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38 Modern Long Hairstyles for Men To look Like Gladiators

Long hairstyles for men are super cool. Thor is the first person that comes to mind when one thinks of amazing looking men with long hairstyles. But that is not the only look for long hair. From twist-in bun to manes, and braids, you can try out so much when you have long hair. Shaving one side, parting sideways, parting from the middle, all options are on the table as hairstyles for men with long hair.

Long Hairstyles for Men

Long hair for men are usually seen in movies that are made about greek and roman times. That’s how long it has been since long hairs were in fashion. But they have made their way back. Now long hairstyles for men are becoming so popular through movies and tv shows. Even professional office workers are becoming men with long hair. Long hair men look artistic as if they have some unique aesthetic sense to them. With each new style for long hairstyles for men, we find some new way of expressing one’s inner self. Let’s check them out!

Dutch Braids Long Hairstyles for Men

Why should one grow long hair? The dutch braids for men’s hairstyles are one simple answer. Look at how amazing and fascinating this hairstyle is. Whether you are looking for long hairstyles for men with thick hair or for long hairstyles for men with thin here, dutch braids can be tried out on both. They add a certain dutchy flavor to your body language. That is why with dutch braids you will look so cool. Add the right clothes and some tattoos, and you are good to rock and roll.

Twist-in Bun Long Hairstyles for Men

Buns are really cool. Matt Damon’s bun in one of his movies became quite popular. Twist in bun is just a twist on buns that make them look very catchy and appealing. Long mens hairstyles are different and complex. They also overlap a lot with women’s haircuts. That is how hairstyling is helping people cross and end gender boundaries and binaries. We are becoming one, we are reaching our true potential by not letting ourselves having limited access anymore. Mens long hair is an expression of that.

Shoulder Length Side Part

When you have long hair, side parts are just a usual thing. Whatever haircut you may have, you will find yourself randomly playing with your hair, sometimes creating a side part, and sometimes just messing it all up. It can get very therapeutic as well. However, in general, as a style, shoulder length side part looks really cool and just never goes out of fashion. Long hairstyles for men or long haircuts for women, side parts are just a common gender boundary breaker for everyone.

Braid into Bun Punk Long Hairstyle for Men

Among the long hairstyles for men, my favorite has to braids in bun. It is so awesome. Every modern hairstyle is like a cute mixture of multiple traditional styles. It is this fusion of classics that makes the modern hairstyles so amazing. Braids and buns were done separately in traditional styles. But nowadays they are fused together to make one hairstyle. This is very catchy and appealing as well. That is why it is punk. It looks good, it feels good, and above all, it presents good.

Side and Back Swept Mane Long Hairstyles for men

This is a proper 20th century rock star look. Many of our rock idols have done this hairstyle at some point. Some kept it messy, while others played it neat. But side and back swept mane has remained very popular among musicians and through them, common men for quite some time. Many men still love this hairstyle. People who grow long hair find this simple yet very appealing. This has an aura, a vibe to it that attracts people to its simplicity. Long hairstyles for men are cool. You should try these haircuts as well.

Braids, Buns and Side Undercuts

If you want to see a truly 21st century gangsta style haircut that even works in formal workplaces, hip hop streets, country sides and any other place, then this is the one. Braids, buns and side undercuts; the combination says it all. The moment one sees this hairstyle, we fall in love with it. It adds a strength to a person’s personality. It brings comfort and joy, and freestyle approach. But it still presents oneself as a very composed person. It covers a wide range of aspects to make the person look great.

Side Swept Long Hair with Undercut

Side swept is a relatively common and old hairstyle for long hair. However, when you add an undercut to that, it becomes a whole new awesome style. Long hairstyles for men can be simple, and be complex as well. the choice is yours. In the end, it is about what type of personality you want to present. Your hairstyle is a statement. It becomes part of your body language. And therefore, it connects with your deeper self in very meaningful ways. So pick the haircut you connect with the most.

Easy Swept Back Layered Style Long Hairstyles for Men

This is perhaps the most common hairstyle for mens long hair. Long hair men find it easy to just brush back their hair in some layered style. Long hairstyles for boys especially have easy swept back layered style in the top five preferred styles. It’s simplicity is what makes it so sexy. We see in movies celebrities pulling off this hairstyle so casually. It is not just the movies, many celebrities in their everyday lives as well keep this hairstyle. That is the beauty of this hairstyle, it is easy to carry, but awesome in its presentation.

Blonde, Braided and Long Hairstyles for Men

For those who have blonde hair, they have already covered one part of it. Those who go brunette or with any other natural hair color, and find blonde attractive, well, this is one of the ways to go about it. Color your hair, grow them long, and then braid them. Simple and easy! However, it is a lengthy process and a very high maintenance. Braids, as cool as they look, are just so difficult to maintain. Every day it can take some time to properly braid your hair. Then as the length of your hair grows, the braids get complex and intricate.

Shoulder Length Long Hairstyles for Men


Long hairstyles for men are a step away from status quo normative manly but short hairs. Long hair men are basically a rebellion against the norms of gender. The reiterative process of gender classification makes it unacceptable for men to grow hair longer. Long hair are seen as feminine. That is why men are discouraged from it. But men who grow long hair, they are basically rebelling against the status quo. The status quo if fraudulent. The gender binaries and divisions are unscientific.

Long Tied-up Long Hairstyle for Men

When your long tied-up hairstyle comes to public, it certainly catches attention. You are no more just an office worker, a bread earner. You are a passionate human being. It brings out your artistic side. It invites people to see and be inspired by you beyond the gender binaries and divisions. So we should support long hair for men. Whether it is long hairstyles for men with thick hair or men long hairstyles with thin hair, it ends up crossing gender divisions in a very beautiful and attractive manner.

Shiny Wavy Pompadour Long Hairstyles for Men

This is a very classy style. In a way, any hairstyle with pompadour in it is very classy. Make it shiny and wave, and you have sold the haircut of the year. Short, mid length or long hair, shiny wavy pompadour works well in the all cases. Lots of men these days try this haircut. It has a professional as well as hip hop appeal to it. Many men on the streets as well as in the workplaces show up with such hairstyles. In the bar, or on a date, this hairstyle simply does the magic for you. It makes you stand out and be appealing.

Highlights Curls Long Hairstyles for Men

Once again, we are here with curls. Here with curly hair! It’s funny to say it like that. Long hairstyles for black men can be a bit tricky. Thick hair and curls, while make them a bit high maintenance, it offers an opportunity to get really creative and enter the next level of hairstyling. In a way, black mens long hair are more evolved, because they heighten to creativity level that is required for hairstyling. It is so adorable. When you see black men with long hairstyles, curls and braids and buns, it is all super cool.

Long Combover with Undercut

I am not going to lie! I love a simple combover hairstyle. Long hairstyles for men are incomplete without a simple long combover hairstyle. However, an added new fashion is to go for an undercut. So you do a long combover to one side and the other side has an undercut. This is so catchy. Although not everyone can pull it off and some public spaces may not find it acceptable. But those who are open minded and creative at heart and soul, would just fall in love with your hairstyle. You get 10/10 for this hairstyle.

Messy Bun for Long Hairstyles for Men

Hair that are styled messy are just my favorite. Who wants to keep it neat? Nobody. We want messy bun for long hair men. Men long hair with a messy bun is just so cool. In a way Matt Damon’s bun was a bit messy as well in his last movie in which he was a warrior fighting alongside Chinese against weird creatures invading their land. The movie itself was not a big hit. But Matt Damon’s messy bun for long hair was super cool and became a big hit instantly. Lots of his fans commented on it and expressed their love for the messy bun.

Dreadlocked Long Hairstyles for Men

Dreadlocks just touch my heart. Over the years, I have seen many sportsmen, especially football players do dreadlocks. These are not just with short or medium length hair. No, no. they grow their hair long, so long. And then they style them with dreadlocks. Mostly suited for black men with a particular type of hair, however, many other people started following their stars and their heroes and turned their hair color, shape and form in a way that they could also then copy the dreadlocked long hairstyle.Explror more Medium hairstyles for men

Artistic Long hairstyles for Men

Long hair is an art and it presents an artistic look. No matter how you style your hair, long hairstyles for men is a statement of art that is meant to rebel against the status quo and present gender equality and lives of freedom and autonomy. A true artist understands that. Therefore, those who grow their hair long should also consider these things, and not just present them through their hair, but also make it a part of their lifestyle. Their hairstyle and their actions should not contradict. We should all stand for equality and freedom.

Multi-colored Braids for Long Hair

I have already expressed my love for braids. However, this is a super cool look even for braids. When you color different braids into different colors, it is magic. Not just a trick, a proper magic! Look at the multi colored braids for long hair men. They make you fall in love with them instantly. This is not the kind of hairstyle commonly wore by men. Very rarely we see such cool styling of long hairstyles for men in public. Usually on fashion ramps and music stages, these hairstyles are found.

Dirty-Blonde Layered Bob cut for Men

When you read the title of this hairstyle, it makes you laugh. Feel free to ha-ha for a couple of seconds. However, when you see the picture and notice how cool it looks, you will be left jaw dropped. This is a very fascinating innovation. It is creativity on hair at its best. Hair stylists generally do not get recognition as proper creative artists. But I think they deserve recognition. such hairstyles are so cool. they are a statement, a body language, a personality definer and so much more.

Long Waves Brushed Back

When an artist can deliver so much just through your hair, you have to just be in love with them and recognize their art, and treat it with respect. Even simple wavy brushed back hair look so cool. It must have been some artistic mind that came up with it. At times we take things for granted and don’t look behind, and see the history, the struggles and the thought process that brought about a certain output. It is important to study hairstyles in such a fashion as well.

Wavy Braided Do

We need to recognize the creativity, the thought processes, the efforts that go into styling hair. I have huge respect for hairstylists. They are some of the most creative yet least recognized for their art people in the planet. It is although in industry and in some ways, industrializing the ‘art’ has made it lose its pricelessness since a price has already been put on it. However, many of these hairstyles are simply amazing. I love look at them. I love going to a hairstylist and changing my style every other month.

Long Curly Faux Hawk

Long curly faux hawk is one of the most fascinating haircuts ever. Sometimes they can very complex and critically high maintenance.Men long hairstyles are not that easy. Some men love being high maintenance, therefore, they keep on trying complex and intricate hairstyles. However, others like to keep it simple. They go for simpler hairstyles. In some ways, a person’s personality decides their hairstyling choices, and then their hairstyling choices influence their future personalities and body language in return.

Totally Braided Long Hair

Guys with long hair must try out the totally braided long hair at least once in their lives. A piece on long haircuts for men would be incomplete without talking about these amazing and fascinating braids. Some like to carry on partial braids. But those who dare to opt for totally braided long hair, they are real champions. You go into a public space with totally briaded long hair, you are the rock star. It is like you own the place, just like you own your amazing hairstyle.

Curly Long Hairstyles for Men

Long fancy hairstyles bring a certain confidence in men’s body language as well. When they look in a mirror, and see their catchy and attractive hairstyles, it certainly brings a smile to their faces. And then they walk out happy and confident looking. It is like the whole world is under their feet now. With just a hairstyle, they feel confident to achieve anything. If you can maintain long complex hairstyles, you can do anything in life. This is the motto! Learn it, grow it, style it, and do it.

Sleek and Smooth Man Bun

Smooth buns have historically been for women. That is why it is important to add the word ‘man’ between smooth and bun here. That makes it a smooth man bun. Smoothness is generally considered feminine. Men keeping this aspect of femininity right at the top of their head are defying norms in a very sexy manner. It is what makes them look cool and attractive. Their aura is different, their personality is different, and their style is different. They do not adhere to the gender norms.

Half up Pony for Wavy long Hair

I like the ponytail. However, interestingly, people don’t like to keep them as structured anymore. nowadays the fashion is to do a half up pony. In some ways, Thor is to blame for that as well. Thor is known for keeping half up pony. And when the hammer man does it, we all just follow him blindly. It looks cool. The wavy hair with half up pony mixes up formal and informal into one. One can do many more styles with this too. It has room for further exploration and creativity as well.

Half up Pony for Curly Long Hair

A man with long hair wakes up in the morning, goes to brush his teeth, his hair are all messed up. He has so much on his mind, he does not know where to start and where to end.  He starts to style them. There are other things on his mind as well.He needs to shower and style his hair too. He has not combed them properly yet. The curls, the waves are still there. They have not been straightened up properly. He is in a hurry so he leaves it there and puts up and half up pony to that, and there you have it. A stressed mind creating something brilliantly new and magical!

Semi-Bun for Long Hairstyles for Men

Now many of us who have had long hair at some point in our lives have had buns, or a man bun to put it precisely. However, the newer fashion is to make a semi bun. Such long hairstyles for men are very attractive. The idea with long hair is often to get a bit adventurous. People delve into their adventurer side, grow their hair long, and then take the adventure to next level by styling their hair in many different ways. Every now and then they keep changing hair and with that the adventure grows.

Samurai Hairstyle for Long hair for Men

Let’s go back to traditional styles. But traditions that have ruled the world, ones that changed the world. It is the samurai style. From Japan, they have made a name for themselves around the world, and their stories are legendary. There peculiar styles especially their hairstyles have attracted much attention. It was a statement of discipline, and commitment. Their hairstyles also presented the same statement. That is why the samurai hairstyle for long hair men are quite popular everywhere in the world.

Shaggy Mess with a Single Braid

Single braids, double braids or multiple braids, it is all about braids these days. If you have long hair, you have to try braids. If you don’t have long hair, you have to grow your hair long because you are missing out on so much. The art is to combine your braid with something else. You can color the braids or do an undercut. But here we are showing you the shaggy mess with a single braid. This is a totally cool, very unique and super intriguing hairstyle. Long men hairstyles rock!

Classic Mid half Bun

This hairstyle looks really cool if you have a small or even big beard. But don’t structure the beard too much. Let it be a bit messy. Then add to that your classic mid half bun and you have a whole package. If you have a muscular body, and the military walk and the clothes of an artist, you are from a whole different world. You are the man with this whole attire.

Men’s Fishtail

Men’s fishtail for long hairstyles for men are really cool. Lots of people love it. There have even been surveys on different hairstyles for men with long hair and this hairstyle always makes it to top ten. It is a very cool look. it is high maintenance though. It reminds you of chinese kung fu experts. But whether it is a monk look in your mind or simply an artistic appeal that makes you want this hairstyle, you have got to give in to the temptation and try this amazing cool hairstyle.

Short Curly Bun

Hairstyles for long hair men vary on a whole spectrum. A simple bun can be done in so many different ways and it can produce such unique and classy outcomes that you will just love it. Short curly bun is in general one of the really cool ones. It is simple, it does not require too much maintenance. You can just wake up in the morning and comfortably turn your hair into a short curly bun and you are ready to go. This is how long hairstyles for men work. You have to be creative, simple yet appealing as well.find out more collection of short haircuts for men

Double PonyTail for Men’s Long hair

If single ponytail is not your thing, go for a double ponytail. I love ponytails. Generally they are stigmatized through lots of derogatory jokes. However, time is right to change such harsh trends. We have to accept freedoms and equalities. And ponytails are cool way to express your autonomy in this regard. Defy the traditions, defy the norms and be your own man. Double ponytail for long haristyles for men are really cool. Look at the picture, they simply help you present a whole new side of yourself to the world.

Sleek low Pony Tail

This is a very simple hairstyle. However, it looks better for long hairstyles for men with thin hair only. It does not suit well with thick hair. Guys with long hair can do sleek low ponytail. It makes them present themselves as humble, modest people. This is important for some people to present themselves as calm and humble people. Not everyone likes a show off arrogant personality.

Braided Semi-Punk Men’s Hairstyle

Braided semi punk men’s hairstyle is a really cool hairstyle. Just looking at the pictures, one feels goosebumps. It is awesome how one can do some many tricks with hair and change their whole personality outlook with just a hairstyle. I am fascinated by this whole list of long men hairstyles, what about you? Share your thoughts on long hair men with us in comments.

Long Rough Hairstyle

Formal is not good, informal styling is cool. it is still styling, but keep them rough, let them loose. Feel the freedom and enjoy the fresh air rushing through your rough hairstyle. Long hairstyles for men are just like that. You don’t have to worry much. just wash them, clean them, shampoo them and then keep trying different hairstyles with them. With each new hairstyle, you present a new side of your personality. In fact you even develop and grow new personalities with new hairstyles.

Long Pompadour for Men

Last in our list of long hairstyles for men is the long pompadour for men. This looks just so cool. it is very fascinating. However, one has to be careful with the personality outlook, whether this is what you want the world to see, whether it satisfies your inner soul is important to enquire. We love the long men hairstyles and we would love to know your thoughts and experiences of long hair as well. Share with us in comments, and stay tuned for more.

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