Braun Series 7 Vs 9

Braun Series 7 Vs 9 Worth The Upgrade?

Let’s be honest whenever people want to shop for something. They search for different options for whatever product they are searching for. Meanwhile, the Internet has turned the world into a global village.

Further, it also provides access to people who are fans of online shopping. Not only is online shopping convenient, but it also provides a bit of access to reviews and experiences of many people around the world.

In addition, it also helps you compare various products, their features, material (plastic or any other), models, pros and cons of each one, and much more. Further, our articles on this website are also a source of information.

Here we provide in-depth details to enlighten you on various topics. Let’s not brag and break our start with our major concern of the day.

In this article on our website, we will make a comparison of two series of i.e. table of contents Braun series 7 vs 9.


Featuring The Pros And Cons Of Braun Series 7 Vs 9

We will advise you on which series of Braun series 7 vs. 9 is best for you. In addition, we will highlight their features.

Furthermore, we are also going to discuss their cons, which are an essential aspect of a product. Meanwhile, before buying any product, make sure to consider the related cons. so that you are fully aware of what you are buying.

I hope that you have searched for various electric razors. But you must be confused between the Braun Series 7 and the 9. Here we will help you to sort out which series are the most efficient.

However, we will not just talk on the surface, but we will also have deep knowledge of the performance of these. Now let us speed things up as we have to cover many features as mentioned earlier.

Let me clear up one thing: we are about to discuss the series as a whole, not its separate models. The reason is that they have the same shaving results.

However, the only difference is whether they contain a cleaning station or not. Furthermore, they differ in use, such as dry or wet use.

Moreover, after the Braun series was released, they also launched their updated models. In order to cover or correct faults in both the series.

Further, you might have already searched a lot. But you are unable to gather enough knowledge that can guide you to the right electric razor. Meanwhile, both series have upgraded versions from the previous generation.

The Series 7 has special models like the Braun Series 7 790cc, 740cc, 740s, 760cc, 720s, and 740s. Braun Series 7 790cc has a cleaning station as the cc in Braun Series 7 790cc provides an idea. In addition, models in Series 9 include the 9370cc, 3930s, 9340s, 9090cc, and 9095cc.


Braun Series 7 vs. 9 Electric Razor

The life of a battery

Let us discuss one of the essential aspects that people often want to ask about. Here we are discussing the battery of an electric razor.

Meanwhile, you might be expecting a big difference. But, to your surprise, there is none. Both of the Braun series, series 7, and series 9, have 50-minute battery timing, i.e., less than an hour.

From my point of view, it is more than enough if you charge it once and use it without worry. Further, some people want this feature to be updated.

So that they can use their trimmer for a longer period of time. Especially for those who travel with their phones and have less time to charge them. Further, you have to carry it in your travel case or travel pouch.

Wet And Dry Shaving Modes

This is another often asked question about which one series offers both the wet and dry operations. To your surprise, both series allow both wet shaving and dry shaving options.

Meanwhile, some people want dry shaving but also require a close shave. On the other hand, some people want to trim wet flat-lying hairs at their convenience.

Above all, it is a plus advantage for an electric razor, unlike people who don’t want to wet shave instead of a dry shave.

But they may mistakenly slip their electric razor out of their hand while in the water. There would be no issue as for wet shaving, the electric shaver is made of a waterproof material.

However, one of the important aspects that we have to mention. Waterproof does not always mean it’s 100 percent effective.

Although it supports wet shaving for a closer shave and a shaved look, Do not plug a cord into the switch for charging in the bath or while the shower is using water. Stick it to charge it only in dry places and prevent its use in the shower.

In addition, read the manual carefully for dry operation as well as wet shaving needs. Some foil shavers are waterproof for a few splashes only.

Furthermore, you should also rinse and clean gel and stubble hairs from your razor heads with a thin brush before charging them. So that you have a clean station for charging. Make sure to clean and charge the station.


Braun Series 7 vs. 9 Shaving Elements Comparison


Series 7, Braun Series 7


The Braun Series 7 has four shaving elements that are standard for any flagship shaver. On the contrary, Braun Series 9 has five shaving elements.

Two Opti Foils, Skin Guard protection, and an Active Lift trimmer as shaving elements. They help in trimming the flat hair.

This flat hair is physically raised by the Active Lift trimmer so that foils may be cut without discomfort afterward. Braun refined their portfolio in a two-step approach.

Meanwhile, this feature of the Braun shaver is a replacement for what your barber offers. In order to get a close shave, your barber may lather foam on your skin.

Meanwhile, this foam helps raise hairs from the base to the top. Furthermore, this also exposes the area for a neat, clean shave. Series 7, with increased cutting elements 

Moreover, little thick hairs or sometimes light hairs also lead to a problem, which may cause ingrown hairs. Further, it leads to skin irritation. So here the foil in series 7 helps in moving the hair out of the way.

In addition, series 7 helps in giving a blunt end to the hair. Older electric razers were prone to having sharp ends. Further, these sharp ends lead to ingrown hair, which is more common in curly hairs.

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Series 9, Braun Series 9


You might be worried about your facial hair growing in a different direction. No worries, as we have got an exciting feature for you in series 9.

In Braun series 9, there is a new element of cut in series 9, which is the Direct&Cut trimmer. It cares for and cuts hair that grows in various directions.

In addition, the ActiveLift trimmer of Braun series razors is coated with titanium (hence the golden color) and labelled with increased performance known as Hyper Lift & Cut.

also works as an extra trimmer in the series and makes clear differences. It creates a difference between Braun series 7 and series 9. Furthermore, it provides a gentle and close shave, which makes a significant difference.

Moreover, the four cutting elements and the Active lift trimmer ensure a closer shave every time. Furthermore, it encompasses Opti-foil cutting elements with skin guards and a hair trimmer.

Above all, Braun Series 7 shaves, which are already fairly efficient in eight directions. People with curly or thicker hair are more than satisfied with this feature. 

The Contour Flex Head moves in 10 different positions with Series 9. The Contour Flexhead is paired with the newly released Direct & Cut trimmer.

It’s a gift for guys as to how it is made. Basically, each floating electric razor head part moves on its own unique suspension.

Series 9’s contain a combination of “MacroMotion” (direction movement aimed at the broader contours) and “MicroMotion” (for smaller contours).

Further, this series 9 and foils shaver model has a slight edge or cut due to the hyper lift trimmer. Moreover, it also captures flat-lying hairs.

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A Comparison Of Shaving Heads



While trimming our hair, one of the most important shaving elements that we have to consider is whether the blades are right. Furthermore, these are contained within the shaving head.

When we are talking about the blades of the shaving head of an electric shaver, we are also concerned with their speed and directions.

A powerful motor delivers a smoother, tighter, more quick output than a weaker motor which provides insufficient CAM.

Otherwise, we would receive a horrible shaving session from either of the Braun series. That’s something no one wants to witness if they invest a good amount of money.

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Braun Series 7 vs. 9 Cutting Element Dimensions

The CAM is in major contrast to our Braun series of 7 vs 9 speed measurements. While Series 7 has good results with 30,000 cutting measures, Series 9 is 33 percent higher than 40,000 CAM. Series 7 has good results, but while series 9 became the winner instead of series 7, series 7 has poor results.

Braun Shaving Heads from Both Series

While talking about the shaving head or shaver head, both series contain foils and trimmers that float easily on the skin. Further, both of them provide a close shave.

However, there is a difference in the locking mechanism of razor heads and the service they provide in series 7.

In addition, a locking mechanism in Series 7 holds the pivot head in place. The only difference between the locking process on the two shavers is that.

Unlike Series 7, when the locking feature is active, Series 7 cannot move. On the contrary. In a 10-degree range, Series 9 can move back and forth.

The Braun Series 9 Shaving Head



It is substantially larger than the Series 7 due to the Direct & Cut additional trimmer. In addition, the flexor head adapts in ten different ways to your features, which is extremely crucial if you want a clean shave over the jawline.

The Series 7 razor head travels in 8 directions only. So series 7 is still less recommended than series 9.

Only the experienced eye understands the difference in bending. As you probably anticipated, with the upper lip and other inaccessible surfaces, the compact razor head of the Braun Series 7 is much better.

Whereas the voluminous Braun Series 9 goes more smoothly but does not allow beginners to reach difficult areas. Thus, Braun series 9 is the unanimous winner’s title.

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Stations For Cleaning And Charging


Both series 7 and 9 come with a charging and cleaning station that is compatible. The station employs Braun’s Clean & Renew alcohol-based cartridges for rejuvenating the shaver.  

In addition, while cleaning, the station charges the power of the shaver at a full charge simultaneously.

The cleaning station of Braun Series 7 includes a more complete UI for the proposed cleaning levels, which contains a led display.

Further, it allows you to place the Clean & Renew cartridge into the station room for future cleaning activities. This station of series 7 cleans the blade system and purifies the foil blades of series 7.

With one button, I found the cleaning plant in Series 9 considerably easy to use. The cleaning situation is selected automatically in advance.

In addition to the work of Series 7, an internal fan is used, which Braun Series 7 cannot do.In no time, the razer was dry.

It is important to note that you should not use the cleaning station in Series 7 or 9 after each shave.I’d recommend physically removing dead and meticulous stubble from the electric shaver over the sink, using mild water.

I suggest not getting a razor with a cleaning station only if it is absolutely necessary, particularly as foil shavers. Foil shavers are easy to clean with the help of a hand.

On the other side, a charge station is necessary. You must look for the shaver’s charging station.

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Cleaning Stations Accessories, With or Without

However, I can acknowledge that cleaning stations in Braun are some of the best in the market and I urge, in fact, that you get a model that comes with one, whether it’s a 7 or a 9.

It’s a really effective cleaning station for the beginning. The cartridges of trimmers use a solution based on alcohol that cleanses and cleanses the electric shaver perfectly.

The solution also acts as a lubricant and lubricates. So, if you routinely use the cleaning base, there is no need for further lubrication.

Braun’s shaving heads cannot be removed, so it can be harder and more time-consuming to handle the manual cleaning process. In this instance, a cleaning station is a really helpful factor.

After every shave, you don’t need to use the station. Further, this allows you to keep your hair cleaning cartridge for a longer period of time while preventing dirt and grime.

Braun Series 7 vs. 9 Shaving Performance

It is one of the top-notch features and factors when considering any electric shaver. However, shaving is defined by three cutting elements clean i.e. comfort, speed, and closeness.

Also, yes, shaving elements have an effect on shaving performance.

Further, yes, shaving elements need to be considered. More cutting elements pivoting left would increase the efficiency.

Comfort While Shaving

The 7th series has been the comfort standard for a close shave for many years. It was perhaps the finest choice for males with sensitive skin when it comes to electric shavers.

The Series 7 micro pulsations make it seem rather like a soothing massage, and during use, the razor head stayed cold and the shave’s comfort increased further.

The Series 7 includes a 3 or 5-speed settings option to change the power output from low (sensitive) to high intensity.

This is also worth highlighting. let the foil shaver adjust the power according to the shaving scenario.

The options for lower speed only make the cut trimmer feel slow and many users will not find any significant advantage of utilising them.

Faster Shave

When it comes to shaving speed and cutting power, the Series 9 comes out on top in speed. The Braun Series 7 is a close second in terms of comfort.

With extra power and more cutting components, the new Series 9 shaves even a beard that has been growing for two or three days with ease and speed. also removes hair from the lip area while moving in different directions at different speeds.

Making a foil shaver go slow ruins the whole idea. I would say that a foil shaver is definitely the way to go.

Further, if you want to shave quickly and easily, the Braun Series 9 is a superior choice.

The Braun Series 9 shaver has similar flexing capabilities to the Braun Series 7. Further, it also shaves the beard by moving blades in different directions.

Closeness While Shaving

How To Get The Closest Shave / Advice & Knowledge

Braun is still one of the most popular electric shavers in the world today for a comfortable shave.

As a result of the high-quality micro-foil in Braun Series 9 and the sharp blade system, Series 7 was one of the best electric razors of its day. It is capable of giving a very close shave and a smooth, comfortable shave of different types of beard density.

Most consumers should be happy with the Series 7’s closeness. Series 7 and Series 9 shaving will be virtually identical in most circumstances, with Series 9 having a little advantage.

Getting a tight shave with the Series 9 involves less effort, as it feels faster. The final scores will be almost comparable, so there is no obvious winner here. But series 9 is recommended.

Design and Body Material Comparison

Braun Series 7 vs 9: Striking Differences and Surprising Similarities - Male Sense Pro

While talking about looks and design, obviously, the Braun Series 9 is the winner as it has the most upgraded modern style.

In addition, Series 9 has a modern body and build quality, as well as ergonomics. It has a sleeker handle design and sleek physique for better grip.

Furthermore, it has individual suspension, which benefits and attracts many people. Further, their bodies seem like they are made of metal. But you are making a mistake. On an honest note, it is all plastic, even with the upgrade.

On the contrary, the Braun Series 7 seems like an old-fashioned trimmer that needs to have its design elements upgraded. So, my vote is in favor of Series 9, which is supremely comfortable.

Further, there is also a pop-up trimmer that pops upwards in series 9 just like series 5. In contrast, in series 7, the pop-up trimmer pops on the side.

Meanwhile, this pop-up trimmer is not effective for people with coarse hair or thick beards. Meanwhile, the matte finish is also available in newer models.

Above all, the trimmer in series 9 is bigger, but it does not negatively affect visibility or ergonomics.

LED Display Panel

Braun Series 9 9090cc Electric Shaver Review

Meanwhile, a brand often invests in some features to make their product attractive to their customers.

Braun says that the brand series range has added this feature and elements by using an LED screen for their trimmers. It also shows whether the travel lock is on or not.

The Battery Status Of The Shaver

Furthermore, in series 9, the led screen has a battery indicator that shows the battery status by showing the battery percentage.

So that you can have an idea when to charge. The Series 7, on the other hand, has a led screen as well, but it does not display battery percentage.

The Price of Owning A Braun Shaver

When we talk about the Braun foil shaver from a price point of view, here we have an obvious winner. The Braun Series 7 is the answer.

Because it is less expensive than Series 9, Meanwhile, we have two types of cost, i.e., purchase price, and the other is the cost of ownership.

The purchase price is a one-time payment of money. On the contrary, the cost of ownership means the price that you pay every time you maintain your shavers.

such as buying new shaving heads and cleaning cartridges (this is an alcohol-based system). Series 7’s cost of ownership is lower as its cassettes and replacement heads are cheaper.

Further, you have to replace them if they are broken or you have problem areas with them.

Comparing Which One To Buy From The Braun Series

Now, as we have discussed important features of both series, Now we are able to nominate one of them for our readers. We really don’t know while deciding which feature you are in dire need of.

So, we will give you a detailed analysis. In which we will tell you which feature of the above-mentioned Braun series 7 and 9 is the best? Let’s start.

Braun Series 9 Advantages

Shaving For Comfort

Ultimate Comfort Shaving Cream Bowl - Truefitt & Hill US

When comparing the two series, Braun Series 9 provides the most comfort.9 is obviously a winner.

However, if you have a low budget, then you can not go for this option. as it is not budget-friendly. However, if you don’t have budget concerns, then you must decide in favor of series 9.

For Skin That Is Irritated

You have irritated skin, right? and panicking about which electric shaver to choose. Sit back, as here we are to enlighten you with your article.

If you have sensitive skin that is prone to irritation. Then you should get Series 9 because it has a sensitive mode shaver. As their sensitive mode is pretty good for sensitive skin and prevents irritation,

Further, this shaver will leave soothing and subtle clear skin and neck and irritation-free.

Always In A Hurry

You are always in a hurry, so need a fast pace hair removing tool. Then your go-to tool is the Braun series 9. This series will get the job done with a quick shave. Further, you can shave fast due to its sensitive mode of large head redesigned trimmer.

Moreover, you will need a few strokes, and you are done. This saves a lot of time, especially for people who are always in a hurry. Furthermore, if they want to trim their hair at the end, This razor will obviously meet their needs.

Face Hair That Is Coarse

If you have got a long beard or hair on your face, then we have got your problem. All the hairs are often a difficult task to remove.

In addition, they get stuck in the razors often. So, for such a problem, we have Braun series 9 razors. They are effective for harsh hairs.

In addition, if your hair grows in different directions, then series 9 is a life-changing deal for you. Because the beard or face hair often lies flat on the skin, so to cut the hair closely and get a cleaner shave, you have to opt for the series 9 deal.

The Head Shaver

You must be astonished that one shaver could actually shave the head as well. It’s impossible, right? No, it’s not. Braun Series 9 also functions as a head shaver to provide a bald head.

In addition, it provides a clean close shave. So, if you are looking for a two-in-one shaver. Braun Series 9 is the best option for you.

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Series 7 Highlights

Braun Series 7 Review - Our Favorite Electric Shaver (2021)

Normal Skin

It has a sturdy design and is preferable to the Braun Series 7 if you have normal skin. Further, this means your skin is not sensitive and not prone to reactions that easily.

Shave Very Often

Meanwhile, some people prefer shaving daily to have a smooth beard or face every time. For such people, series 7 works the best. As its daily performance could manage daily shaving of the neck area or thick beards,

You Don’t Need A Cleaning Station

If you don’t want a cleaning station at the moment, then you can opt for series 7 as compared to series 9. Further, you may purchase a cleaning station later whenever you want.

The Clean Station and Charging Station

It should be noted that a 7 s razor, which does not have a cleaning station or cleaning center, will operate with the Series 7compliant station which can be purchased later. 

On the contrary, most 9s models would not work. In addition, there is a specific chip present on the cc versions able to deal with the station in all 7-series razors.

Further, these components are not available in the charge station of Series 9 shavers, which will make a difference. It will not operate with the appropriate cleaning stations for shavers.

However, in series 9 there is a slight advantage of an active cooling system. Furthermore, some modern cleaning stations are also capable of providing a bit of sanitizing service. In addition, they also provide fine results when compared with older series.

Common Characteristics of Both Series

The following are the same benefits in terms of performance for both of the series in the market today.Intelligent Sonic Technology. (gives you 10,000 micro-vibrations from each shaver)Protective SkinGuard.OptiFoil Cutting Heads.AutoSense Technology.Battery Time.A Lithium-Ion battery.Solid Grip


Note that intelligent sonic technology helps in improving performance while cutting beards. Furthermore, this method helps to improve the cutting of thick hair beards and remove more hair in the long run.

Furthermore, intelligent sonic technology is one of the latest technologies for Braun shavers.

In addition, a skin guard on newer versions ensures that the trimmer cuts hair in a gentle way. So the skin guard slides across and is a must-have factor for a shaver.

Meanwhile, autosense technology in trimmers or shavers aids in the cutting of thicker or flat hairs from various contours and makes a significant difference as a single component in a shaver.

Furthermore, this provides power, basically to produce pressure and leave a subtle clean skin. Meanwhile, it also reduces friction and cleans sideburns with the movement of just one button.

Final Thoughts

In short, we have discussed various tables of contents and made the best possible trimmer comparisons. Also, we have given an honest review that makes sense and saves your shaving experience.

Furthermore, we have also talked about the maintenance cost of spending, shaving, grip factors, and experience with flat hairs. Both series are phenomenal.

However, providing our readers with the best option and saving them is our aim. Moreover, the comparison of money might be the deal-breaker in your case. Or some people may want to have daily shaving, so they opt for series 7 instead of series 9.

Further, we have also shared various tips to adjust and consider before purchasing.

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