How To Clean An Electric Razor

Meanwhile, you are looking for how to clean an electric razor. But a little confused about how to do things in the right way to date. Then don’t worry, as here we are about to discuss this snag of tools. Further, cleaning an electric razor isn’t challenging to follow every week.

However, you might be in confusion because they are electrical products. No doubt when linking about electric things, we need to take a bit more care and clean these things often. In addition, on an important note, you don’t want to hurt yourself from these things.

No worries, as in this article, we will share simple steps, tips, and the best way to clean cutting parts of your electric razor faster quickly. In addition, check if you would have these supplies in hand.

Further, you could enjoy a clean shave just with these things and tips on account of a new electric razor. Above all, it is among the essential parts of your personal care routine.

Electric Shaver


Electric Razor

An electronic device has blades to provide a close shave and the best way to leave a neat smooth face look. In addition, it has held a more comfortable image for the majority of people. Further, it is less likely to irritate your skin in routine when compared to a manual razor.

Meanwhile, it also saves people from nicks and cuts they get by using a regular razor. You can use it for both two types or categories, i.e., for a dry and wet shave.Further, there are different electric razors for men and women. In addition, there are simple electric shaver and rotating blades electric shaver for personal care.

You can choose the shaver model according to your choice. In addition, you can do disassembling and later reassemble. Dismantling things is intentionally done for proper cleaning. Things assembly may take time.Further, they come with batteries, and you may switch them to charging also.

Electric Shavers And Dirt

Meanwhile, many people won’t know how much dirt can be clogged inside of the electric razor is not washed. This clogged dirt or grime may be harder to remove from your finger

if it’s not removed in time. In addition to this, this will cause drop skin problems because of the accumulation of dirt and hair in the blade.Further, keeping that in mind, make sure to clean your electric razor models very often. Also, make sure to dehydrate things to avoid the growth of bacteria.

Moreover, it will also ensure that your electric razor moving parts lasts longer and provide a smooth shave.

How To Clean An Electric Razor

Things You Need to Maintain Clean Tools 

let’s not waste a minute and over towards the cleaning process. To clean your shaver, you need the following things.

Supplies 1

  • Little Brush with soft bristles
  • Liquid Soap
  • Warm Running Water
  • Cloth or paper towel


Supplies 2

  • Cleaning Spray(alcohol-based)
  • Brush
  • Compressed Air


  • Brush
  • Cleaning Spray/alcohol-based cleaner
  • Lubricant(alcohol-based)

Supplies 3

  • Cleaning Station(a cleaning station often comes with an expensive cartridge of electric razors)

Once you have got the thing for electric shaver maintenance, you can start your deep cleaning process. Further, you could use a special cleaning fluid that is sold anywhere that electric shavers are sold.

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Types Of Electric Shaver Head And Maintenance

Meanwhile, cleaning a shaving head holder type may vary for the specific razor. In addition, this will also affect the traditional cleaning method a little. So here we are going to tell you about the difference in the shaving unit.

For Rotary Shaver

Mens Electric Shaver MAX T Corded

It consists of rotary blades. The top part of the rotary should flip open or dislodge when you press a release button if you use a rotating head razor. You can get the top entirely off on some models. The retainer that maintains the blades and the blades in place should also be removed. This enables all nooks and crannies of the razor to be cleaned.

For Foil Razors

You may pop out protective foils to show the blades if you use a foil razor. Some of the foil shavers have no choice, but most of them do.

For Clipper Razors

If you have clipper blades in your electronic razor, take off to show off the edges. Then you may take the blades with a screwdriver to clean them thoroughly.

Electric Shaver Clean

For Water Proof Electric Razor

Water Proof Electric Razor

To get into more details, let’s start our process in separate steps. First, let’s break into phases. Further, this process would be only for a minute, but this will provide long-lasting benefits. So instead, be careful and read the user manual to confirm its waterproof to save its motor as the user manual contains this information.

Use Brush to Remove Loose Hair

Once you have shaved and your electric razor is free. Turn your electric razor off. Then remove the shaving head. Gently tap it on the sink to get rid of or remove all the hair from the shaving head.Further, these hairs would fall off the shaving head.

In addition, you could also use a cleaning brush or a small brush tip, which helps remove these waste hair clippings from the body. Once you’ve removed the number of hairs on the face, snap the cutting block or cutter block and disassemble.

Determine Kind Of Electric Razor Heads

Once you have done this, the next step we recommend is done depending on which type of razor you have. For the next, our advice is to make sure that your electric razor is waterproof.Because many new electric razors products are not a waterproof material. If you decide to wash them with water, you will damage your electric razor in the long run.

Rinse Through Running Warm Water

So make it clear before you wash with water. Now once you have done removing hairs from shaving head tip. It’s time to run under warm water.Moreover, warm water is preferred because it will dissolve the dirt particles. Further, it will be easier to remove. After doing this, most of the hair will be clean from the electric shaver.

Use Liquid Soap

Use Liquid Soap

We will proceed to the next step to apply liquid soap to produce lather. Attach your shaving head to the back and pick and use a small amount of soap on the head. After you apply soap, now you have to turn on your razor. It will start producing lather with liquid soap.

Make sure your electric razor is not plugged. Unplug it from charging while using water. Unplugging is essential because you don’t want a shock. By using water and electricity at the same time can be critical.

Washing With Excess Water

Now you need to use water again to remove soap. This process will require a few seconds. Meanwhile, doing this process, your electric razor must be switched on for a few seconds as it will help to give a deep clean. Now, after removing all traces of soap, refer to the next step.

Disassemble Shaving Head And Washing Under a Running Tap

After removing the shaving head, disassembled as these are removable parts. You can reassemble it later. Further, it is easy to rinse from every possible side to have a more close shave in the next go. Additionally, if you buy a Panasonic model electric shaver, remove the foil frame and rinse it thoroughly inside and out.

You don’t need to remove two inner blades.If you buy a Braun shaver, you’ll probably utilize the so-called cassFirst, remove Remove the cassette if that is the case, and then wash the cutting cassette of the Braun series with water both outside and inside.

If you have Philips then, Philips advertising says one of its SmartClean cartridges will last for three months with weekly usage. In addition, advertising often highlights things to keep us updated.It’s necessary to do it carefully since this cutting cassette has a highly complex interior that provides restricted access.

As a result, a certain amount of dirt, hair, other debris, and gunk can stay within. In essence, the blades and foils are all fused to one piece.If you have a rotary razor, the upper section of the scrub can be open or removed and rinsed. Whatever the case, make sure that everything is rinsed thoroughly.

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Pat Drying With Cloth

Once all the washing is done next job, we suggest entirely air-drying your electric razor before storing it in the cupboard. For this, you can use a clean cloth or paper towel to wipe.

Further, a clean cloth is necessary to wipe because it will avoid transferring any bacteria. Lightly pat it dry and wipe.

Then let all the drops air dry completely. So when you take it out for your next shave, it’s dry.In addition, some people often want to shave dry without shaving gel, shaving foam, or shaving cream. So a complete dry electric razor would do the things with the proper cleaning method.

Further, this will give you optimal performance with little care and daily cleaning in the long run.

Cleaning Of Non-Water Proof Electric Razors

Non-Water Proof Electric Razors

We also have a variety of electric shavers which are not waterproof. So in such cases, you cant deep clean them with water and soap. But, then, we have another way for you.

A can of compressed air may be used to detach the hair strands much more efficiently. Further, this is much more efficient than simply using a cleaning brush or tapping on the sink.

Sprays And Lubricant Shaver

A spray cleaner and lubricant may also be used for lubrication. These products have been created specifically to use as oils on the electric shaver and perform very well.

Because sprays dissolve the mineral water reservoirs, even when you use soap and water to clean your waterproof razor, it would help if you had a little rush as alcohol-based spray also helps disinfect things. Further, lubricant reduces the heat. It also dissolves the minerals.

As mineral deposits can increase the rub, wear of parts, and life of the features such as blades, especially if your tap water is challenging for the edge. In addition, you should put a drop of oil or mineral oil on the cutter. You can apply oil to all metal surfaces as the oil helps in lubrication.

How Often To Clean Your Shaver

One of the most common points that come to your mind. That is how often you should wait to clean your electric razor. So let’s get straight a bit. We recommend or advise washing it every single time you use it. We promise this generally lasts extra time and gives a hassle-free performance.

Note: You shouldn’t extend cleaning for subsequent use. Suppose you set your whiskers every other day of the week or shave your beard very often.

You are then excluding dirt and gunk right away as it would prevent your electric razor from wearing out. In addition, it will keep your skin healthy. Further, it will take 3 to 4 mins to clean your electric razor. On the other side, this is one of the simple methods to give your electric shavers a long life.

In addition, cleaning your shaver would also provide a skin irritation-free shave every single time.One of the main reasons, that manual razors get rusted and wear out faster.

Because they are cheap, so nobody follows any instructions to keep it clean. However, even if you are using it 2 to 3 times. Then still, you should also thoroughly clean them and dab dries them to avoid bacteria.

Importance Of Regularly Cleaning Your Electric Shaver

Prolong Sustainability

It provides safe and clean shaves for every application and a longer life span. Further cleaning and maintaining it is the most excellent method to keep your electric shaver for long.



Razor cleaning, maintaining correctly, such as replacing blades, lubricating them, and loading them appropriately, all means that your razor lasts long. This saves you from the trouble of getting a new razor and retains the money. That’s a great win.

Close Shave Every Time

You invest money in electric shaver but still do not get your desired look. Meanwhile, the majority of the people wat a closer shave for a neat, clean, and tidy look. But within a few shaves, their electric shaver stops providing the great shave you desire.

This happens because of the dirt, debris, dead skin cells, and hairs stuck between blades. On the other hand, a cleaned electric shaver will automatically provide a closer shave.

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How To Do Maintenance Of Electric Shaver

Replacing Foil/Cutter Head

Replacing Foil/Cutter Head

This is another evident yet vital advice for maintenance. Make sure that the foils or cutter head on your razor is changed periodically.

These will begin to break down after a while and become boring. A dull blade is the most significant reason for a cut. Remember, germs might create an illness if you do not routinely cleanse the blades.It would help if you changed the blades or foil about every 12 to 14 months.

Then, check the directions of the manufacturer and use just your unique razor components. A suggestion from us: check for the prices of the rubber components before buying the razor, so when it comes to replacing them, you won’t be shocked.

Using Lubrication For Blades Of Shaver

Lubrication For Blades Of Shaver

One of the many reasons we opted to buy an electric razor was that we were able to shave without shaving cream, lotion, or other lubricants. But this doesn’t mean that all oiling may still be required to lubricate.

We may not have to use shave cream, but we have to lubricate our pair of razor heads. We must apply lubricant and leave as it is essential to lubricate. In addition, keep it lubricated.

Lubrication lowers the friction

The friction of the blades and rollers reduces with light machine oil, making it easier for you to shave. It also supports the moving elements of the razor longer and reduces stress and wear out of blades. Finally, you can get a closer shave with a well-oiled electric raster. Since the blades produce less warmth and a more smooth shave can be achieved.

Avoid Excess Tapping Of Shaver

Do not tap, shake, or press hard on the edge of the sink to knock your hair caught in the head as we talk about safeguarding your razor.

There’s a better or soft method to clean it up, and tapping or knocking the razor might damage the mechanism of the razor quicker. You may not be doing it for the first time, but if it is a habit, it will sooner or later wear off frequent taping.

Cleaning Of Electric Shaver

Cleaning Of Electric Shaver

We have mentioned the easy step-by-step cleaning cartridge of the electric shaver varies depending on the type. So now you must be well aware of how easy to clean an electric shaver properly.

Further, cleaning an electric shaver properly works the best. In addition, it always fills you with the feels of a new electric shaver form.

Most electric shavers are not given proper care and thorough cleaning. So there all the parts are damaged easily.

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Fix Protection Casing Or Shaver Box

This is an excellent idea to maintain and prepare if you drop it or fall out of the sink. The cover will also shield the razor’s head from dust and other particles that might pick up the blade and make its pieces dull more quickly.

In addition, it will also step in for keeping the dirt and debris out of the shaver head and keep its body cleaned and lubricated. If you don’t have one, you can purchase one.

Moreover, you also charge your new shaver with the wall socket only when it needs.


Above all, we have discussed with integrity how to clean your shaver in the article of your browser. In addition, now you are ready to take care of an electric shaver for more prolonged use because of our site. Moreover, we have discussed all steps in detail.

On the other side, we have also mentioned types of electric razors on our site. You can also watch a video of performing cleaning after shavings. Also, we have given all the instructions.

Make sure to follow all instructions either to clear water trapped inside or while rinsing the foil of the rotary.

You may also replace the foils, as these foils are easy to replace. In the first place, we provided a means of cleaning which depend on every type. Now you have a detailed knowledge through our website. Further, we have maintained our thing to handle every topic for your support.

Remember to post your comment in the article and follow our post to grow and learn important things. Further, our website team uses cookies. Also, comment down and tell us in your comment which one spray and oil you use for lubrication of your shaver. Find Our Latest Articles

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