Braun Series 5 vs 7

Braun Series 5 vs 7 – Is Newer Always Better?

Although a Braun Series 5 vs 7 comparisons can be complicated, there are just a few factors that should be taken into account when deciding between the two.

There are different models of Braun series shavers. It is well-known for producing high-quality shaving products with flexible heads, such as the 5 Vs 7 series and others for a better shave.

Yes, each one has its own set of specifications and features, such as speed, durability, cutting elements, cleaning mode, shaving head, battery, washability, travel lock, and a slew of others, all of which we are confident will assist you in making a better decision.

Without wasting any time, we’ll go through each of the two Braun electric shavers in detail.

The Braun shavers of Series 7 & 5 are the most popular shavers and a benchmark for performance and comfort.

Still, both series have some major differences that you should consider before making your purchase decision. If you want a Braun shaver for an affordable price, then Braun Series 5 might be the right choice for you.

But if you are looking for better shaving performance or features found in Braun’s top-of-the-line model, then Braun Series 7 would be a better option. 

Additionally, read the complete article to find out more about Braun Series 5 vs 7 – we’ll try to cover each point of the most popular electric shavers models on the market.

Electric Shavers Braun Series 5 vs 7: A Quick Review

Series 5

  • There are three cutting elements for shaving.
  • It takes 50 minutes to shave
  • There is no adequate skin protector in series five.
  • Series 5 has a quick charge feature.
  • It is available for both wet and dry.
  • There is a cleaning and charging station.

Series 7

  • It has four shaving elements for an efficient shave.
  • Series 7 gives a smooth shave in just 50 minutes.
  • There is a skin guard feature for a close and comfortable shave.
  • You can charge it quickly.
  • This Braun shaver has both wet and dry shaving modes.
  • There is a cleaning/charging base.

Both of these two popular Braun models are very similar but at the same time, they also have their differences. The main difference between them is the price since Braun Seven comes with more high-end features than Braun Five does.

For example, its cleaning station or digital display, which offers users much more control over various settings during shaving sessions.

However, if your budget doesn’t allow you to afford one of those pricier options then there isn’t any need for concern because both of these two Braun shavers are very capable of giving you a close shave.

Braun Five is also equipped with the same foil system found in Braun Seven but its performance isn’t as versatile.

Since it can only be used on dry skin whereas Braun Series seven has an adjustable shaving head that makes it possible to use this model for both wet and dry shaving sessions.

Moreover, both the models with the latest technology have an ergonomic design, and powerful motors so they should last many years if properly maintained.

Braun Series 5 – Highlights

Series Five is Braun’s latest addition to their popular shavers that were released not too long ago.

This model comes with the most advanced shaving technology available in Braun electric razors, but it does lack some of Braun Seven features like digital display or Clean and Charge station.

However, if you are looking for an affordable manual razor from Braun then this could be a great option since its price is significantly lower than Braun seven when compared at full retail price.

Check out some highlights of Braun Series 5 5090cc

– It is Priced at $149.97.

– This safety razor has a rating of 4.3 

New and better Where others have failed, the Braun Series 5 succeeds: maximum performance and skin comfort. FlexMotionTec with MicroMotion 

– 100 percent Waterproof

–  It lacks sonic technology.

– Best shaving experience with Multi-Head Lock.

– It has Great battery life.

Features of Braun Series 5

Cutting Element:

A 3-way blade system is employed in the Braun Series 5, which has two razor blades on the shaving head for stubble removal and one ACTi Lift precision Trimmer in the middle for flat-lying hairs that are omnidirectional. It gives a closer shave.

Nearly 900 honeycomb-shaped holes in the SensoFoil components help identify hair follicles. Further, when it comes to precise shaving, foil shavers are inferior.

Although Braun Series 5’s foil-blade shavers can go down to 0.5mm, which is comparable to its rotary-style competitor.

Design – Shaving Heads:

Braun Series 5 is equipped with Braun’s patented SyncroSonic technology which makes it possible for these electric shavers to capture more hair in just one stroke.

At the same time, its shaving elements are designed so they can cut through both long or short hairs without any problem

Braun series 5 has an ergonomic design that makes it very easy and comfortable when shaving flat lying hair around sensitive areas like the neckline or jawline.

It also comes with a great Build quality since all of its moving parts are made out of durable materials. And this is an edge of series five in the race of Braun Series 5 vs 7.

Cleaning Stations:

Braun Series Five is very easy to clean manually but if you want something even easier then look no further because Braun Seven offers an automatic cleaning system along with a station where users simply place their shavers after every use.

Braun Seven also has a digital display that shows the percentage of battery left and other shaving settings.

Pop-up Trimmer For SideBurns And Chin:

Braun Series 5 has a great precision trimmer that makes it very easy for users to maintain their mustache or sideburns.

This model also comes with Braun’s patented OptiFoil technology which is designed so you can get an extra close shave without causing any skin irritation.

AutoSense Technology:

Braun Series 5 has AutoSense technology that automatically adjusts its power output according to how dense your beard is.

This feature also provides additional speed and torque when shaving flat-lying hairs in more sensitive areas like the neckline or jawline, which makes it very easy for users to achieve a smooth and comfortable shave in the minimum time possible

Predictive Shaving:

Braun Series 5 is equipped with two special modes called “turbo” mode and “sensitive” mode. These settings can be activated by pressing Braun’s Turbo button on the electric shaver handle twice consecutively.

Braun Series 7 doesn’t have such features but instead offers three different types of intensity levels that you can choose from during each shaving session.


Braun Series 5 has a worth noting battery performance. Moreover, it is powered by a Lithium-ion battery that provides 50 minutes of run time when it’s fully charged.

But users can also use this electric shaver while charging in order to prolong its lifespan since Braun series Five has a quick charge system where one minute of charging gives you enough power for one shave.

Its LED indicator will display if it’s time for you to plug it back into a power source to prevent any possible damage from occurring due to overcharging or lack of charging at all.

Models of Series 5

Series 5 5190cc, 5030s, or 5040s are some of the famous models. Meanwhile, Braun Series 5 5190cc was among older model numbers and converted to a more refined shaver of 7 Series 790cc with personalization modes and charging station.

Further, improvement in Braun Series 5 5190 cc leads to the production of Series 7 790cc along with personalization modes and a charging station.

  • (dry shaving only/wet & dry, automated Clean and Charge Station) braun series 5 5190cc/5090cc/5195cc
  • 5070cc, 5050cc, 5070cc, 5070cc, 5070cc (dry only, basic automatic Clean & Charge Station)
  • 1950s (dry only, no cleaning station)
  • The 50s and 40s (wet or dry shaving, no cleaning station)

Braun Series Seven – Electric Shaver

The Braun series seven electric shaver is Braun’s most advanced model available on the market today. ‘

It was released a few years ago and it comes with all of Braun’s newest technologies that make this electric razor one of the best options on the market today.

Braun series seven shavers are equipped with Braun’s most advanced shaving technology and they also come with a Clean and Charge station where users simply place their electric razor after every use.

Check out some other specifics of Series 7:

– It has a starting price of $198.85.

– Each stroke captures more hair with a precision trimmer.

– It is undoubtedly the best electric shaver with a 4.4-star rating.

– Fully adjustable shaving system for best shave quality and skin guard.

– Sonic technology is available in this series.

– Advanced Cleaning Cycle.

– Personalized shaving modes allow you to customize your shave for facial hair.

Features of Braun Series Seven

Shaving Heads Cleaning System:

Braun Series Seven has a flexible shaving head and is very easy to clean manually but if you want something even easier then look no further because Braun Five offers an automatic cleaning system along with a station where users simply place their shavers after every use.

Braun Seven also has a digital display that shows the percentage of battery life left and other shaving settings like speed, intensity, etc.

Sonic Technology:

AutoSense and Sonic technology are present in the Braun Series 7. It detects the thickness of your whiskers and adjusts accordingly. 

The Series 7 shavers with sonic technology have higher motor speeds and can cut through thick beards with more force. It vibrates at a rate of 10,000 micro-vibrations per minute. 

Sonic technology is not available on Series 5. Although it features an AutoSensing motor, it does not offer the same level of intelligent shaving.

The mechanism for Head Locking:

The Series 5 shavers contain a head-locking feature that keeps your shaver at the same angle. When shaving the sensitive skin area like the jawline, you’ll want to make sure the shaver is in the correct position. 

When shaving behind the nose, locking the position is good. You’ll be able to maintain that ideal angle as you progress. There’s no need for a head-locking feature on the Series 7. Micro- and MacroMotions allow for more flexible head movement in more directions.

Modes of Personalization:

The Series 7 offers customizable settings that let you select the best shaving mode for you. The older Series 7 machines have three shaving modes, whereas the later versions have five. 

It’s designed for sensitive skin, so new users can ease into the shaver gradually. For short shaves that get you out the door faster, use the maximum intensities.

Displaying Handles:

On the LCD display of Series 5, there are only two indicators. It will tell you if it needs to be cleaned. The battery level will also be displayed. 

The Series 7 shavers contain LED panels that display battery life, cleaning levels, and the travel lock indicator. They’re also easier to read and provide more information at a look.

Cleaning and Charging Station:

These stations are available on Series 5 and Series 7. The Series will determine the type of station. A cleaning and charging station is included with all shavers with cc in the model name. 

Others feature a cleaning mode that isn’t automatically activated. You must independently hit a button and begin the cleaning process. 

On the outside, the Series 7 stations contain more indicators and show information.

Build Quality:

Braun Series Seven is made out of the best materials including metal and plastic components but more importantly, Braun Seven has a premium look and feels very solid in your hand.

In addition, the design makes it much easy to use around sensitive skin.


Braun Series Seven is powered by Braun’s latest and most advanced battery technology.

Braun series seven can be used for 50 minutes straight on a single full charge which lasts up to an entire week without needing to recharge the electric shaver.

Speed Settings: 

With the Braun Series Seven, users have the option to choose between three different speed settings.

It has a feature that allows you to change the intensity of your shave by simply pressing one button and choosing from slow, medium, or fast depending on how sensitive their skin is at the time.

Pivoting Head:

Braun series seven electric shaver comes with what Braun calls “GyroFlex” technology where its shaving head can pivot back and forth in order for it to conform nicely around your face without causing any pain or discomfort while using this electric razor.

Price Tag:

The price tag might be higher compared to other models but consider all these amazing features including Braun’s Clean and Charge station which automatically cleans, charges, and lubricates your shavers so users never have anything left out when it comes to Braun’s electric shaver technologies.

Resolving Ingrown Hair:

Braun series seven resolves ingrown hair issues by using what Braun calls “Optifoil” which allows for closer shaves but at the same time, its shaving head prevents any sort of skin irritation or discomfort caused due to razor burn after shaving.

Motor Power:

Braun Series Seven is equipped with Braun’s most advanced and powerful motor that produces 40,000 pulses per minute which gives users a more effective shave.

Head Locking Mechanism:

Series 7 has a head locking mechanism where the electric shaving head locks in place when it is not being used so you can safely travel with Braun’s latest and most advanced model.

Led Display:

The Series Seven has a LED display that shows the percentage of battery life left and other shaving settings like speed, intensity, etc.

Actual Shaving Performance:

Braun Series Seven is very versatile when it comes to shaving performance since its adjustable shaving head makes it possible for users to shave both wet or dry without any problem whatsoever.

In addition, Braun series seven has four different modes (Extra Sensitive, Normal, Intensive, and Extra-intensive) which can be used based on preference/skin type.

Moreover, unlike the Braun Five model that only offers 52 minutes runtime at full charge, the Braun series seven will give you more than 70 minutes even when it’s charged only for one hour.

Meanwhile, some people prefer shaving daily to having a smooth beard or face every time with the help of the right shaver. For such people series, 7 works the best.

As its daily performance could manage daily shaving of neck area or thick beards.

Series 7 won’t outperform as a new shaver after one shave like the Panasonic Arc 4 shavers, but it’s far more comfortable to use.

Models of Series 7

Series 7 came in 2007 and soon became a best-seller.

Its most significant advantages over the competition were unrivaled user comfort, and one of the best automatic cleaning systems in the industry.

However, the variants in the Series 7 range are available with or without an automatic cleaning station and dry only/wet & dry types. 

Here are a few of the most well-known:

  • 7865cc engine (wet shaving & dry, automatic Clean & Charge Station, grey) [review]
  • 799cc engine (wet & dry, automatic Clean & Charge Station, silver) [review]
  • 797 cubic centimeters (wet & dry, automatic Clean & Charge Station, silver)
  • The 740s (wet & dry, no cleaning station, black)
  • 790cc engine (dry only, automatic Clean & Charge Station) [review]
  • 760 cubic centimeters (same as the 790cc-4, with a black color scheme and a few missing features)
  • 720cc engine (same as the 760cc-4, no cleaning station)

Aside from minor variances in color scheme, bundled accessories, and minor features, the Series 7 range’s shaving performance is nearly identical.

However, in the case of Series 5, I will not be referring to specific models from Series 5 or 7 but rather two lines as a whole in this piece.

Braun Series 5 vs 7: Maintenance

You can choose between a shaver with or without an automatic cleaning station, as described at the start of this Braun Series 5 vs 7 comparison.

While I usually don’t think they’re necessary, especially in the case of easy-to-clean foil shaver, in this situation, I’d recommend going with a type that has the following:

Braun’s clean & charge stations are pretty lovely and helpful. They clean and sanitize the blades with an alcohol-based solution that dries quickly.

Moreover, with a few tweaks, the cleaning cartridges won’t add much to the operating costs.

There are a variety of low-cost options available. To clean a shaving head is more complicated than cleaning a traditional foil shaving head by hand.

However, cleaning cycles are brief. In addition, the solution lubricates the foils and blades.

Common Features of Braun Series 5 vs 7

Both the Braun series are identical in a lot of ways.

Timer to charge

It takes 60 minutes to fully charge the Li-Ion battery. After a 60 minute charge, you’ll have 50 minutes of shaving time. 

You can also obtain a 5-minute rapid charge for a shave. A charge timer is included with the Series 5 and Series 7 to keep track of how many minutes of shaving you have left.

Trimmer with high precision

Series 5 and Series 7 both have a precise trimmer. But they’re in separate parts of the city. They’re on the rear of certain Series 5 or 7 shavers. 

They’re on the side in other shavers. You’ll have to determine what you want during the purchase process. The Series 7 trimmers are located in an inconspicuous location that will not interfere with routine shaving.

Shave Wet or Dry

Wet/dry shave versions are available in both ranges. They also have variants that merely require a dry shave. It is required if you plan to use your shaver in the shower or with shaving gels or creams.

Travel Lock

It is critical to travel with your electric shaver. Because of the shaver’s ability to hold a charge, you can take it on vacation or on your next business trip. 

It’ll need to be shielded from bumps and hard transportation. The shaver will be protected by the case. Although they all come with travel cases, several of the Series 7 shavers have more elegant cases.

Pivoting Shave Head 

You’ll need a pivoting shave head to follow the angled curves of your face. The blades and foils should not be allowed to leave the skin’s surface.

Otherwise, you’ll miss locations that will necessitate a second pass. It can cause irritation as well as razor burn. The Series 5’s pivoting head may move in eight directions. 

However, Series 7 will follow all of the contours of the face with Micro- and MacroMotions. The shaver will adjust itself to meet the skin for a clean shave, no matter how minor the angle is.

Fully Machine Washable

Each shaver can be washed completely. Although they may not be able to shave wet and dry, they can all be rinsed under running water. It’s critical to clean your shaver between shaves.

Otherwise, it would clog and the blades will lose their sharpness. The shaving heads will last longer if you completely cleanse the shaver. You won’t have to change them nearly as often.


  • Both the Braun series come with Braun’s patented “Clean and Charge Station” that automatically cleans, charges, and lubricates your shavers so users never have anything left out when it comes to Braun’s electric shaver technologies.
  • Braun Series Five and Seven offer up to 50 to 60 minutes runtime on just one hour of charging time which is pretty impressive especially for people who shave every day or those who travel frequently. Because you don’t need shaving outlets throughout the world since both models can be charged using USB ports as well as regular plug-in power sources.
  • Braun Series Five and Seven are 100% waterproof that can be safely used in the shower since it’s both quick-charge capable as well as cordless.
  • Both the series come with a “Lift & Cut” action. The shaving head lifts facial hair in order to cut them underneath the skin level which saves users from any sort of irritation or discomfort.

Main Differences: Braun Series 5 vs 7

A critical difference between the Series 5 and 7 is that the Series 7 s (solo) models (such as the 7893s, 740s, and others) can be used with a Series 7 cleaning station, whereas the Series 5 cannot. Only the Series 7 solo models have the ability that allows them to interact with the stations.

Finally, the Series 7 station is more appealing to the eye, especially when contrasted to the Series 5 station, which has a shabby appearance.

Only the 5090cc/5190cc/5195cc in the Series 5 range, like the one from the Series 7, comes with a station that analyses the hygiene status and selects one of the three cleaning modes (short, average, high intensity) accordingly.

The 5070cc and 5050cc, on the other hand, only have one conventional cleaning routine.

Another disadvantage of the Series 5 is the absence of wet and dry shavers with a cleaning station.

Because the Series 5 exclusively offers dry-only shavers with a clean & charge base, the Series 7 799cc, 7865cc, or any wet & dry Series 7 version is your only option if you plan on using your electric razor with shaving cream.


If you choose a CC model, you will receive a charging station and a single cleaning cartridge; if you choose an S model, you will not receive any accessories.

Apart from that obvious feature, the Series 5 models include a dry brush, the Smartplug power cord, and a plastic headcover.

The dry cleaning brush, Smartplug power cord, and travel case are included with the Series 7 shavers (either leather or hard-shelled vinyl).

Each of the Series 7 models has a travel lock pouch. A premium leather pouch is included with the 799cc, while all other versions come with a hard-shelled vinyl pouch that fits the shaver, power cable, and brush.

However, the 5090cc and 5190cc models in the Series 5 come with a durable travel pouch. A soft travel pouch is included with the other variants.

Costs of Purchase and Maintenance

We’re all looking for ways to cut the cost of ownership and the initial investment. Let’s see how Braun Series 5 vs 7 fares in this regard.

As expected, the Series 5 costs less because it is a lower-end device. However, the price difference between a Series 5 5090cc and a Series 7 790cc (for example, a Series 5 5090cc vs. a Series 7 790cc) might be significant.

Things are usually the same when replacing shaving heads (cassettes), but this isn’t always the case. The shaving head compatibility with the Series 7, in particular, tends to fluctuate a lot, with huge rises but also big bargains.

Overall, the Series 5 would be the better choice for a budget-conscious shopper due to the lower cost of the shaver itself.

While the Series 7 has a modest advantage in performance and clean stations, it is best for sensitive skin and the cost savings represented by the Series 5’s lower price and interchangeable shaving heads may be enough to balance the scales in its favor.

In my opinion, the Series 5’s most valuable asset is its pricing and value for money. You can save even more money by purchasing a Series 5 on its own, but I believe the station is still worth it.

Braun Series 5 vs 7: Which One is Better For You?

It can be tough to choose between a Series 5 and a Series 7, even more so when dealing with shavers that provide similar results and have advantages and disadvantages.

Both the Series are fantastic selections for anyone looking for a comfortable and clean shave. And it doesn’t come at the expense of a significant reduction in the shave’s tightness, which is still more than acceptable.

You’ll almost certainly be pleased with the result if you choose either of them.

My recommendation is to choose the one that best suits your needs, considering the advantages mentioned earlier and the disadvantages.

I’d choose the Series 7 since it’s more fun to use, speedier, and comfier. Spending more on a Series 7 may not be justified for someone who does not have susceptible skin or is not particularly interested in the other aspects.

The Series 5 is less expensive to acquire and operate, and it performs similarly to the Series 7.

Go with the Series 5 if:

  • Firstly, you’re looking for the best value for your money and the lowest total cost of ownership; 
  • You’re not troubled by the shaver’s vibrations while in use.
  • Finally, you don’t have sensitive skin.

Go with the Series 7 if:

  • Firstly, you desire a more efficient shave, and the maintenance costs aren’t an issue.
  • You have very sensitive skin and are prone to inflammation.
  • You have a lot of flat-lying hairs that grow in different directions; you can get one for with an excellent rate.

Braun Series 5 vs 7: Conclusion

Being a buyer and end-user, you should evaluate your particular requirements, as this will help you “choose” the best thing that meets your needs and requirements.

In the light of the above discussion, both series are best in their own ways. However, there are some factors that can help you find the right choice for you.

If you are concerned about price and want to be in the middle range then series 5 would be a better option for you.

On the other hand, Braun Series Seven has all the features that make this shaver an option worth considering when you’re shopping around without price concerns.

That concludes our comparison of the Braun Series 5 vs 7. Please leave a comment below if you have any additional questions or would like to share your experience.

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