model

How to Clean A Shaver Head Of A Model

Meanwhile, you can simply clean it and rinse it underwater, and thoroughly clean your machine. Also, some shavers have their cleaning station which you simply have to plug in the station and use to clean. But in the case of a manual razor, things are hectic to clean without a cleaning station.

Sadly, you cannot use such cheap shavers for closeness in long term. Being said that, high-end brands manufactured by shavers are reliable like Braun due to their cutting elements.

As they can give you closeness and optimal results without nicks and cuts. But they require maintenance to clean. According to our experience, the shavers or razors provide increased comfort and efficient shaving performance from the previous series.

Moreover, they also speed up the cutting process with its cutting elements thus saving our precious time with the same price point difference. In addition, they are a long-term investment for yourself.

Our Opinion

Therefore, I consider electric razers as an investment. As they need blade changes once a year and cleaning solution replacements are required which come with cleaning stations. They save you so much time, and many offer various features.

The various model number and their alternatives available, enable you to select something that works simply for you in the best possible way. In addition, shavers offer you the minimum time to shave. Manual razors are time-consuming and not easy to use.

They also want different creams and lotions to ensure that close shaves. Also, without any razor burn in order to provide smooth skin, but your skill takes a long time to perfect.

The choice of an electric shave with a shaver or a manual razor is just like a digital clock or a classic clock. Both get the job done, but in this day and age, we all know the one we would prefer.

Braun Shavers

Braun Shavers


Meanwhile, talking about series 3 vs 5. Both the shavers include various models and with most of them, you cannot go wrong with them. So from series 3, we have the following famous models.

  • Meanwhile, we have Series 3 3090cc
  • Further, it is Series 3 Proskin 3080s
  • Then, Series 3 Proskin 3070cc
  • Last,Series 3 Proskin 3040s

On the contrary, the models from the Braun series 5 are as follows.

  • MeanwhileBraun Series 5 5050cs
  • Further, Series 5 5049cs
  • Then, Series 5 5035s
  • Further, Series 5 5018s
  • Series 5 5020s

Now if you are a beginner in choosing a shaver, then you won’t have a slight idea of any of the above products.

But if you have used them, you might slightly or completely agree or disagree with our perspective. Meanwhile, for some men, some manufactured products work differently than others.

However, whatever your opinions make sure to share with our users. So they can learn more in this regard. So, as we mentioned above that we will discuss each 5 and series 3 as a whole. Let’s begin with series 3 from Braun. First of all, we will highlight the salient features of this series. check


Salient features Of Braun Series 3


In series 3 vs 5, let’s first have a look at the features. So that our reader can have an idea of what the Braun shavers in both 5 and series 3 offer. Meanwhile, its shaving performance is supported with the help of micro comb technology.

Further, this guides shaving elements tell where to cut the hair by guiding in the cutting areas, which is an important feature of these newer models of the shaver. Also, this results in significant improvements in dry shaving results and saves shaving time.

Further, differences apart, it contains three shaving elements along with a shaving head and a precision trimmer is in the included accessories. Meanwhile, Braun series 3 shavers provide better shave either dry shave or wet shave.

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Dry And Wet Shaving

Dry And Wet Shaving

Since they are waterproof thus they can ensure dry as well as wet shaving with the shaver. Being 100 waterproof, also means you can clean and rinse these newer models’ flex heads under running water as they have no issue with being wet with water because they are waterproof.

Meanwhile, its build quality is strong just like more expensive models which are waterproof. Also, it has a powerful motor and a larger motor for longer hairs to provide a better shaving experience for facial hair to its users.

In addition, this motor was not available in an older model of the waterproof trimmer series. Further, these waterproof shavers support 45 minutes of cordless use with 60 minutes of charging time.

Further, it also provides good charging time even with 5 minutes of charging when you are in hurry.

Travel Lock And Travel Case

Also, they have an led display as an indicator to show its basic figures. It also shows when to replace the shaver head, so that you have an idea before time.

Meanwhile, Braun series 3 accessories include a clean and charge station, a protective cap, travel lock, and a travel case to protect your shaver from dirt and dust.

Further, one of the most noticeable aspects is that all the different models are affordable and are almost of the same amount as well. Above all, these 3 cutting elements or shaving elements shaver also comes with a travel lock.

Thus you can easily travel with these models as it won’t switch on own its after some accidental press with the help of travel lock.

Introduction of Braun Series 3


Firstly, talking about the fastest and the most comfortable Braun shaver along with good battery life ability for facial hair. Here we are talking about Braun 3 Pro skin which has fixed flex heads of unique design at a cheaper price.

Further, it is also famous among Braun models globally just like Panasonic. Meanwhile, its performance includes straight strokes as a matter of fact which properly utilized its blades according to the density of hair.

Also, you don’t have to shave a particular covered area more than one. Shaving the same area has a bunch of side effects in which the most prominent is skin irritation.

Even if you don’t have sensitive skin then repetitive shaving or multiple passes may cause irritation and won’t be handy. So, to avoid irritation issues,

its enhanced blades or cutting elements are capable of quick shave on one go only which is obviously phenomenal. Also, it has a precision trimmer system for sideburns and mustache.

Meanwhile, it works well for shaping sideburns and is also helpful for shaping a beard for a better shave.

Dry Or Wet shave

These shavers shave closer allow both to shave wet with shaving cream as well as dry applications anytime. Meanwhile, it has a smaller motor like the older generation.

Further, this smaller motor of the trimmer is present in most older models from an older generation which model you don’t want to purchase these days even at low prices. Also, it has a handy feature of a middle trimmer that is powered by foils unlike features of other shavers or other models.

Thus, you can use gel, foam to lubricate for your convenience with these models for facial hair. Also, no discomfort and irritation-free shave in fewer prices with the middle trimmer feature of the model in wet use with the use of shaving cream. Meanwhile, you can also use these refined shavers in the shower.


Indeed, it is easy to shave the difficult parts of the body such as the neck with a narrow, precise shaving head. The shaver supports the waterproofing for cleaning after wet or dry usage.

Waterproof trimmers are not meant to wet completely instead they have a limit. Also, the trimmer doesn’t make difference after being wet.

Meanwhile, there is no doubt that three specialized shaving elements or cutting elements with their SensoFoil technology provide for a gentle and close shave.

Also, the design shields and protects the skin against the sharp blades or cutting elements of the razor. In a single straight stroke, MicroComb technology also collects more hair. In fact, since the shaver blades are pressure-sensitive, the blades or cutting elements automatically retract for a gentle shave.

LED Display

Also, it protects your skin and makes you feel smooth. Thus, for lasting performance, the battery-powered shaver comes with a NiMH battery. A 1-hour and a 5-minute charge are mostly required for this battery.

The required information about the charging situation of the product is provided via an LED display. One thing that you can expect to be true is it’s that the whole Braun’s range has an impressive and functional edge, apart from more expensive models.

The design, automatic and synchronic, as well as Micro comb technology, proves that this is not only an entry-level series.

Micro Technology

Micro Technology


Meanwhile, with the micro comb technology power, the Braun series 3 deliver a comb-like features guide to cut more hair in particular areas.

In addition, it has auto-sense technology that will adjust the powerful motor of the shaver. This bit adjustment of the motor is done to match the density or thickness of your beard.

Meanwhile, this also makes adjustments in the pressure for the hair at the same price range.

Also, this improvement is useful if you are concerned about your skin a lot regarding trimmers. Now we have mentioned a lot of data in the favor of Braun Series 3. So, you can decide now whether to invest your money in this series or not.

Now, it’s time to jump towards the cons. So, you can better decide what to do according to the lights of facts.

  • One of its major cons is that the charging cord it has is curly. So, this gets stuck in between while you store and you have to untangle it before every use.
  • So, for some reason, these shavers are difficult to clean for many users. Meanwhile, this maintenance cleaning might be irritating to some.

The 5 series has a few complex older models which are merely because of the previous technology. So, it’s time to have a look at the features of series 5.

Obviously, this extra feature will cost more and sink more money. But I don’t think so that anyone would mind spending for some extra line of advantages.

Salient Features Of Braun Series 5


Meanwhile, talking about the Braun series 5 provides a comfortable shave due to its slightly flexible blades which adapt to the natural shape and contour of the face. Also, series 5 offers a cleaning station in which you don’t have to disassemble your shaver or its shaving head.

Further, this shaver from series 5 has three flexible blades that are required for shaving. Also, series 5 offers dry and wet usage similar to series 3.

In addition, the cleaning station offers easy cleaning. Moreover, series 5 has an led display that shows how much hygienic your shaver is. Also, you can have an idea whether you need to clean with a cleaning station or not.

In addition, the battery level and indicator whether the series 5 shaver has travel lock enable or not. Meanwhile, series 5 offers 60 minutes of shaving with only fifty minutes of charging.

Also, series 5 has a fast charge feature where only five minutes of charging is sufficient to provide one shave. Further, talking about the accessories series 5 includes, it has the following.

  • A smart plug for charging.
  • Stand to use while the shaver is on charge.
  • Precision trimmer for the beard.

Also, series 5 has a pleasing and ergonomic design this new series along with a cleaning station. In addition, an easy-to-clean system as well as five beard attachments along with a precision trimmer. Battery indicator which proves to be slightly life-saving for many.

Meanwhile, the skin-sensitive technology provides skin comfort as well as the maximum performance with series 5.

This incorporates a clever automotive sensing engine, which is able to accommodate beard densities. This new shaver from Braun series 5 adjusts its power to the volume or density of the beard by taking a measurement.

Multiple Direction

The blades of series 5 also have sufficient skin-friendly flexibility to move in 8 directions. As a consequence, you have additional coverage due to these blades of 8 directions.

There are also two SensoFoil Blades in this new series. Meanwhile, people prefer series 5 because of its closeness and smoothness which is long-lasting in every direction. Also, series 5 shaves as close as 0.058mm and provides the ultimate smoothness in every direction.

Meanwhile, another reason for this smoothness is the activist trimmer which is helpful to lift and capture the flat-lying hairs. Since many people have hair that is grown in various directions.

In addition, these shavers of series 5 are also 100 waterproofs. Thus you can wash them under running water or wash them with foam or gel for your convenience.

Dry Shaving

Also, this means you can shave with gel, foam or on the other hand, you can shave dry if you like. Meanwhile, it has a lithium-ion battery along with a battery indicator to show battery status. Also, the series 5 display shows the battery level so you may know when to charge.

Braun’s Series 5 is a mid-range razor line that bridges the space between the Series 3 entry-level and the best-sold 7 shaver series. However, if the performance and general capabilities of Series 5 are taken into account, they are far closer to Series 7 than Braun Series 3.

This is because Series 5 costs less than 7 and is actually better in many areas. Also, a highly impressive product is available at such a range of prices.

Cleaning Station And Charge Station

Meanwhile, the product that is named CC stands for charging and cleaning station. Thus, it has an automatic cleaning station in them.

On the other hand, the ones that have s on their description lack a cleaning station. So, you have to go for manual cleaning in these products instead of cleaning station facility. Manually clean means you have to wash the trimmer with water after your shave The S (Solo) versions, do not feature an automatic cleaning station with the product.

Thus, the solo models do not have a chip for communicating with the cleaning station. Above all, The Braun Serie 5 provides a comfortable, closest shave-like seamless shaver just like the most expensive and renowned brands like Panasonic.

While Series 5 is not equipped with the capability for micropulsation and customization available which is available in the next Series 7. Though series 5 make a lot of difference from the previous generation of series 3.

  • Meanwhile, the manuals it came with are quite confusing. Thus, there is no advantage of such Complicated manuals.
  • Also, its power button is delicate. So, there are chances that this Delicate power button may get broken soon.

As we have got an overview of both the series. Now it’s time to make a comparison in detail so that we can discuss certain areas of the electric shaver. In addition, our users will get to know which user is the best choice for them from every point of view.


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Comparison Of Braun Series 3 vs 5

Comparison Of Series 3 vs 5

Meanwhile, the old series does have some shortcomings which are updated in the next versions. All the series start from entry-level series.

With that, the updated models are expensive in the price range. Yet, this leads to a decrease in the price of the previous products from the old series model. Meanwhile, this proves to be a plus point for people who are looking for a budget option.

Now, let’s start the closer inspection of the shaving experience with Braun shaver. There is no doubt that Braun has been famous and ruled the shaver industry because of its quality products.

But with time as advancements differences in technology and advanced features, the old versions are removed from the industry. But this does not mean that the old models are not useful anymore. In the past, they have provided exceptional performance without any differences.

Similarly, no doubt they also offer those features nowadays without differences. Meanwhile, in the comparison and differences of series 3 vs 5, it’s not necessary that all the features are better in series 5.

Maybe series 3 shaver provides a better shaving performance than the new shaver of Braun series 5 at such price. So, to clarify such aspects to our readers. We would like to discuss such performance qualities one by one in detail apart from price. Let’s dive.

Shaving Heads Difference

Meanwhile, the Braun Series 3 comes with the most basic option of 3 blade shaving system. In which, two hair-cutting foils plus a central hair-captured trimmer shaving elements, which shaves more flat-lying hair.

Also, taking the sensor foil technology into notice is what Braun offers to its users. AS this technology with the same shaving head grabs hairs with a comb-like hole for capturing longer hairs while dry shaving.

Unlike Series 5, the shaving head of the Series 3 is stationary. However, the different models cutting parts may move separately, hence working with the Triple Action FreeFloat System. Like Series 3, there is a middle trimmer along with that two foils are present surrounding a middle trimmer.

The Series 5 has additional accessories while both designs look like at first glance.

Flat Hair Grabbing

Flat Hair Grabbing

Further, the SensoFoil technology is currently replaced with Braun’s ActiveLift trimmer, which works best in grabbing flat hair in dry shaving or wet shaving from various directions. Dry shaving can be a little harsh for sensitive skin so that’s it causes dry skin after shaving.

So, to prevent such dry skin you can simply add foam or gel-like the one in advertising. However, some people prefer shaving dry that is completely someone’s personal choice and price of the model.

These three shaving elements pivot independently to maximize blade contact with the skin. In addition, the entire shaving head of the Series 5 is swiveling back and forth to improve skin-blade contact with the skin and results in decreased shaving time.

Lock-In Place

Meanwhile, the shaving head of the Braun shaver is lock in place. Thus, there are no chances of popping out while shaving. In addition, having a secure feel while you are on the go in both the series 3 vs 5.

By placing the shaving head into a different position you can lock the entire head assembly in place at five distinct places. So, there are no chances that the shaving head will pop out and increase the shaving time.

The design is robust enough that the internal locking mechanism is not damaged. Another good feature is how the foil pulls back when you lock the shaving head at both extremes.

This can aid to shaving disturbances such as the chin or mustache area considerably. With the locking device feature in Series 5, the Braun series performed an outstanding job. Unlike, Braun 3 vs 5 both the series have robust and do not break.

Closeness While Shaving Performance

Further, talking about the closeness and having a look at the Braun electric shavers, the Braun series 3 and Braun Series 5 razors have comparable or similar heads. But there are differences in the shaving heads of the two products after extra care and full inspection.

Meanwhile, both electric razors use the same twin foil, the Series 5 middle shaver makes it more convenient to cut longer hairs or strands.

When you’re using Braun shavers from Series 3, you’ll realize that it’s a great job to trim them into short hair. It gives you a relatively smooth result, but with long hair strands.

The Series 5 has no problem as the powerful motor and more developed cutting parts are used for shaving. The Series 5 razors are an obvious choice if you have sensitive skin.


The 3 3040s series model includes:

  • The head has a travel lock.
  • A charging curly cord.

A Little Brush with MicroComb is also included with the Braun electric razors. Braun razor models with an “s” at the end usually do not have a cleaning and charging station. It is also good to know. If you have to go and don’t want your razor to turn on accidentally, the travel lock head is helpful.

The charging station is not desirable to everybody. It’s awfully short and out-of-date, but you will definitely get the bang for your dollars. Now another story is the MicroComb brush.

It has a few bristles and plastic which appears not to be very efficient while cleaning your razor so that the packaging can also be just as an after-thought. A travel case is not present in this model.

But a travel case is necessary as travel case protects the shaver model for long term. The 5 5020s series model includes:

  • A charging station
  • A MicroComb brush is a small cleaning brush with 6 different beard trimmer attachments of various sizes.

Improved Qualities

Improved Qualities

This Series 5 Model has certain improved qualities which enable the packing to be packaged in so many attachments.

One direction of these improvements is the charging cord with more money. They have opted for a longer, more smooth design and left the charging cord design in the past.

The version of the MicroComb is almost the same and still looks like previous Braun models from the older Braun series.

Although it’s barely used with the EasyClean System anyhow. There is a great deal for the beard of Braun users and to choose from the diversity of the options for men at such a price.

There is nothing more exciting than choices from a table of options! It is obvious, of course, that you get what you pay for in this regard.

The Series 3 is suitable for you if features and attachments are not your preference and you want it to remain simple.

Now, if you appreciate the alternatives and don’t mind spending or paying something more on quality at a decent price, Series 5 is the place from where your shopping should be.

Shaving Performance

To purchase the right shaver for yourself, shaving performance is the first thing you need to consider before purchasing.

Thus, by shaving performance, we mean the close shave with speed. Meanwhile, there are many razors in the market which provide an efficient shave but they are available at high prices. Also, their maintenance also requires high prices to be invested.

The best electric razor for you provides extra features. The pricey razor features are efficient yet these razors are not affordable for many people.

On the other hand, these Braun razors share many things in common, due to differences in their respective shaver heads their shaving experience reflects that change.

On closer study, we found that the center shape is much more efficient in cutting longer hair of Series 5.

The Braun Series 3 and 5 share identical twin foil and a trimmer mechanism. For individuals with longer, unruly hair, the Series 3 may not be the choice.

The redesigned and better-built trimmer in Series 5 can cut even flat hairs. Also, give people with persistent stubble hair extra care and a far more comfortable shave.

The only flaw of Series 3 lies in this respect of lack of close shaving for long hair. Of course, but it is understandable in view of the economic price.

Another key issue in shaving is how to configure your razor when you purchase it first. Sadly, they have a bad reputation for their manuals.

When it comes to its products, Braun’s business may be trustworthy. But expect that the manuals will be a little complicated and ambiguous which makes a lot of difference.

Constructions And Design

When it comes to the product life and general quality of shaving head etc. The attributes of a razor construction are vital.

Here are the changes in Braun Series 3 and 5. The Series 3 models have been produced in China. But on contrary, the Series 5 has been made in Germany, commencing with all upgraded variants.

The Braun 3 Series is a more bulky shape yet has a firm rubber grip on its sides of Braun shavers. It is also quite lightweight despite its size. Series 3 ensures that when you do wet shaves, it does not easily slip from your wet fingers.

If it slips, the hefty exterior of the electric shaver appears to be promising to simply restore it, but we urge that this is an assumption not yet tested.

Both the Braun shavers pass the test of ergonomics and have aesthetically pleasing looks and designs, depending on your preference.

This electric shaver was certainly built to last but has also been constructed in keeping with modern technology.

I’m saying that the design of Series 5 has been so well appreciated that with its new, later shave line for the face. Thus, Braun applied the thinner design for the face in this Braun series.

Glossy Finish

Now, Series 3 vs Series 5 has a bright glossy finish with a blend of silver, which may require additional attention and care.

This is because products with shiny silver externals tend to scratch very easily. Also, a little more care can go a long way if you want to maintain your razor new.

We would opt for Braun Series 5 because of its sophisticated ergonomic design if we were to choose an electric razor based on this category. It depends, of course, on what you want, but only a brand like the Braun series can improve quality.

Meanwhile, durable and long-lasting products are always a priority for many people. Also, the improved design should last longer than its predecessors. If you think you have a budget that doesn’t have the resources to spend a bit more on inconsequential things like designs, Braun Series 3 will definitely get you there.

Meanwhile, so you can stick to it, as it has everything that you require for a close and comfortable shave.

Battery Life


Both the Series 3 vs 5 come with a charging cable and a charging dock. A clean and charge station may be included in some of the models which are available at an expensive cost.

Although at a much more expensive price. Further, It’s better to use a Li-ion battery, and both of these razors contain that battery quality, but for bit different amounts of shaving time.

Also, the lithium-ion battery provides a longer battery life. Of course, the company can only do so much because of its updates on older items to increase the shaving time. Also, the 3 level display battery indicator on the interface of the razor is also available in cheaper products which is a plus point.

Twenty minutes of use of charge station provides a 60-minute shaving time in addition, to the indicator of battery life and gauge of hygiene use time of 50 minutes with a charge station use of 60 minutes.


As you can see, the battery life and the display interface of Series 5 at a somewhat more expensive price overpower Series 3.

Meanwhile, though series 3 takes the same time for a fully charged electric shaver, the shaving time is still considerably less. Further, Series 5 can also allow you to charge with a charge station and shave the razor simultaneously.

Series 5 has a 5-minute quick charging and shaving feature, which can save your life during those hairy moments.

Then the dry battery life shouldn’t be important for individuals who desire inexpensive, fast, and uncomplicated shaves, but we believe it does.

We’re going to have to go again with Series 5 in terms of battery life. The improved functionality and battery life in our books are worth the increased price. Also, we can guarantee that the quality is solid. Rest the choice is all yours.



Meanwhile, as a matter of fact, in the comparison, the brand which offers an easy cleaning process is a choice of most people.

Thus, no doubt it is a better option than Panasonic and other famous brands. Also, the Braun series comes with a cleaning and charging station. But obviously at the cost of some extra charges.

The simpler and easy a brand cleaning process is, the better option it is. They normally provide Braun with their razors for cleaning and charging stations, which come at a surcharge, of course. Moreover, their cleaning and charge stations are widely respected and can be worth the money for some. But cleaning stations will not play a role for the models we are examining here.

Braun Series 3 and Braun series 5 offer various cleaning alternatives and these should be discussed. The hygienic aspect of rubber is quite important for maintenance, and Braun has a number of fascinating styles.

Charge Station


Your Braun Series 3 provides you with a removable razor head to run under your tap. With most inexpensive razers, this is quite common. Although the razers are 100% waterproof, yet with Braun Series 3, you should be careful to use them in the shower.

The razers are not meant to be totally submerged. The Easy Clean System is a particular feature of the series 5 updated model. The razor creates on the sides with fingertips so that they won’t slip.  

The razor head is not detachable according to a review, as the Easy Clean system allows water to enter the opening and flush your thick hair out of the razor head. It is a simple device that can be run under the water as well which is proved in testing also. 5090cc model number is the only one on the Braun sites advertising with a complete base of hygiene analyses.

Also, it has three different types of cleaning modes included in it which are short, normal, the high intensity at such a price.

Only one standard cleaning program is available for other models cc. As for the negatives, the alcohol-based solution tends to evaporate quickly.

So that if you’re not using a long time, you’ll want to put the plastic cap back on the cartridge. Also, these refills are not expensive. So, you can easily purchase these refills from Braun to clean after shaving.


To Dry An Electric Shaver

Meanwhile, there are no active drying systems in the stations that come with the Series 5 such as induction heating or fan.

Thus a review reveals that it takes several hours for the shaving head to dry once the cleaning cycle is complete. Also, it provides excellent cleaning and a robust razor head.

Electric razor heads may be deal breakers for people who do not wish to worry about the fineness and complexity of getting it back on.

Naturally, you may get the cleaning stations that have the shavers. But the Series 5 offers the greatest cleaning option if your goal is to reduce expenditures.

The simple design goes a long way, and after every shave, you may clean your razor, there is no doubt that Series 5 is the winner from the Braun series.

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Meanwhile, to get the closest shave both the two shavers or two models offer optimal performance even with flat-lying hair which is thick.

Like series 3 and 5 other Braun shavers are also available with newer models by upgrading older models for a wet or dry shave. However, people looking out for budget options tend to look for older models for a shave.

In order to achieve a good shave with skin, comfort is important. Hence, both Braun series 3 trimmers and Braun Series 5 trimer will provide shaving comfort as well as they shave faster to capture more hair in less time.

Other shavers are in the market along with newer models in the market today. But they are expensive models than the older model and their replacement heads features are available at an extra cost than Braun series 5. Also, they are at a higher price and still do not contain enough features.

On a serious note, to get a budget shaver, new series are not in recommendations instead people focus on slightly old generation models.

Moreover, the products that we review are not for advertising instead the products on our sites are genuinely in recommendations

Note: people prefer an old ergonomics model at a bit cheaper cost helps in this cosmetic appearance while purchasing.  

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