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65 Fashionable Fade Haircuts for Men To Look Stylish

Are you a fan of fade haircuts for men? Want to look different yet graceful? But still something is lacking, so what is the thing which brings change to your personality. Then let me tell you. This is your hairstyle that is not going good with your overall look. You need a hot and classy haircut. But what type of haircut it should be? It should be a fade haircut. Here, we have listed classical and trendy Fade Haircuts for Men and young boys.

What Actually A Fade Haircut is?

A fade haircut refers to chopping hair on your back and sides as it gets nearer to your neck. By fading the hair on the sides to short at the bottom, your barber can lessen your hair from neck and sideburns.


Most of the people including the barbers think that taper and a fade hair cut is the same. But it is not. There is a difference. A fade hair cut blends down to the skin. And on the other hand, the taper leaves some hair. A taper is an understated cut because it does not cut down to the skin.

Why Fade Haircuts for Men?

Fade haircuts have been the most decent haircut among men. It’s one of the hairstyles that suit every man. It looks good on White, Black, Latino as well as on Asian men. Taper fade hair cuts are exemplary and classical in the world of hair. Every other man blindly goes for it because it is something that adds decency in their personality. Your attire isn’t the only trait that determines your personality. Moreover, fade hair cut goes with every situation be it casual or formal. So, don’t worry if you’re at home, school, office or a party. It would still add grace in your look. And it would make you look classy and graceful.

Variation in Fade Haircuts for Men

All the Fade Haircuts for Men have generally been associated with men with short hair. But today, every other man is combining a low or high fade with medium or long hair on top. Again it depends on the style they want.

Cutting with hair clippers is in practice by most of the barbers. What your barber does is he uses different clipper guard sizes. Then he slowly trims down your back, neckline, and sides.

Due to the fact that there are many kinds of fade haircuts, it would be somehow difficult to decide which fade to go for. Firstly, you’ve to choose between high, mid or low fade. Then what you have to do is you have to opt for the clipper size. So that the barber could know how short or long he has to leave your hair. Then you have to choose between taper fade and skin fade. It would actually decide how short the fading will go at the bottom. In addition to this, you can go for any variation of fade hairstyle.

Different Types of Fade Haircuts for Men

So, there are different types of Fade Haircuts for Men. And every fade has some uniqueness that adds a classy look to your personality. Here are some of the most popular kinds of fades that every man would love to get them. Let’s see them.

  • High Fade Haircuts.
  • Low Fade Haircuts for Men.
  • Mid Fade Haircuts
  • Taper Fade Haircut for men.
  • Skin Fade Haircuts
  • Bald Fade Haircuts for Men.
  • Undercut Fade Haircuts.
  • Temp Fade Haircuts for Men
  • Scissor Fade Haircuts.

High Fade Haircuts for Men

The high fade starts the tapering process from the top of the hair. It actually gives you a longer hairstyle on the top and short sides. Since the tapering begins from the top of your hair, the high fade hair cut focuses on giving more of a stronger look. The top high fade hairstyles are;

  • Modern quiff.
  • Comb over.
  • Faux hawk.
  • Spiky hair.

Low Fade Haircuts for Men

So now here comes the low fade haircut. It’s different from a high fade hair cut. Unlike high fade, the tapering starts just above the ear and neckline. It actually gives you less contrast and more texture on the sides. It looks classy for average length to longer hairstyles that need thicker look. It will go with both short and long men’s hairstyles. The lop low fade hairstyles that would support the haircut are;

  • Low fade with beard.
  • Low fade afro.
  • Mohawk with low fade.
  • Low skin Fade with defined side parts.
  • Low Fade undercut.

Mid Fade Haircuts for Men

So, the mid fade begins in the middle of the head. It’s also called a medium fade. It is actually a compromise between high fade and low fade. It would give you a soft look in the end. For the middle fade hair cut, the tapering starts halfway up your sides and back. So, if you’re doubtful for High fade or the Low fade hair cut, then mid fade would be best for you. It will give you a versatile look and add class to your personality.

Some of the top hairstyles that would support the mid fade haircut are;

  • Mid fade brushed backed hair with beard.
  • Mid bald fade with a hard side parting.
  • Mid fade on short hair.
  • Decent mid fades.
  • Mid fades with quiffs.

Taper Fade Haircuts for Men

Now here comes the taper fade haircut. Again, there is a difference between taper and a fade. Taper actually give you very short hair. On the other hand, fade persists fading into the skin. That is the major difference between the two.

But, the taper fade has been the most popular haircut among all. It is classy yet trendy among men in 2019. In taper fade haircut, blending starts down the sides and back. It is somehow shorter than a classic tapered cut. But it is not as short as skin or bald fades are. With taper fade, you can get your hair cut without actually cutting it down to the skin. It is actually longer than a historical fade haircut that would leave your hair around the back and neckline.

Some of the top hairstyles that would support your taper fade haircut are;

  • Taper Fade Fohawk.
  • Taper Fade Faux Hawk.
  • Taper Fade Barber.
  • Taper Fade round face.
  • Taper Fade Mohawk.
  • Taper Fade Mullet.
  • Taper Fade Black.
  • Taper Fade Eyebrows.
  • Taper Fade with Braids.

Skin Fade Haircuts for Men

Skin Fade Haircut is also called Zero Fade Haircut. It is everyone’s favorite yet classy. It has been very popular among teenagers. It gives a sort of bad boy style. Boys love this skin fade haircut. It’s clean and high in contrast. It doesn’t matter what you choose high, mid or low fade. In the end, you will get your hair shaved down to the skin on your head. So, this is how it works.

However, you can try many hairstyles with skin fade haircut. Comb-over, side part, slick back are some of the hairstyles that would go with skin Fade haircut.

Some of the best hairstyles that would support the skin fade haircut are;

  • Low skin Fade with part.
  • Gradual skin Fade.
  • Fading into short beard.
  • Comb over with low skin Fade.
  • Short skin Fade.
  • Skin Fade with undercut.
  • Center part in skin Fade.
  • Skin Fade curls.
  • Skin Fade Mullet.
  • Skin Fade crops.
  • Skin Fade waves.

Bald Fade Haircuts for Men

A bald fade haircut is also known as skin fade haircut. But it is somehow different. A bald fade haircut needs a trim right down to the skin. It is not like fading down to very short hair with the shortest clipper size. Bald fade haircut melds into the skin leaving no hair. For this purpose, hair stylists use guardless clippers to completely shave down the hair near the ends. Due to the sharp look, it gives you, men sometimes ask barbers to shape their hairlines. So then it ends with giving you a super classy fresh fade. Some of the hairstyles that would support bald fade haircut are;

  • Side-swept classic bald fade hairstyle.
  • The balance bald fade haircut with a beard.
  • Comb over bald fade hairstyle.
  • Medium length bald Fade Pompadour.
  • Bald fade side part professional hairstyle.
  • The chic geek bald Fade hairstyle.
  • Rollback bald fade shaved pompadour.

Undercut Fade Haircuts for Men

Boys who want their hair cut from the sides and back can get this Undercut Fade haircut. It has also been popular among teenagers due to the crazy look it gives. The undercut haircut is different from all other fades. It begins high on your head. Your barber will not be fading. Instead, your hairstylist would take a clipper, put on a comb and cut your hair all around. This is how it all works!

Some of the best fade hairstyles that would support the undercut fade haircut are;

  • Slide curls.
  • Brushed back.
  • Slicked down.
  • Hard part ways.
  • Side-swept undercuts.
  • Pompadour Fade.
  • Disconnected undercut with mid fade.
  • Long hair undercut with Fade.
  • Juice box fade with undercut.
  • Temp Fade with undercut.
  • Burst Fade Mohawk.

Temp Fade Haircuts for Men

We all have seen the black men with temp fade haircut. It is also known as Temple fade haircut.  That is what suits them best. It has been one of the most popular haircuts among black men. Every other black man goes for Temp fade haircut without thinking twice. It is something in their tradition. It gives you sharp and clean haircut along the edges of your hairline. It leaves the longer hair on top and short trimmed hair on the back and sides. Like other fades, temp fade haircut can also be high, mid or low fade. Some of the most popular temp fade hairstyles are;

  • Temp fade with short curls.
  • Wavy Temp fade.
  • Designer Temp fade.
  • Temple fade low haircut.
  • Temp Fade with afro.
  • Messy curly tapered fade.
  • Side-swept wavy fade.
  • Wavy slick back hair with fade.
  • Temp low fade with afro.
  • Voluminous Faux Hawk.
  • Blonde Highlights.
  • Short temp fade with 360 waves.

Scissor Fade Haircuts for Men

Normally, your hairstylist trims your hair with a trimmer machine. But, if you are confused about shaved fade then you can opt for scissor fade. As of its name, scissor fade haircut is done by scissors. It gives you the appearance of a tapered fade effect. But, it keeps the length of side hair long. So, this is how it all works. Giving you an impression of a fade haircut but in real keeps Some of the hairstyles that would support the scissor fade haircut are;

  • Scissor over comb fade.
  • Scissor fade baby bun.
  • Scissor clipper Fade.
  • Extra curly quiff.
  • Side pushed quiff.


So, we have discussed almost every type of fade haircut that has been popular in 2019. All of them were quite distinct from each other yet possess their own uniqueness. Now, it depends on you that which fade haircut you want to go for. For your convenience, we have compiled here the top trending “HAIRSTYLES” that you can have after getting a fade haircut. So, let’s get started.

Comb Over Fade

So, here comes the most popular hairstyle that goes with almost every haircut. Moreover, it enhances the look you get after the fade haircut. It is still in trend by most of the men across the world. Most of the men think it to be a graceful hairstyle since ever. You need to part your hair for the comb-over like the side part. But it doesn’t mean that both the hairstyles are the same. There is a difference between the two. The main difference is that comb-over has more flow and texture. The texture and flow are because all the hair is brushed to one side.

Classic Side Part

The classic side part has been the oldest traditional hairstyle yet elegant. It got into the trend in the 1950s. It has been the most decent and classic hairstyle in history. Due to its versatility, it works best with every haircut. It is simple and very easy to style.

Side Part Fade

So, side part ways is another popular hairstyle recommended by professionals. You may have seen men who work in the office always choose this hairstyle. This is because of its decency. It gives you a sort of professional look. It is neat and well structured. One of the best ways is to pair it with trimmed hair on your sides. It would give you a sort of gentle look that every other man seeks for.

You can style it after washing your hair. Apply any good serum to your hair. Any hair spray or serum will work for it. Apply equally to all your hair. Now, take a start with wet hair. Just like parting, brush the hair to one side. If you want some texture, move your fingers and style it.

Short Blowout

If you want a good texture to your hair then you may go for Short Blowout. It gives you a well-textured style with an amazing overall look. This hairstyle is worth trying. Guys have to choose between a high, mid or low taper to get this short blowout. It gives you short sides but a long hairstyle on top. So, basically your sides are tapered short. But it leaves longer hair on your top that most of the time are brushed back.

Flowy Swept Back

As of its name, your hairs are brushed backward for this flowy swept back. It is also called slicked-back hair. It has been in trend by most of the teenagers. The hairstyle gives a neat and tidy kind of look. And that’s the reason that it attracts the guys. It can be styled in many other ways. Because of its popularity, every other guy asks their barber to style it in a different way.

Faux Hawk Fade

Faux Hawk fade is one of those hairstyles that have been in trend for so long. It is called a universal hairstyle due to its versatility. And most importantly, it enhances your haircut. It has always been in trend by men of every age.

It actually merges trimmed sides with thick hair that are on top, unlike Mohawk. You can style it towards the middle of your head. It is one of those hairstyles that go with high, mid and low fade.

High Volume Curly Top

Guys having curly or wavy hair worry the most for their hairstyles. So, the curly top is for them. If you style it in a proper way, you may stand out in a crowd. So, don’t worry if you have curly texture or shorter length hair. You can still get high volume with this hairstyle.

Pompadour Fade

Pompadour fade is another classic yet trendy hairstyle nowadays. Alike Faux Hawk, it is also a universal hairstyle that can go with every haircut and looks good. It is a perfect combination of decency and elegance. Don’t worry about your hair length or texture. This hairstyle is universal for some reason. It would still look good with any hair length. Moreover, it works best with any type of fade be it high, mid or low.

Mohawk Fade


Mohawk fade is very popular and in trend by most of the teenagers. You may have seen every other young guy with this Mohawk Fade.  One uniqueness of this Mohawk fade is that it leaves your hair short and trim them very high. And that is the reason it attracts men to try this hairstyle. They won’t regret in the end because it goes with every haircut. It totally depends on you that how you carry this.

Quiff Fade

So, quiff fade is another decent yet graceful hairstyle that a man can go for. It gives you a sort of attractive look that everyone wants. It can go into every situation. Don’t worry if you are a student or an office going man. You can still opt for this elegant hairstyle that won’t let you regret it. Quiff fade is one of the most desirable hairstyles in this world. Every other teenager, middle-aged man, and a young man request their barbers to get them Quiff Fade. It doesn’t matter if you are black or white.

Short Hair Fade

French crop, high and tight, crew cut and buzz cut are some of the hairstyles that can relate to short hair fade. If you want your hair to have some sort of contrast, then you can go for short hair fade. It won’t make your hair of equal length all around. Instead, it would get you a high contrast among your hair. Get your sides short if you want a short haircut on top. That’s what a short hair fade actually is.

But if your barber uses a razor to taper your hair then it would be razor fade haircut.

Curly Hair Fade

Curly hair fade got into a trend when people saw movie characters with this hairstyle. It attracted them and convinced them to try this amazing yet alluring hairstyle. Curly hair fade is more versatile than other types of fades. What we all think is that curly hairs are difficult to cope up with. But if you style it and carry it in the proper way then it would be a bit easier for you. Some of the best curly fade hairstyles for men are;

  • Natural curly high top.
  • Long curly twists.
  • Loose nappy curly hair with low taper fade.
  • Modern high top curly fade.

Temple Temp Fade Haircuts for Men

Temple Temp fade is one of the classic hairstyles that are popular in this fashion world. You can make variations in the cut by changing the blade length. You can adjust the blade length up or down according to your desired size.

Hand Brushed Tousled Blonde

If you want high texture on top then you can go for this. It gives your hair a heavy texture on top and fades on your sides and back. It will give you a neat overall look.

Textured Short Top Crop

If you want a short hairstyle with high texture then go for this. It gives you a short hairstyle that will enhance the top and front of your hair for a bold look.

Curly Dyed Highlights Fade Haircuts for Men

If you are fond of dyed hair then this hairstyle is for you. The color will give you a high transition within your hair. It enhances your fade haircut. Moreover, if you have curly hair it will be plus point for you. Your colored will pop out and make the hairstyle more beautiful.

Burst Fade with Lineup

Due to its sharp look, this hairstyle has been very popular among guys of every age. This hairstyle basically mixes up a line with a side taper fade. This hairstyle highlights your top and sides and will make them even more prominent.

Undercut Brush up

Undercut hairstyles are very popular nowadays. This hairstyle is one of those classic hairstyles that rule the world of fashion. You can sweep your hair up by creating a small quiff. It will give you high flow and motion over there that every man needs.

Thin Hair Undercut

Don’t worry if you have thin hair. You can still get a thin hair undercut style. It basically gives you a high fade that will be highlighted. So, to enhance the cut, brush your hair top backward. It is an amazing hairstyle for guys having thin hair.

Receding Hairline with a Beard

So, if you have a receding hairline, you can take advantage of it. It will give you faded sides that focus on the hair top. Get a high volume quiff on your hair top. So, it will replace the attention from receding hairline to the top of your hair. This is how it works.

Swiveled French Crop

If you want some low hair maintenance yet trendy and classy hairstyle then this French crop is for you. The hairstyle actually optimizes the line-up and all around taper fades so to add a little edge to this hairstyle.

Brushed Up and Shaved Hairline

This hairstyle is actually a mixture of other styles. It gives you shaved side parts. This hairstyle requires your top hair to be brushed back. And that is why it is somehow related to other undercut variations. So, if you want a dramatic hard part then go for this. You May Also Like this undercut hairstyle for men

Wavy Messy Top

So, if you have wavy hair then you can leverage from this hairstyle. It is somehow similar to the French crop. It gives you neat and tidy hair. And that is why it is popular among students and professional businessman. So if you want short yet trendy hair then go for this.

Messy Curls Fade Haircuts for Men

So the guys having messy hair can opt for this hairstyle. So if you want any hairstyle that requires minimal effort and maintenance then go for messy curls. Don’t forget the fact that curly hair requires a sort of messy look.

Curly Top with Undercut

So, if you have curly hair then you can go for this hairstyle. It will give you a sort of messy look that will be enhanced by your curls. Moreover, this hairstyle requires your sides and back to be faded. So it will give you a neat and tidy fade on your sides and back.

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Clean Temple Fade

So if you want a short yet neat and clean hairstyle then you can go for this. It basically gives you tidy edges and a gradual fade and tapered bangs. So, if you want a sort of bold look then ask your barber to get you this hairstyle.

Brushed Up Fade Haircuts for Men

If you have got naturally thick hair then brush them up for a professional look. Brushed up looks are very common yet trendy among guys. You can sweep your hair back to create a small quiff. And to have contrast and transition, keep your sides and back fade and tapered.

Wavy Top with a mild line up

If you have got naturally wavy hair and want a mid touch of line up then go for this. It keeps your bangs messy and gives you clean sides and a perfect balance of line up.

Clean Combed Pompadour Fade Haircuts for Men

Due to the versatility, pompadours have been very common and trendy among the guys. So if you are fond of pompadour hairstyles and have sort of thick hair, go for it. It basically gives you a high volume pompadour and keeps your sides and back tapered. Explorer more haircuts for black men

Taper Fade Slicked Back

This hairstyle is somehow different from other hairstyles. Actually taper fade slicked back requires the length of your hair to be merged. So, it gives you a gradual fade on the sides. Brush your hair back for a slicked-back look.

Airbrushed Taper Fade Haircuts for Men

This hairstyle is for guys who love messy hair. So if you have got naturally messy hair then take a benefit. The style will give you a rough and messy hair look that you will love.

Drop Fade Disconnected

So, if you love hard part disconnected hair then this is for you. Moreover, if you have curly hair then it’s a plus point for you. Get this drop fade disconnected hairstyle to enhance your overall look. Due to its flexibility, you can make variations according to your taste.

Curly Fringe Fade

So, if you have got curly hair naturally then you can get this hairstyle. This fringe hairstyle actually gives you high and tight sides and back. So, the main motive of this curly fringe fade is to focus on curly hair on top.

Classy Brush up with Mid Fade Haircuts for Men

Brushed up hairstyles are very versatile. It goes with every haircut and hairstyle and adds decency and grace to your personality. So, if you love the texture and want to have textured hair, then go for it. Check Also Long hairstyles for men

Fade pomp

So this hairstyle is for guys who love customization and personalization with their hairstyles. The style gives makes your sides and back skin fade and focuses on pompadour kind of look. So if you are daring enough, go for it.

Clean and Simple Low Fade

If you are fond of clean simple hairstyles that require minimal maintenance then this is for you. Mostly, students and professional guys need a neat and simple haircut. Moreover, this hairstyle has nothing to do with hair texture. It goes best with every texture.

High Volume Fade

If you want some volume in your hair then opt for this amazing hairstyle. It moves your hair up and gets you a fade with a line-up. So if you want textured and voluminous hair, ask your barber to get your high Volume fade.

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Harvard Style Classic Fade Haircuts for Men

If you love textured yet short hairstyles then ask your barber to get you this. This hairstyle is basically a midway of casualty and professionalism. You can also make variations in it by simply combing over or creating spikes to enhance the look.

Neat and Clean Top with Finely Faded sides

If you don’t love messy hair tops and want some neat and tidy styles then this hairstyle is suitable for you. As of its name, it will give you finely faded sides (neither high nor low).

Sharp Part with Taper Fade Haircuts for Men

If you want slight touch pompadours in your hairstyles then you can ask your barber to get you this hairstyle. It gives you a hard part in the middle and a fade on the sides.

Shaved Line with Clean Taper Fade

If you want finished sides with a touch of taper fade then get this hairstyle. It not only gives you taper sides but also highlights the shaved line along the hairline. And that’s one of the best parts of this haircut is.

Clean and Subtle Taper Fade

If you are fond of bold yet neat and tidy hairstyles then get a clean subtle taper fade. It basically gives you shorter sides and longer top. And if you have a light beard then the overall look will be just amazing.

Neat and Clean Mid Fade Haircuts for Men

So, if you are not fond of high and low fade then try mid fade. This hairstyle is very common among teenagers for the neat and clean look that it gives. Basically this hairstyle gives you shaved neck and chin. And the fade creates a transition of black hair and your skin. Check Also short haircuts for men

Neat Quiff with Taper Faded Sides

This hairstyle is for guys who love to have quiffs. This quiff is a little bit different that it gives you faded sides and long hair on the top. You can brush your hair back and sweep them on one side to create an attractive quiff.

Fade and Relaxed Slick Back

This hairstyle is very popular among teenagers and middle-aged guys. So basically it gives you longer hair on top. And for sides, it gives you faded sides and a close shave at the bottom.

Even Fade all Around the World

This hairstyle is somehow different from other fade hairstyles for men. It gives shorter hair on top, unlike other fade hairstyles that give you longer hair on top. Furthermore, as of its name, it evenly tapers your sides.

Messy Brush-up Classic Taper

This hairstyle is for guys who adore messy hair. Brush your hair up to create a messy brush-up. And the overall look will highlight the taper fade.

Low Volume Plaid Top with Taper Fade

This hairstyle is for guys who adore the hard part on sides. So this hairstyle features skin faded sides and longer hair on top. This is popular among guys of middle-aged.

Trendy Dropping Taper Fade Haircuts for Men

So, this hairstyle is a little bit different from those of others. It keeps your top hair longer and gives you fine taper faded sides. Moreover, if you have curly hair you can create a messy hair top that enhances trendy taper fade.Check also Trendy Undercut

Style Pompadour and Classic Taper

This hairstyle is for guys who love tapers with a touch of pompadours. So this pompadour creates fades on your sides. And the top hair can be brushed back to style like a pompadour.

Cinched Top with Mid Skin Fade

If you neither want high skin or low skin fade then get this mid skin fade hairstyle. It gives you skin fade sides with a crew cut on top.

Styled Brush Back

If you are too lazy to maintain a good hairstyle and want any low maintenance hairstyle then go for this one. It is the simplest and easiest. It gives you fade sides and not very much longer hair on top. Brush them back to style them.

Brushed Back with Subtle Fade Haircuts for Men

Guys who love kind of subtle and bold hairstyle can get this. Alike others, it gives you faded sides and the top hair should be brushed back to get a subtle look.

Side Turned Top with Tapered Sides

This hairstyle is a combination of various other fade hairstyles. You will get faded sides and somewhat longer hair on top. Sweep them to one side to style them. And there you are ready.

Neat Taper Fade Haircuts for Men

This hairstyle is for guys who need a low maintenance yet neat and tidy hairstyle. It gives you taper fade sides and a neat hair top that can be styled in any way.

Messy Top with Skin Fade Sides

So if you have wavy or curly hair, ask your barber to get you this hairstyle. Keep your top hair a few inches longer and ask him to give you skin fade sides. Keep the top messy for a graceful look.

So, now you are very well aware of the difference between the different types of Fade Haircuts for Men. And now you can choose wisely the hairstyle and Fade Haircuts that suit you in the best possible way. I hope this article about Fade Haircuts has helped you.

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