Braun Series 7 VS 8

Braun Series 7 VS 8

Already, we are well aware of how costly things are now. But filtering out things that suit our budget as well as perform in the best possible way is hectic for us, So, in essence, we compare the Braun series 7 vs 8. Braun series is famous throughout the world.

So, we have put our effort into this article in the Braun series for our readers. In order to provide them with the best answer, they are looking for their facial hair.

Also, the Braun shaver is renowned for its quality and excellent shaving performance, either in dry shaving or wet shaving.

In addition, they provide extra care for sensitive skin, as opposed to older models. So, these are the recommendations, even for coarse facial hair.

Braun Series 7 VS 8 Rivalry

Meanwhile, you are looking for a Braun shaver lineup for your facial hair. The Braun series 7 hair trimmer shaver head and the Braun series 8 hair trimmer shaver head compete fiercely.

So, it’s difficult for many people to select the shaver with the best shaver head from Braun’s new series.

Furthermore, the Braun series will be worth mentioning if you purchase any of them, either from an older model of series 7, Braun series 8, or series 9.

Yet if you really want to replace and finalize one great option, with a cleaning and charging station in the box, by having a look at the details of the Braun series shaver head.

Then keep reading our article to find out which older model you can afford from the Braun series with the best reliability.

So, let’s start from the basics, where our readers will get to know which types of razor heads, cleaning, and charging station are there. In addition, it will also tell you how to maintain your shaver for long-term use with the help of a clean and charge station.

Electric Shaving Heads Are Classified Into The Following Categories

Meanwhile, a shaving head holder type may vary for the specific electric razor with the free-floating head of the Braun series.

In addition, this will also affect the traditional cleaning method a little apart from clean and charge station.

So here we are going to tell you about the difference in the shaving elements or cutting elements of the unit of series 7 and Braun series 8. But before that, have a look at the types of shavers.

For the Rotary Shaver


It consists of rotary blades. The top part of the rotary should flip open or dislodge when you press a release button if you use a rotating head razor. You can get the top entirely off on some models of series 7. The retainer that maintains the blades and the blades in place should also be removed. This enables all nooks and crannies of the razor to be cleaned.

To Use With Foil Razors

You may pop out protective foils to show the blades if you use a foil razor. Some of the

Most foil shavers have no choice, but most of them do, just like the first foil shavers from Braun series 7.

For Clipper Razors

If you have clipper blades in your electronic razor, take them off to show off the blades. Then take the blades with a screwdriver and clean them thoroughly.

Now, as you have read about the shaving head, we will proceed further to the details of each series separately. Then we will make a comparison of both series.

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Braun Series 7

Meanwhile, the electric shaver for men comes with a 360Β° adaptation for a smooth shave. Furthermore, not only in smooth areas but also in tricky areas.

Yes! In less than 3 minutes of shaving time, the Braun Series 7 provides phenomenal performance and a closer shave even in problematic areas of the neck and other sensitive areas.

Further, the Braun series 7 Autosense technology reads and adjusts the power of the motor according to the beard’s density, unlike previous models.

Thus, this adjustment will provide optimal closeness even with a thick beard compared to the simple razor. Since then, it has worked as one of the best options for daily use for spending your money.

Meanwhile, it also offers a fast charge feature in the sense that you can charge it for five minutes. Further, you can shave once with that charge.

Moreover, this feature proves helpful when you are in a hurry, according to various reviews.

As a matter of fact, the lithium-ion battery is a must-have for manufacturers. Meanwhile, it is rechargeable and can be easily replaced at a cheaper cost if required apart from older models.

Last but not least, the wet and dry capability of electric razors is exceptional. Also, it is the need of most individuals nowadays.

Meanwhile, it is 100% waterproof. In addition, the Braun Series 7 has a rubber grip along with good battery life.

Further, it has a lot of features which will get the job done in the best way. Also, you don’t have to break the bank as described in its advertising.


Meanwhile, series 7 provides a pleasant shaving experience for almost all individuals. Also, it has perfect models for both dry and rainy seasons.

However, there is no comparison with Series 9. as it provides a more comfortable shave for its users. It lacks a led display but contains only an indicator.

Further, series 7 also contains Braun sonic technology, which employs micro-vibrations to pull from the face with the use of a cutting element.

Also, the feature is very effective at lifting and reducing the number of strokes. In addition, there are fewer passes across the same area.

Thus, the irritation should decrease, in our opinion. However, this could just seem like a marketing jerk.

For most journeys, the battery duration of 50 minutes is sufficient. In addition, the travel case protects the shaver against turning on in your case.

Further, we will recommend a model that includes the cleaning station for convenience. The cleaning station is constructed correctly along with a cleaning solution.

But you have to buy a cleaning solution or cleaning fluid.

Meanwhile, it also has Braun’s SkinGuard technology, which is highlighted in the advertisement by using three cutting elements.

In addition, it makes the shaver more pleasant when we compare it to the other Braun models. Above all, the first technology introduced in Series 7 is also SyncroSonic.

This is another sensitivity test, which lowers irritation in series 7 and makes it possible to cut faster and more accurately with series 7.

Shave Very Often

Meanwhile, some individuals want to and prefer to shave daily to have a smooth beard or face every time. Also, they feel so clean-shaven.

Seven cutting elements work best for such a person series. As series 7, daily performance could manage daily shaving of the neck area or thick beards.

Also, you can efficiently work with such cutting elements of series 7 on short hairs. However, there are shavers on the website which cannot shave a short beard.

I Don’t Need A Cleaning Station

If you don’t want a clean and charge station in the packaging box at the moment, then you can opt for series 7 as compared to Braun series 8.

Further, you may purchase a cleaning station with series 7 later whenever you want. Series 7 is compatible mainly with these cleaning stations on the market.

Normal Skin

Meanwhile, closeness and smoothness are possible with series 7.

Furthermore, Series 7 has a robust design which you can opt for from Braun Series 7.

In addition, this clearly states that you are not allergic or sensitive to shaving anyhow. Also, you are not prone to reactions.

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Series 7 Shavers Must Meet The Following Requirements:

Meanwhile, some people prefer shaving daily to have a smooth beard or face every time with the help of the right shaver. For such people, series 7 works the best.

As for the daily performance of the series, 7 could manage daily shaving of the neck area or thick beards.

The Series 7 won’t outperform as a new shaver after one shave like the Panasonic Arc 4 or Philips shavers, but it’s far more comfortable to use as well as cheaper.

Clean And Charge Station For Shavers


Braun decided to equip the entry-level Braun Series 7 with an induction heating system that would dry shaver for you in a quick cleaning mode.

As this simply dries your shaver fast at a slightly cheaper price,

Otherwise, you have to wait for the air to dry, which takes a lot of time. Meanwhile, this feature is not available in newer models for purchasing.

Further, the model from this series 7 comes with s model shavers, which do not have a clean and charge station.

Also, it will operate in the cleaning mode of a Series 7 compliant automatic cleaning station. Further, it is possible because of a particular chip, unlike the old series.Β 

So, this new Braun series 7 cleaning station can be purchased later. Also, this proves more convenient. Many people have low budgets, and these brands are not within easy reach of everyone.

Travel Lock and Travel Case

The rest, like the cleaning station of this series 7, are basically considered accessories. Further, in cleaning cycles, there are cleaning mode options in the clean and charge station.

These accessories don’t come with a manual razor. Thus, it adds a more premium feel to the shavers. Also, they have personalised shaving modes.

In addition, the speed settings of the shavers from the Braun series are adjusted.

Meanwhile, a travel case and a travel lock are also crucial for traveling. As a travel case prevents dust and further, the travel case also prevents scratches.

Moreover, the travel lock will prevent unintentional switching on of the trimmer.

The Following Are The Maintenance Costs For Series 7

In the meantime, when it comes to pricing, the Series 7 is around $70.However, it is somewhat acceptable as it provides reliability to its users.

However, if you also have to opt for a cleaning station and charging stand along with a trimmer, Then the price range may be exceeded for series 7 shavers.

It’s correct that the price difference is a lot between the series 7 device and the Braun series 8 maintenance.

7th Series

Furthermore, let’s talk about the battery. It is a rechargeable lithium-ion battery with a great battery life of about 50 minutes.Β 

Furthermore, Series 7 shavers are the winners when it comes to battery life in the Series 7 vs. 8 comparison.

Meanwhile, one of the essential features of series 7 is that its shaver can operate with other cleaning stations. Thus, it is not mandatory that you buy the cleaning station along with it.

In any case, if you don’t have money, then you can purchase it later.

Because there is a special chip that is compatible with all the series 7 shavers. Meanwhile, some modern cleaning stations are also capable of providing a bit of sanitising service.

In addition, they also provide satisfactory results when compared with older series.

Also, the shaver, which does not have a cleaning station, has been added to the title of the trimmer.

Highlighted characteristics

  • The razer is supplied with a cleaning station along with an alcohol-based cleaning solution.
  • The razor head can move in eight directions, so spots that are difficult to shave can be easily shaved.
  • For people with sensitive skin, these shavers are reliable razors.
  • Also, these shavers are available with five different speed settings.
  • Further, it has intelligent Sonic Technology, which gives

Ten thousand micro-vibrations for each shaver.

  • On the other side, it has Protective SkinGuard.
  • Furthermore, it has an OptiFoil cutting element, or heads.
  • Along with that, it is powered by AutoSense Technology.
  • Also, it offers a good Battery Time with its dry battery.
  • Last but not least, it provides a Solid Grip along with its sleek design.
  • The same series is available at a lower price.

The Disadvantages

Now let’s have a look at its cons so they can also work as a deciding factor for you.

Meanwhile, replacement razor heads are expensive to obtain! This may be an average of roughly $36 for people with a thicker beard using razors.

Also, the placement of the battery display screen at the bottom of the handle is out of sense. The wet and dry shave is only the model 7856 from the series 7.

I wonder why? Like every other individual, they expect both features. Meanwhile, you have to buy replacement cartridges from Braun.

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Braun Series 8


So, now before comparing Series 7 with Series 8, let’s have a look at the features and replacements in Series 8.

Series 8 razors are younger, unlike the 9, 7, and 5 series. The corporation was the baby of a pack and utilised and upgraded the other pieces and blended them into Series 8.

That suggests that the shaver was inspired by adding an upgrade to the other series to make their unique appearance known to customers. The rest is produced in Germany.

Further, don’t worry about the battery. As they also have a difference in the indicator of the LED battery, which offers 20% more battery life. Also, you can notice precision in a shave with 30,000-minute cutting measures.

Meanwhile, North American and European outlets automatically adjust to dual voltage.Further, talking about the cons of the trimmer.

The cleaning and charging station takes up a lot of counter space. Apart from the station, its trimmer is quite awkward and can break easily, like older models. Braun continues to promote Series 8 as having four shaving elements. To put it mildly, that’s deceptive.


One of the astonishing lines of series that Braun came up with is series 8. Why? If you want to know why, then keep reading further. As such, it has some mixed features between series 5, series 7, and series 9.

This new Braun series razor’s performance is somewhat similar to that of series 7 and 5. But there is another difference which is quite prominent.

Meanwhile, series 8 was released in 2019. Further, one of the recent models is Costco. However, this Costco shaver fits between series 7 and series 9. But its shaving performance is closer to older generations than to series 9.

Apart from shaving performance, it has a lot of other advantages, such as longer battery life. In addition to changes to the battery display as compared to Series 7,

Also, it is slightly quieter from the sound point of view, according to a review. Some people are concerned about unnecessary noise. Then Series 8 is a great option as a newer model with a drying station for a little extra money.

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Model Number 8370cc Braun Series 8

Meanwhile, talking about the Braun series 8 8370cc, it’s a lot inspired by the series 5. So, there are slight differences in this model from series 8.

It almost has an identical side grip display along with the same shaving head.

though the performance is not the same from the manufacturing side. Yet, it is closer to series 9 in terms of performance.

So, you will become a big fan of this shaver, according to reviews. Furthermore, the 8370cc is a 3-bladed electric foil razor.

In addition, it has adjustable power technology that provides a close shave.

Also, the shaving elements of Braun Series 8 offer more cordless shaving time.

The Electric Razor’s Advantages

Technology For Shaving

Meanwhile, series 8 has the latest shaving technology, which makes a big difference, just like Panasonic.

Further, in this same technology of newer models, the 32 bit MCU chip cutting elements adjust according to the coarse beard in milliseconds.

Thus, these newer models provide a better shave with its cutting elements in no time.

Also, it offers slightly less pressure on the stubble beard of the face, which means less irritation on the face on the other days of shaving.

Further, it has good ergonomics. Thus, it reduces fatigue because of its ergonomics at a lower cost.

Meanwhile, the series 8 shaver also contains cut trimmer blades for whiskers.

So, you can decide in accordance with the table of contents from the market.

Shaving Both Wet And Dry

Series 8 offers a water-resistant shaver just like the other waterproof series. However, its wet shaving experience is similar to that of Series 5 models.

But at a different price. Maybe this is because of its same shaving head that works in every direction.

On the other hand, the closeness this shaver provides is unmatched. Also, you can notice with foam or gel, the shaver performs exceptionally well, making you a fan.

So, you can expect excellent results in all possible directions from the table of its qualities.

Further, there are no differences in wet and dry shaving from series 8. Thus, it provides comfortable shaves without more passes.

However, most men prefer wet shaving instead of dry. But this is your own personal choice.

But slightly extra passes or more passes for hairs are never recommended, as everyone requires speed in the new series on the market today.

Meanwhile, the three cutting elements of Braun shavers or models are waterproof. In addition, other brands’ models, like Panasonic’s, feature a watertight seal, which will keep the shaver models from getting wet.

In addition, unlike most shavers, Series 8 takes less than a minute to clean.

In addition, you can save its internal due to the waterproof feature. Also, you don’t have to worry as you can use it in the shower as well.

Shaving The Head

Moreover, Series 8 comes with only a single button for the travel lock. You need to press this power button to lock the shaver.

Meanwhile, reviews reveal that the new shaving head of the models provides excellent shave quality as it is capable of shaving stubble regions like the jawline and chin.

Also, shaving provides a long-term actual shaving performance, just like series 9 in the market. Further, in our opinion, series 8 will protect your skin the same way as series 9 would do.

So, if you want to purchase something that is long-lasting. Then your answer is series 8.

Skin Shield

Meanwhile, the Braun’s skin guard lies between the blade and the back foils of a shaver. Further, its function is to protect skin from getting caught in the foils like other shavers in the market today.

It may not appear to be a big deal to you, but I think that identical shavers and models without protection are the worst for your skin.

For example, there is no skin guard in the Braun Series 5 head.In such a case, you can’t expect to shave smoothly with its head.

As a matter of fact, the necessary technologies like foils and trimmers are also vital for shaving the head. Finally, Braun Series 8 offers an Opti-Foil technology that is identical to that featured in Series 7 and is the only product on the market at such a price.

These Braun foil features are capable of operating very well together because of the SyncroSonic vibration feature of the models.

Battery Life

Meanwhile, the upgrade in the shaving time of Braun series 8 cost more when compared with series 9 or series 7.

But it is a crystal clear advantage for many users who are looking for a good shaver in the market. However, the preceding generation will store only 45 or 50 minutes of time with the charger.

Although 10 minutes of additional time may not seem like much of a difference in advertising, But a full day of shaving is possible with its bigger battery, even at the highest speed setting of the trimmer. The Braun Series 8 is backed by a two-year international warranty and a 60-day money-back guarantee.

Moreover, the battery life is excellent, not like the Series 7. Further, the Series 8 features a straightforward 5-level indicator.

The cc station performs admirably; the cleaning cycle is quick and effective in cleaning dirt from the shaving head.

Comparison of the Braun Shaver Lineup

Meanwhile, we have discussed the features of Braun electric shavers in an individual sense.

But now it’s time to make a comparison so that you can achieve maximum shaving performance within a limited budget with the Braun series.


Meanwhile, the new Braun series has a distinct advantage due to the slight edge of its unique, sleek design body and shaving heads, which improves on previous series and models.

Further, the construction point includes opti-foil cutting elements and a hair trimmer. In order to trim from different directions.

Also, this design of shaving head is ideal for sensitive skin. In addition, all their models are 100% waterproof and don’t have to be provided with waterproof coverings, which most razors use.

Meanwhile, you can freely do a wet shave with these razor lines if you prefer to shave in the shower. Rinse, shave, and use the cream without any worries about getting an edge with this Braun line of shaving.

Further, electric shaving requires proper grips so that it won’t slide slightly. Meanwhile, Braun razors are covered in titanium, and they have some weight instead of plastic.

Further, this helps to ensure the product’s hygienic quality. Additionally, it adds aesthetic features to the razor that cannot be replaced with plastic.

Meanwhile, in our opinion, the visual characteristics stand a lot since they usually add to the overall look of the razor.

So, you can look at chrome for its pictures or in the advertising as well.

Above all, there is nothing wrong with choosing a Braun series, whether you like a razor head with the most up-to-date functions or choose from a previous generation model with fewer features.

Battery Life

Braun 83M Series 8 Replacement Foil and Cutter Cassette

Sometimes shaving may take time, and it’s necessary to take into account the battery life of a razor! Fortunately, this shaver from the new series of devices features a 50-minute shave when fully charged.

The Braun series 8 upgrade features one charge for a month with its charge station, so no need to carry a cord along.

But if you are still travelling far, you should take your charging cord along. As this cord is specific to its razor,

Although the notion was not proven, So, you can decide yourself after purchase whether the full charge with the Braun charge station is sufficient for a month or not.

Further, the thin Braun models’ reviews reveal that they use a Li-ion battery that powers LED screen displays at battery level with bold silvery-blue colour schemes and LCD lights in the Braun series 8.

If the battery dies and you need a fast shave, the quick shave feature allows you to activate the razor for close shaves after only five minutes of charging.


Series 7 vs. Series 8

To review in the light of the facts, the Lcd screen of Braun series 8 shows battery status in terms of five levels. However, other models of the same weight from the Braun series 7 include a weird battery indicator.

Also, we believe that this battery indicator is significant since it also represents the lifespan and quality of the product. If your middle-price razor provides a good battery life along with personalization modes, it may also be a reliable model in the long run.

Braun razors commonly match their shaving times as well as charging times. We think these characteristics are crucial for people who shave on a daily basis and have a large part of their morning rituals with their electric razors.

If you’re not interested in shaving with a razor every day, you could simply be quick to purchase an outdated model from the previous generation for the best value.

Above all, to review from a battery point of view, the news series that provides the best value and is the winner. But with some extra cost. instead of the older models of series 7.

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Shaving Performances

Now, we will have a quick overview light on the shaving performance of both the series from Braun as this is a big concern for many of us.

That is how a shaver shaves your face. In addition, most features that are required by models are the closest shave, and that will not let you suffer any irritation. Also, you don’t get razor burn even with thicker beards.

Meanwhile, the Braun shaver is designed for all types of beards, even for coarse beards. Also, they provide a better shave by their to and fro motion. Thus, with its advanced features, it will shave in every direction.

Further, the two shavers from series 7 and series 8 have three cutting elements along with a skin guard. So, they shave closer, and each model ends with phenomenal results.

In addition, the trimmers Braun released are an extra cutting element that allows you to trim sideburn at a faster pace. In order to shave closer.

Sideburns And A Beard

Regardless of how your strands are, these shaver heads have been designed to catch everyone. Series 7 and Series 8 use three skin guard trim components to lift and capture even the flat-lying hairs, which are stubble from the middle. Another part of your shaving experience is that you can accurately trim beards and sideburns in less shaving time.

Braun’s best-selling shaver has some accessories or trimmer assemblies to provide a decent shave. such as travel pouches and replacement parts.

The pop-up trimmer offered in Series 7 provided more accuracy than that of Series 8 and Series 9.

Meanwhile, from the price point of view. Some of the shavers in series 7 and 8 are way too much. So spending more money on Braun’s lineup of older electric shavers won’t be a wise decision.

However, to opt for an optimal shaving experience, you can choose one according to your own choice.

Manual Cleaning Of The Braun Shaver

One of the most common points that occur in your thoughts is that That is how often you should wait to clean your shavers.

Meanwhile, we encourage or recommend washing it every time you use it. We will get straight in a bit. We usually promise that this will last extra time and will perform without hassles.

You are setting your whiskers or shaving your beard every other day of the week. Then you immediately exclude dirt from the shaver by instantly washing it.

Also, in order to avoid wearing off your razors. In addition, your skin will be healthy. Furthermore, cleaning your electric shaver takes only 3 to 4 minutes.

Braun Electric Shavers Have a Long Life

On the other hand, this is an easy way to ensure the long life of your electric razor. In addition, cleaning your shaver would always prevent razor burn and other such problems. One of the main reasons for this is the rusting of Braun razors due to wet shave.

Because they are available at expensive prices, you have to take care of the shaving head. Even if you use it 2-3 times.

Then you should also clean and dry them well with the cleaning modes of the cleaning station. In order to prevent the accumulation of bacteria in the shaving heads, especially if you have sensitive skin.

For Cleaning Of Water-Proof Shaving

Let’s start our procedure in several steps in order to learn more. Let’s go through the steps. In addition, the process requires only one minute, but it will offer enduring advantages.

Make sure to confirm the waterproof features to save your powerful motor first. So, take care and read the handbook of model numbers of the Braun series. This information is provided as a user handbook along with all Braun series products.

Use a Brush

Once the shaving head is free, switch off your shaver. Remove the head of the shaver. Further, slightly tap on the sink so that all the scrap from the shaving head falls there. If not all, then most of the hair will fall by doing so.

Furthermore, a purification brush or a little brush tip can be used to remove these waste hair clippings from the body of the shaver. Snap the cutting block or cutter block and disassemble the shaver once you shave your face.

Determination of Razor Heads of Shaver

You did this once. Depending on the type of shaver you have, the next stage is recommended. The second thing we advise is to make sure your shaver is washable.

since several electric razors are not waterproof. So, you will damage your shaver on a long-term basis if you opt to wash it with water.

Rinse Through Running Water

Before washing under running water, make sure the water is clear of the hair. Now, once you’ve done hair removal from the shaving head. Now, it’s time to wash your shaver.

In addition, we will prefer warm water since the dirt particles are dissolved. In addition, removal will be easier. Most of the shavers will be cleaned by the electric shaver after this.

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Use Liquid Soap

We shall continue the next step to make lather with liquid soap. Join your shaving head and apply a small bit of soap to your shaving head. You have to turn on your shaver after using soap. It starts to produce liquid soap for lather.

Ensure that your razor is not plugged in for charging in either of the series, i.e., Braun series 7 and 8. Unplug it from charging stations while using water. Unplugging the shaver is

significant since you certainly don’t want a shock at the same time.

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Excess Washing

You must now use water again to take away the soap. It takes a few seconds for this process. Your razor must be activated for a few seconds during this process. It helps to deep clean the body.

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Cleaning Of Non-Waterproof

We also have an electric razor which is not waterproof. In such cases, you can thoroughly clean them with water and soap.Then, we have another way for you.

A can of compressed air may be used to detach more hair strands much more efficiently. Further, this is much more efficient than simply using a cleaning brush or tapping on the sink.

Sprays And Razors With Lubricant

Also, for lubricating, a spray cleaner and lubricant can be utilized. These items were specially designed to perform as lubricants, and they lubricate the electric shaver.

In addition, a small spray bottle is required, including a spray based on alcohol.

Sprays And Razors With Lubricant

It will also assist in cleaning things. In addition, lubrication lowers the heat.

Meanwhile, with mineral deposits, the life of the shaver from the Braun series is affected. Especially if your tap water for wet shaving is quite tough on your blade.

Furthermore, put a drop of oil or mineral oil on the blades. All metal surfaces can be covered with oil to prevent friction and instant wearing out.

Benefits of Regular Braun Shaver Maintenance

  • Long-Term Sustainability

Meanwhile, it provides safe and clean shaves with a longer life duration for each application. It is the best way to maintain your electric shaver for a long time.

  • Money-Saving

Cleaning, properly maintaining, lubricating, and charging such as a replacement blade or shaving head all indicate you’re going to have a long-term trimmer from the Braun series.

This saves you from the difficulty of purchasing a new trimmer, utilizing your standalone trimmer replacement heads instead, and keeps the money, which is a huge benefit.

  • Every Time

Most people choose a shaver that provides a neat and clean look. In the meantime, their electric razor stops offering them after a few shaves.

The dirt, debris, and dead cells of the skin between the blades are simply what hinders them. So this means that your shaver is ready to go for the cleaning cycle.

An effective, clean, and best electric shaver provides a closer shaving experience, either it’s from the Braun lineup or another brand.


Note that intelligent sonic technology helps in improving the performance of models while cutting the beard. Further, this method helps to improve the cutting of thick beards and remove more hair in the long run at such a low price. Also, intelligent sonic technology is one of the latest technologies for Braun shavers.

In addition, a skin guard in the head of newer versions ensures that the trimmer cuts hair in a gentle way at such a price.

So the skin guard in the model slides across and is among the must-have features for shaver models. Meanwhile, autosense technology in trimmers or shavers aids in the cutting of thicker or flat hairs with its contour flex head and makes a significant difference as a single element in the shaver’s head.

Furthermore, this provides power, basically reducing pressure and leaving a subtle clean skin. Meanwhile, it also reduces friction and cleanses sideburns with the movement of just one button.


In Conclusion

Meanwhile, in this article on our website, we have compared the two Braun shavers from the Braun series, i.e., Braun series 7 and 8. Both the shavers from the Braun series are phenomenal and a deal-breaker for facial hair.

Also, they have features that provide an excellent shaving performance. However, both have slight differences in features and price, just like other Braun shavers. As we know, Braun electric razors are also available as a foil type shaver as well as a rotary shaver model.

Meanwhile, as we have mentioned in detail, you can opt for one line series according to your requirements for shaving experience.

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