How to Choose a Quiet Hairdryer for Both Men and Women

Best Quiet Hair Dryer

Hairdryers are customarily used for any practical hairstyle. Hairdryers are famous not only because they dry your hair but also because they provide unique hairstyles with a minimal amount of heat, unlike hair straighteners and curlers, which make direct contact with your hair and provide extreme heat can be harmful in the long term.

However, one problem with hairdryers is that they create noise, which can be undesirable for daily usage. Especially when you style your hair in the morning before going to the office, you don’t want to disturb everyone with your noisy hairdryer.

To cater to this issue, different manufacturers have created quiet hairdryers which produce less noise. If you want to choose a quiet hair dryer for yourself, you have landed to the right place. This article guides you on how to choose one.

Choosing the best quiet hair dryer:

While shopping, a quiet hair dryer decibel rating is the essential feature to look for. Before we tell you about the decibel rating you should be aiming for, let us clear your concept about decibel.

What is decibel or decibel rating?

Decibel is the unit to measure the sound or noise. Decibel rating tells you about the noise which your product is going to produce. 

Optimal decibel rating for a quiet hair dryer:

Usually, hairdryers have a decibel rating of less than 85dB, which is perfectly safe for hearing. However, if you are looking for a quiet hair dryer, it is not the value you are looking for. A calm hair dryer is the one that has a decibel rating of 60 or close to 60. 

Issue while looking for decibel rating:

A problem with decibel rating is their availability. Not all manufacturers provide information about the decibel rating of the hairdryer. What can you do if you don’t have the information about the device’s decibel rating?

The alternative of decibel rating:

If you are unable to find the decibel rating for the hairdryer, then wattage of the dryer is the alternative closet factor you can look upon to judge how quiet or noisy it is.

Let me tell you how this works. Hairdryers use AC or DC motors to create the airflow, and these motors make the noise. The wattage of the hair dryer defines the power the engines are going to consume. More the energy they consume, the stronger is the airflow, and hence more significant is the noise and vice versa. However, higher wattage of motor doesn’t necessarily mean loud noise as the technology of engines also matters. But it is the closet factor you can look for besides decibel rating. A tool with a wattage rating of 1000 watts to 1300 watts is usually quiet.


If you usually use a hairdryer, you must have the best quiet hair dryer as it might not be healthy for your ear to have long term exposure to noise. Moreover, you don’t want to disturb the people around you. Decibel rating and motor wattage are the most critical factors determining the amount of noise that your hairdryer is going to make. While selecting the quiet hair dryer, you need to look for the hairdryer with a decibel rating of 60; if decibel rating is not available, you can search for the one which has a wattage of near to 1250 watts. 

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